Short hairstyles for men with thick hair: Instagram’s best looks

When it comes to short hairstyles for men with thick hair, we've got the cream of the crop!  

Are you looking for short hairstyles for men with thick hair? Perhaps you have tried and tested a multitude of haircuts, but none quite worked for your thick mane? Then you’re in luck, as we’re here to ease your styling struggles with our rounded up of the best short haircuts for men with thick hair!

From retro, Elvis-inspired quiffs to the hipster man bun (nothing says 2017 more than a men’s top knot, right?), when it comes to men’s haircuts, there has never been more styles to choose from.

And since many are no longer looking to their favourite musicians or sports players for a dose of hair inspiration, it’s time to turn to the social media mavens and street style stars. Therefore, where better to look for short hairstyles for men with thick hair than good ol’ Instagram?

Instagram’s best short hairstyles for men with thick hair


side view of brown taper fade with textured top.
Classic fade haircuts are a sure way to show off your thick hair. Credit:

Classic fade modern cut

We know thick hair can be a little too much to handle everyday, especially if you’re a wash and go kind of guy. So, what you need is a top-notch hairstyle that won’t require an army-load of hair tools – which is why we love this modern curly cut with a classic fade. Credit: @rpb_nq

Editor’s tip: For undone texture and plenty of movement, we suggest using the TONI&GUY Messy Salt SpraySpritz it from root to tip on damp or dry hair, and work it in with your fingers for maximum body and texture.

front view of man with medium brown hair with longer top and shorter sides
Add masses of texture to your short thick hair. Credit:

Long top + short sides

We all know that a good haircut makes all the difference when it comes to both thick and thin hair. So when you’re looking for short haircuts for men with thick hair, it’s important to consider the weight distribution.

Opting for a long top and short sides combo (like above) will stop your hair feeling too heavy, but will still allow for plenty of styling possibilities. Credit: @hugo.cavalari

side view of side part pompadour
A side part pompadour is both smart and stylish. Credit:

Side part pompadour

If you’re a lover of classic men’s hairstyles, then count your blessings, as styles like this side-part pompadour will have your name written all over it.

While pompadour hairstyles may require a little more work, the finish will be worth it and best of all, we have a step-by-step tutorial for you try, also. Credit: @wagnerribeiro_

Editor’s tip: For a long-lasting sharp and structured look, craft your ‘do with the Lynx Signature Clean Cut Look Definition Wax.

side view of light brown bald fade with curly top
Embrace your curly mane with a bald fade. Credit:

Curly top bald fade

Whether you have naturally curly locks or choose to fake it, there is no denying that curly hair for men has gained popularity over the last few years. From international catwalk shows to stylish trendsetters giving it the seal of approval, it’s high time you embraced the curl.

When it comes to short hairstyles for men with thick hair, this bald fade with a curly top will be a sure contender for the number 1 spot. Credit: @hairmenstyle

side view of brown hair in swept back fade haircut
This swept back style will earn you plenty of style points. Credit:

Swept back quiff

Not only is this swept-back quiff one of the most classic men’s hairstyles, but we have to say: it looks pretty suave, too. And luckily for your strands, men with thick hair pull this look of best.

So if you want that just-stepped-off-the-catwalk-and-into-the-boardroom haircut, make this swept-back quiff your next look.  Credit: @bradhoward3

Editor’s tip: To ensure that your quiff doesn’t fall flat throughout the day, reach for the VO5 Groomed Styling WaxNot only will this shape and mould your hair into the perfect quiff, but it washes out easily, too (bonus!).

Still curious to know what other hairstyles are out there for your thick mane? Then don’t forget to check out our Hairstyles for Men with Thick Hair page – it’s full of tips, tricks and plenty more styling ideas!