Asian Man Bun Tutorial with 17 Inspirational Looks

Learn how to nail the Asian man bun with our tutorial and hair gallery.

Got straight-ish, medium-to-long hair? Consider yourself lucky, ’cause one of this summer’s hottest looks fits your length and texture to a T. Introducing the half-up, Asian man bun, also coined the ‘samurai bun’ – a quick and easy way to change things up while keeping cool when the humidity spikes.

Wondering why this look is so good for Asian men’s hair? Well, we’ll admit it: Asian guys look especially good with longer lengths, thanks to their hair’s natural thickness and shine. And this neat style switch-up looks equal parts smart and stylish.

Check out our tutorial to see how to recreate the half-bun – you’ll be able to walk out the door in under three minutes flat.

Step 1

Start with Clean Hair.

To create your Asian man bun, start by washing your hair with a gentle daily shampoo and conditioner. Blow-dry your hair until it’s at least 90% (or completely) dry.

Asian man bun: Asian male model with shoulder-length hair down
Step 2

Section off the Top.

Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail. The thickness of your section depends entirely on your desired look, but we think a 3/4 ratio of hair left down gives a neater appearance. Just make sure it’s even on both sides!

Asian man bun: Asian male model with shoulder-length hair touching his hair
Step 3

Twist Hair Around.

First twirl your hair so it’s tightly twisted like a rope, then begin to create your Asian man bun. Coil your ponytail around itself, creating a full circle.
Editor’s tip: Use your non-dominant hand to hold down the base.

Asian man bun: Asian male model with shoulder-length hair twisting his hair into a half-up man bun
Step 4

Secure Your Bun.

Finish your Asian man bun by securing your bun with pins where the hair overlaps. Depending on your hair’s thickness (and your overall skill level at pinning), you can also use a hair tie. For the latter, loop it around the base, twist it once until it resembles a figure 8, and re-tie. Hair ties usually take around two to three loops until they feel snug.

Asian man bun: Asian male model with shoulder-length hair securing half-up man bun
Step 5

Final look.

Your half-up Asian man bun is done! Brush out any tangles you might have on the rest of your hair, and add a little VO5 Surf Style Paste through the ends for a more dishevelled, textured finish.

But overall, keep things casual and don’t stress about flyaways. It’s meant to be a laid-back look, after all – best for looking like you give a damn on gym days, or giving off a stylishly cool vibe during summer drinks.

Asian man bun: Asian male model with shoulder-length hair with the final half-up man bun

Now you know how to create a man bun, why not discover all the different ways you can you wear it? Here are 15 of the best Asian man bun styles to try in 2020 and beyond.

Low Bun

If you want a style to elevate your mane game, try this fail-safe low man bun.

Casual Man Bun

Man buns don’t always need to look perfect, the best ones have an undone, casual feel to them like this one.

Editor’s tip: To get this man bun hairstyle right, you’ll need the TONI&GUY Messy Salt Spray, which will give your mane the wind-styled texture needed for this look.

Asian Top Knot Bun

Short hair? Here’s the perfect bun style for you. Working in a cool undercut or fade design will give your look a seriously cool edge.

Half-Up Man Bun

This half-up man bun hairstyle is great for those with medium to long Asian hair.


When you’re working out, a man bun like this one is the best hairstyle to wear. It keeps your hair off your face and

Tapered Asian Man Bun

This tapered haircut is sure to make your man bun look that extra bit stylish.

Hipster Bun

To give your man bun a hipster feel, try going for a bolder cut and adding some man braids to your look.

The Classic

Asian man bun: Young Asian man with a high man bun
The classic Asian man bun. Credit:

Still unsure if the Asian man bun is right for you? Then keep things and draw inspiration this classic man bun style. Credit: @myhandrewthis


Asian man bun: Young Asian man with a high groomed man bun
Smooth and groomed. Credit:

Got a soiree to attend? No worries, you can still rock an Asian man bun. Just remember to keep it smooth and sleek. Credit: @asianmanbun

Braided Half-up

Man with braided half-up dark straight brown hair

Okay, technically a ponytail not a bun, but for those growing their hair, this is a great style to choose.

Curly Man Bun

Man with curly hair in man bun

Whether you have a natural wave pattern or faking it with a perm, wrap your strands in a messy bun at the crown of your head. Credit: @giarogiarratana

Half-up Bun

Man with half up half down man bun on long dark brown hair

Get the best of both worlds with this trendy half-up, half-down man bun. Credit: @manbunlifestyle

Man Bun With Undercut

Asian man bun with undercut

What better way to upgrade your man bun than with an undercut. Credit: @jamestang267

Top Knot

Man with brown long hair in top knot bun

Go high or go home with this messy top knot bun. Credit: @filippomelloni

Man Bun & Beard Combo

Man with dark brown hair in

Get the ultimate hipster look by teaming your Asian man bun with a beard, we promise you won’t regret it. Credit: @manbunlifestyle

Man Bun With Temple Undercut

Asian man with long hair in a bun

Looking for a more modern way to wear Asian man bun hairstyles? We suggest adding a temple undercut for a fresh take on the style. Credit: @crimp_reaper

Deep Undercut Man Bun

Man with undercut man bun hairstyle

Try adding a faded undercut to your man bun for a truly unique style. Credit: @valentinboutym




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