Get festival-ready with the cool half-up man bun

Are you hair-ready for your next gig or festival? No? Then you need to check out this cool half-up man bun now!  

Looking for a quick and easy way to wear your medium-to-long hair? Consider yourself lucky, because one of this summer’s hottest looks will perfectly suit you! Introducing the half-up man bun.

Scroll down to check out our tutorial with blogger Gwilym Pugh and learn how to recreate the look. Trust us, you’ll be able to walk out the door in three minutes flat!

Work some VO5 Frizz Free Crème into damp hair, comb through dry in a bit. Then add VO5 megaHold Gel Spray. This is to give bit more hold for the man bun, but still flexibility to move around throughout the day and evening. – Paul Donovan, stylist and VO5 brand ambassador.

We also recently caught up with Paul Donovan, stylist and VO5 brand ambassador at the VO5 x NME awards nominations party and he gave us his top styling tips for creating this half-up man bun!

Follow his style hacks and the steps below to create a man bun worthy of a king.



Start with clean hair.

To create the look, start with nice, freshly washed hair.

Towel dry your hair and then apply the VO5 Frizz Free Cream to the lengths of your hair. For an undone, natural look, allow your hair to dry naturally, or for speed, blow dry your hair.

Editor’s tip: The VO5 Frizz Free Cream will help give your hair a nice frizz-free appearance. So, no matter how hard you dance, it’s great for creating your dapper, yet festival-proof look!


Section off the top.

Take a central, horseshoe-shaped section of hair and brush it back into a ponytail at your crown.


Twist hair around.

Secure the pony with a hairband, pulling your hair half way through to create a ‘loop’.


Final look.

Your half-up bun is done! Brush out any tangles you might have on the rest of your hair, and add a little VO5 Matt Clay to the front to smooth any flyaways.

But overall, keep things casual and don’t stress if you have a few stray hairs – it’s meant to be a laid-back look, after all!




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