The taper haircut: 4 Things to consider before getting your hair cut

Check this out before your trip to the barber shop!

With the new season in full swing, it seems that everyone is opting for a fresh new cut to update their dapper style – and if you’re yet to get in the barber’s chair, now’s the perfect time! But if you’re struggling to find a trendy haircut to revamp your manly mane, we think we have just the thing: the taper haircut.

However, before you take the plunge, you might want to read our helpful checklist below, to ensure you get this look spot on! Luckily for you, this 4-point list is full of important things to consider before getting your tresses cut – so all you have to do, is simply scroll down to avoid any barber-related disasters!

Things to consider before getting a taper haircut


Taper haircut: All Things Hair - IMAGE - curly auburn men's hair
Taper haircut: Take into account your hair texure

1. Do you know what kind of taper haircut you want?

Know your high tops from your Caesar cuts? And your low from your high fades? Well, before you bound over to your local barber for your taper haircut, it’s important that you’re clear on the type of taper haircut you want. You can do this by swotting up and making sure your HI (hair intelligence) is up to scratch!

Want an even easier option? Then head over to our Fade Haircut page – it’s chock full of essential hair guides that will help you get to grips with all the different types of fades. So, once you’ve read up, you can talk confidently about the haircut that you want.

2. Take into account the natural texture of your hair

Remember to work with your hair texture, not against it. So, take into consideration that the kinds of haircuts that will suit your straight-haired bros, might look less than complementary on your curly barnet.

Editor’s tip: If you find that your thick hair gets in the way of achieving your desired style, ask your barber to thin out your strands with hair shears, as this will help take away some of the fullness from your mane.

Taper haircut: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Black men
Taper haircut: Take a picture to help your barber visualise your ‘do

3. But when in doubt, take a picture with you

Still don’t think you can describe the taper haircut you want? Well, there’s no need to struggle through your hair appointment, only to get a cut that you majorly dislike! The best thing you can do, is search for an image of someone with a taper haircut that you like and take it with you for your appointment. This will help your barber to visualise exactly what you want, and help you get the cut that you envisaged.

4. It will grow back!

It’s always important to remember, that not every cut you get will turn out exactly how you want it. So, even if your taper haircut doesn’t go quite to plan, don’t panic: the beauty of hair, is that it will always grow back!


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