Men’s sea salt spray: How to use it for the best results

Getting your dream hairstyle is now even easier...  

When creating lived-in, dishevelled, or bedhead hairstyles, a sea salt spray is a crucial styling product that you’ll need to rely on. And what makes this nifty spray so great, is that is super simple to use. But don’t fret if you’re a styling rookie, because the All Things Hair team have whipped up a men’s sea salt spray: How to use it guide, that will show you the right way to do it.

So, if you’re ready to learn how to use this handy styling spray in 5 quick and easy steps, keep on reading!

Sea salt spray: How to use it in your hair


sea salt spray how to use it in your hair for men
Sea salt spray: How to use it in your hair.

Besides being oh-so simple to use, this versatile hair product is also perfect for straight, wavy and curly hair types. And depending on which style you want to achieve, you can use a sea salt spray in whole host of different ways!

However, since the look du jour is a dishevelled, messy bedhead look with lots of texture, we’re going to show you how to enhance your natural waves or curls! Now, all you have to do, is start off with damp hair and follow our expert tips, below…

How to use a sea salt spray in damp hair

1. Wash your hair so that it’s clean and product-free.

2. Then towel-dry your hair to remove excess moisture.

3. Now spray the Toni&Guy Men’s Messy Salt Spray into your hair, ensuring that you’ve evenly distributed the product.

4. For a defined, yet lived-in look, run your fingers through your mane, twisting your strands with your index fingers and your thumbs (or even scrunching your hair!) as you go.

5. To finish, blowdry your hair to set your style in place. If you don’t have time, you can leave it to air-dry, too!

Alternatively, if you’re trying to add grip to your hair (especially if it’s thin or fine!), you can apply sea salt spray directly to dry hair! This will help creating styles like the man braid or bun an absolute breeze! See, we told you it was versatile…


So, now that you’re all clued up on what a sea salt spray can do for you, you’ll may to check out the best men’s hair products of 2016, to keep your hair game looking strong!

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