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Your Essential Guide to the Best Hair Wax for Men

Trust us, there's a wax for all your styling needs. 

Hair wax is one of the most indispensable styling products in a man’s grooming arsenal. Not only can it be used to shape and set a number of cuts, but since you only need to use a tiny amount to style your mane, the product lasts forever! But did you know that hair wax comes in a variety of formulas, meaning different products work better for different looks and styles? Well, we’re here to tell you that they do! So, if you’re trying to work out what kind of wax you need to achieve your desired look, then read on to discover our list of the best hair wax for men to suit all sorts of styling needs, now.

Best hair wax for men: A product for every style


Best hair wax for men: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with dark hair and side parting
Best hair wax for men: Groomed look. Credit:

For a groomed look

For those of you who like to flaunt a highly groomed and polished hairstyle – like a slick comb-over  the VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Gel Wax (£3.99*) will be your new best friend. It combines the power of a hair gel, without leaving an unwanted crispiness or greasy finish. So essentially, you can really slick, mould and shape your style to perfection!

For a defined look

When styling a hairstyle that require a lot of definition, such as a pompadour, quiff or fauxhawk, you’ll need a hair wax that’s able to craft structured styles and hold them all day. Cue the Lynx Signature Clean Cut Look Definition Wax (£4.29). This product is a firm styling wax that helps to create sculptured styles what will defy gravity! Time to wave goodbye to flat-looking locks.

Best hair wax for men: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with pompadour
Best hair wax for men: Pompadour look. Credit:

For on-the-go application

Although you may go through the majority of your day with your hairstyle intact, it’s inevitable that at some point, your ‘do may start to look a little flat and lifeless. To ensure that your style remains pumped up for any after-office antics, pop to the bathroom before you leave work and apply some Toni&Guy Mens Styling Wax Stick (£7.49*). This handy hair wax comes in a stick form, meaning you can literally apply it straight to your hair!

For a matte look

If you prefer more of a matte finish, then the TIGI Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax (£13.95*) is exactly what you need to get the job done. Infused with beeswax, this formula will help to give structure, fullness, and loads of texture to your hair, making it the ideal choice for those of you with a thin – or thinning – mane.

Got the cut you’ve been dreaming of, but not sure what’s best to style it with? Then head over to our Hair Products for Men page and take some notes. Trust us, you’ll know your pastes from your pomades, and your gels from your creams in no time!

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