The coolest A-list men with long hair: Mane Inspiration

Jeanette | 12 November 2016

Thinking about growing out your mane? These guys will help convince you…

While there are tons of A-listers who have short haircuts, you can probably count the number of inspirational, famous men with long hair on one hand! It also doesn’t help that searching for celebs with long locks on the Internet can lead to less-than-appealing images of people with dated hairstyles. And let’s face it, those pics probably aren’t quite what you were hoping for. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put together our selection of the coolest A-list men who’ve rocked long hairstyles to help you along your journey.

Whether you’re thinking about growing your hair out, or are already sporting an impressive mane, here’s a shortlist of celebrities, guaranteed to convince you that men with long hair are some of the finest around.

7 A-list men with long hair

Jared Leto has become the poster boy for long hair – and for good reason, too. Credit: Getty Images

Jared Leto

Jared Leto is a poster boy when it comes to long hairstyles for men – and it’s no surprise. His long locks are now a signature in Hollywood and he does a great job of styling them for various occasions. During formal red carpet events, Leto rocks a sleek and polished man bun, and when he’s off-duty, he chooses to wear his hair down with relaxed waves.

James Bay donning his signature Fedora hat. Credit: Getty Images

James Bay

The British singer and songwriter captivates us with both his music and his hairstyle. So take a leaf out of Bay’s book and accessorise your locks with a hat. It’s a great way of adding personality to your look. And if you’re time-poor, it’ll also a good way to hide your less-than-fresh mane (a win-win!).

Orlando Bloom has donned long locks both on and off screen. Credit: Getty Images

Orlando Bloom

Ok, Orlando Bloom hasn’t had long hair for a while. However, we still think his previous lengthy ‘dos (on and off screen) definitely warrant a place on our list. Like Jared Leto, the actor nailed the man bun perfectly on the red carpet. He also scores extra points for rocking cool curls as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and for pulling off a platinum mane as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Russell Brand works his naturally wavy textures to their advantage. Credit: Getty Images

Russell Brand

Russell Brand might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but love him or hate him, the British funny man has lovely long hair that’s worth taking note of. (Just try and forget those early days when he backcombed his mane into oblivion.) Instead, draw inspiration from his current look that’s more casual and effortless – a positively grown-up take on the long hair trend – especially if you have naturally wavy or curly textures.

One Direction singer Harry Styles’s had his fair share of experimental hairstyles. Credit: Getty Images

Harry Styles

The One Direction singer is another great example of how men with long hair can sport wavy tresses. Styles has been quite daring with his locks, trialling man buns, headbands, half-up ‘dos and even half cornrows. We’ve got to hand it to the pop heart-throb, he’s definitely been great at experimenting with tons of hairstyles!

Austin Butler’s got effortless Cali cool down to a T. Credit: Getty Images

Austin Butler

The actor and model has grown out his hair and distanced himself from his sleek, polished image. Why should you consider him as your hair hero? Because Vanessa Hudgens’ latest beau does a fantastic job of rocking the effortless and cool look of a Californian surfer.

When it comes to rocking long hair, Chris Hemsworth’s a natural. Credit: Getty Images

Chris Hemsworth

Like Orlando Bloom, we have to applaud Chris Hemsworth for being able to sport long hair on and off the screen. Whether it’s a polished bro bun, Norse-inspired locks or a casual half-up ‘do, there’s no denying the Australian actor’s a natural at rocking sunkissed long hair.

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