10 on-trend hairstyles for men with thick hair

Consider cool, easy-to-manage hair yours...

There’s a common misconception that if you have thick, full hair, everything just comes easy. And to a certain extent, it’s true: you’re lucky! But it’s not always plain sailing: you gents know that with thickness comes responsibility (and maintenance!). So, picking the right hairstyles for men with thick hair is crucial – and not always, in fact, an entirely painless task.

If you want to remove bulk and weight, be explicit about it with your barber. A good cut can transform a full head of hair into something more manageable and shave off precious styling time in the morning. Need ideas? Below are 10 of the coolest hairstyles for men with thick hair you can try now.

10 neat hairstyles for men with thick hair


Hairstyles for men with thick hair
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Neat side sweep. Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. The side sweep

Keeping it short is always a good option for men with thick hair who don’t want to spend too much time on daily maintenance. The neat side sweep is a ‘do that’s office-appropriate and a breeze to style. Ask for a fairly short back and sides, and keep the top slightly longer so that you can comb over to one side for the full effect.

Hairstyles for men with thick hair quiff
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Understated quiff with short sides. Credit: Dvora

2. Understated quiff with short sides

Want an eye-catching look that’s also easy to style for thick hair? A modest, non-threatening quiff is all you need to elevate a classic one-length-all-over cut that looks work and weekend-ready.

Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Faux hawk.

3. Faux hawk

Rapidly rising the ranks as one of the most sought after men’s haircuts this year, the mohawk’s softer, more sophisticated counterpart, the faux hawk, should be any thick-haired gent’s dream. While it might take a tad longer to style, the faux hawk is great for showing off those full locks as you can get plenty of height and volume.

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Hairstyles for men with thick hair wet look
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Classic crew cut. Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Classic crew cut

Short at the top with a length that graduates from the longest hair at the front to the shortest at the back, the classic crew is probably one of the easiest haircuts to maintain and style. And well, if it’s Channing Tatum’s favourite…

Hairstyles for men with thick hair short tapered sides messy on top
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Short tapered sides, messy on top. Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Short, tapered sides, messy on top

Designed to work with your natural hair texture, and not against it, this fashionable style allows you to go a little shorter at the back and sides, while leaving the top fairly long to help accentuate those waves and curls.

hairstyles for men with thick hair pompadour
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Classic pompadour. Credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Classic pompadour

Still seen as the rock ‘n’ rollers’ hairstyle of choice, thanks to Elvis, the pompadour’s been worming its way back into the limelight in recent years. Having evolved quite considerably since the ’50s, the style itself is now much more versatile than you might imagine.

A classic pompadour is also brilliant for making the most of your thick locks. Worn slick, with swept-back sides (which still need to be clippered, but kept long enough to be slicked back), this dramatic, yet refined look is ideal for those who want a sharp, statement-making hairstyle to match their personality.

Hairstyles for men with thick hair modern pompadour
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Modern pompadour. Credit: indigitalimages.com

7. Modern pompadour

As the name suggests, this is a more contemporary take on the classic pomp, where the sides are taken much tighter to create a more distinct contrast with the top section.

Another brilliant choice for thick-haired men, if the modern pompadour does tickle your fancy, you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of variations to suit individual tastes and needs. For a statement outcome, try it with a fade, or a classic or disconnected undercut.

thick hairstyles for men natural afro
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Natural afro. Credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Natural afro

Not only has fashion dictated that it’s time to embrace your natural textures and shapes, it also makes perfect sense for guys who have super curly or coily hair, and are looking for easier ways to maintain it.

While in the past, geometric-cut, sharp-edged afro styles have been in vogue, right now it’s all about rich textures and full, looser styles that are more natural-looking.

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Hairstyles for men with thick hair short back sides fringe
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Short back and sides with fringe. Credit: indigitalimages.com

9. Short back and sides with a fringe

A fringe is a great way to inject a youthful attitude to your look. But that doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for guys in their twenties; anyone of any age can rock a fringe.

For thick-haired gents, best to take the back and sides short – and if you like, tapered, or faded – for easy maintenance, but the most important thing to consider is your face shape.

A short, irregular fringe with a subtle side parting works well with round and square faces, while a longer, more pointy-shaped fringe is good for balancing out a high forehead.

hairstyles for men with thick hair long hair
Hairstyles for men with thick hair: Long hair. Credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Long hair

If you’re not afraid to invest a little more time into care and maintenance – and you’re going to stay committed even through that annoying grow-out phase – go long! Thanks to the likes of Jared Leto and Colin Farrell (and fashion’s ongoing obsession with the ’70s), you can be sure this trend won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

Stick to mid-length (so that the ends hit around your collarbone) and ask your barber to work layers into it to help thin out the hair and make it more manageable. It’s super easy to style: leave it down or put it up in a casual man bun, and you’re good to go!


See? Styling hairstyles for men with thick hair can be both practical and stylish.