It’s about time you found out which hair wax for men is right for you

Arianna | 19 May 2016

You’re about to find out what the best hair wax for men is.

Hair wax for men is especially versatile: with it, you can style your hair into a formal, textured, or completely natural look, depending on which men’s hair wax you use. And while we know you’re familiar with the product, figuring out which hair wax is right for you is a whole other matter.

To save you the time and hassle of testing hundreds of hair waxes, we’ve compiled a handy guide on the best hair wax for men, below.

What is hair wax?


Hair wax for men guide: Close up shot of a man touching his dark hair.
Wondering what the best hair wax for men is? We’ve got you sorted. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Now, if you’re not sure what hair wax is and want to quickly brush up on your product knowledge, we’re happy to help.

Similar to the feel of hair clays or pastes (but lighter and more fluid), men’s hair wax products offer a natural-to-medium hold, with a greater degree of mouldability. This means you can restyle your hair as much as you want during the day.

Depending on the one you pick, they can give you a natural-to-medium shine, which means they work really well for relaxed and formal hairstyles.

What can a men’s hair wax be used for?

It can help boost texture and thickness, control frizz and leave your mane looking on-point in one fell swoop.

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Hair wax for men: Find the right one for you

VO5 Styling Wax

For a long-lasting hold

Try: VO5 Styling Wax

If you need a hair wax for men that will help hold your hairstyle in place all day, look no further than this.

It helps to shape and mould your hair for a long-lasting hold, but it washes out really easily, too. So, don’t worry about that pesky product build-up.

TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax

For a matte finish or for styling defined looks

Try: TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax

Gents who want a matt finish, meet your new mate: the TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax. Use this hair wax for men on dry hair to finish, or on damp hair for a more natural look.

After you’ve worked it through your hair, use a dryer to melt the wax into your desired shape (using a hair dryer to help lift the roots will create movement at the top of your hair). Once your hair is dry, run your fingers through, raking as you go to help create great texture and add natural volume.

A bonus of this product: the formula, containing beeswax, will help to give structure and fullness to your hair fibres, meaning this hair wax is perfect for styling defined, fuller-looking hairstyles, like quiffs or pompadours.

VO5 Gel Wax

For soft-feeling hair

Try: VO5 Gel Wax

When trying to style short hair, a strong-hold product can yield perfect results. And, the VO5 Gel Wax is the best hair wax for men with shorter strands to use.

It combines the holding power of a gel but without the crispiness, and the cool shaping of a wax but without the greasiness. This means it’s a great styling product for those who still want their hair to look and feel soft, but have pliable hold.

But as with all hair waxes, by modifying the amount of product you use, you can create harder or softer hair styles.

TONI&GUY Polishing Wax Stick

For subtle texture

Try: Toni&Guy Men Styling Wax Stick

If your hairstyle only requires a medium hold, and you don’t want too much texture (e.g. for a subtle comb over), then opt for the Toni&Guy Wax Stick. This wax will help you create a classic polished hairstyle with subtle detail and definition.

Apply the stick directly onto your hair, or alternatively, rub the wax between your palms to warm it up before spreading it through dry hair.

TONI&GUY Styling Moustache Wax

For styling your moustache

Try: TONI&GUY Styling Moustache Wax

Want your moustache to look as dapper as your ‘do? Then you’ll need to try the TONI&GUY Styling Moustache Wax.

This is the best hair wax for men with facial hair, as it is firm yet flexible and allows you tame your moustache and create your own unique look. It also washes off without leaving and build-up or residue — bonus!


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