5 Styling tricks to make your taper fade haircut unique

Make sure your taper fade looks on-point.

The taper fade haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men right now, and with good reason. With its clean look and contemporary attitude, this versatile cut lends itself to both casual and formal styles, not to mention it’s a flattering fit across a variety of face shapes.

So, whether you’re currently sporting the taper fade haircut or planning to get one next time you visit the barbers, read on to find out how you can make your look unique and personal.

5 Tips to keep your taper fade haircut fresh


Dark haired man with a classic taper fade haircut
Taper fade haircut: Give it a styling twist.

1. Choose your fade

Choosing the right fade for your look can make all the difference. So, before going in for the cut, ask your barber about which one might work best for you in terms of style and daily maintenance. While the back and sides will be kept relatively short, try experimenting with subtle changes in length to see what suits you best.

Not sure how to distinguish between a high fade or a low fade? (Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!) Check out our ultimate guide to fade haircuts now!

2. Give it a styling twist

The taper fade haircut is essentially a style that’s kept longer on top, with hair progressively fading into a shorter length down the back and sides. However, you could choose to style your taper fade in a number of ways.

While the top section is traditionally kept relatively short (between 2-4 inches for a clean and neat look) you can opt to keep more length up top for a more directional or dramatic look. If you do retain some length, try styling the top into a mohawk for an edgy, urban look, or for more polished results, try slicking it back using a gel, like the Lynx Ubran Messy Look Matt Gel (£4.29*) or a pomade, like the VO5 Extreme Style Groomed Grooming Pomade (£3.99*) for a high-shine finish.

Dark haired man with taper fade haircut and beard
Taper fade haircut: Style it with a beard.

3. Style it with a beard

While the taper fade haircut naturally provides a clean and polished look, it also works really well with facial hair. Styling it with a beard gives this popular hairstyle an extra dimension. A great styling trick is to fade the bottom of your sideburns and top of your beard, where the two meet, for a more stylised look.

4. Add a hair design

Hair designs are perfect for guys who don’t mind the extra maintenance and additional trips needed to keep the designs looking spotless – and a taper fade haircut gives you a great blank canvas to play with all sorts of motifs.

You can opt for designs that are as complex or as simple as you like. Remember: you’re only limited by your ideas and your barber’s skills! And if you’re not sure about it afterwards, don’t panic: it’ll grow out soon enough!

5. Style it with a side part

While this hairstyle oozes a modern, urban attitude, it also lends itself well to a more traditional look, like the classic slicked-back side parting. The play of contrasts between the precise, hard edges of the faded sides and back, and the grown-up smoothness of a slick side parting results in a striking and utterly unique look. It’s also a fantastic way of making your taper fade haircut look a little more dapper for when formal occasions call.

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