How to use hair wax: Your complete styling guide

Hair wax novice? Not for long! Follow our in-depth tutorial to learn how to master this product like a pro.

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Hair wax is one of those old school styling products that’s a multi-tasking essential. Containing little to no water, hair wax is renowned for its ability to sculpt and mold hair as it accentuates a style. Used to create texture, enhance the look of thickness, and leave you with frizz-free tresses, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about how to use hair wax.

Typically used on shorter men’s hairstyles, this product can actually work on a variety of hair types. A key tool in creating super quick and easy styles, hair wax is especially useful when you just want one does-it-all product to sweep into your hair before stepping out the door. Ready to know how it can work for you? Read on to learn our tips, tricks and tutorial steps to using hair wax.

How to use hair wax: A tutorial

Want to brush up on your product knowledge or need a crash course in styling? Our five-step guide below will answer all your how-to hair wax questions…


Use on wet or dry hair.

One of the main reasons that hair wax is such an easy product to work with is that you can use it on wet or dry tresses. 

Use it with damp, (perferably towel-dried) hair to create a soft shape before drying or as a finishing product to style dry locks. 

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Use a small amount of product.

A little goes a long way with hair wax. To make sure your hair doesn’t look too overdone or heavy, scoop out a small amount of product into your hands.

About the size of a 10p coin should be enough to work with, even if you’ve got shoulder length hair or longer

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Warm up the wax.

Using small, circular motions, warm up the wax between your fingers or on the palm of your hand. 

The friction from doing this will create heat, melting the product slightly and making it easier to work with. 

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Style up your strands.

A light touch will help to spread the product evenly throughout your hair so it doesn’t weigh down your locks.

Apply small amounts of hair wax at a time to the ends of your hair with your fingertips, twisting as needed for definition.

As hair wax doesn’t make your hair hard or stiff, you can actually mold and restyle your look throughout the day.

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You're done!

See how easy that was? Double check you’ve achieved the look that you want in the mirror and adjust it with a little extra hair wax if needed.

Congrats gents, you’re now a pro at knowing how to use hair wax! 

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