8 Best Bald Taper Fades for Men in 2020

If you're currently on the search for a new hairstyle, we've got just the thing. Browse our pick of the sharpest bald taper fade cuts from Instagram to refresh your style, now.  

The Bald Taper Fade is a short haircut round the sides and back of the head. It is then tapered around the ears and back of the neck. Unlike other fade hairstyles you will need to use hair clippers and scissors to achieve this smooth look.

Want to change up your hair but not sure which look to commit to? Well, conveniently for you, we’ve put together an edit of our favourite bald taper fade cuts for all hair types from Instagram!

Bald taper fades can be incorporated into almost any hairstyle — from French crops to Elvis quiffs — so no matter what style you’re currently rocking, there’s no excuse not to give this one a try.

1. Classic bald taper fade

man with a classic bald taper fade haircut
Basic but sleek, you can’t go wrong with a classic fade. Credit: Instagram.com/mrkjnash

Never tried a fade before? We recommend you start with something simple by asking your barber for a classic bald taper fade, like this Instagrammer’s.

For a true faded look, remember that you’ll need to go super short (almost bald) on the sides, with a longer length retained on top. Credit: @mrkjnash

2. Sharp taper fade

side profile of a man with a short and sharp bald taper fade haircut
Even the shortest styles can make a statement, as this razor-sharp style shows! Credit: Instagram.com/supremekutzbarbershop1

Prefer a polished look? Contrast your fade with sharp, angular lines by getting your barber to focus on the edges of your hairline to create that coveted right angle detail.

Great for prom, wedding season or even just a smart style for everyday office wear, you’ll always look put together with this precise cut. Credit: @supremekutzbarbershop1

3. Curly fade

side profile of a brunette man with curly quiff hair with a bald taper fade
Curly hair? All hair types can rock this look. Credit: Instagram.com/pablovassquez

Curly hair for men is a rising grooming trend among #mensfashion bloggers right now. So, all you style mavens out there will be pleased to hear that whether your curls are faux or au naturel, the bald taper fade looks fabulous on curly strands. PhewCredit: @pablovassquez

Editor’s tip: In case you hadn’t heard, sea salt spray is key to creating textured, curly styles. Simply spritz the TONI&GUY Messy Salt Spray into damp hair before using your hands to scrunch it into your locks and styling into your desired look.

This will enhance and define any natural waves or movement, plus give your look a natural-looking, tousled finish.

4. Wavy bald taper

side profile of a man with short wavy hair styled into a bald taper fade
Wavy hair? Make the most of your natural texture with a minimalist cut. Credit: Instagram.com/theproyopper

The beauty of a bald taper cut is that it will suit most hair types. Yet if you’ve got a natural wave you’re at a greater advantage, as you’ll achieve an even more unique finish to the look.

Even though in reality there isn’t much length here at all, the wavy strands give it a cool, styled effect without you even having to try. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a get-up-and-go style? Credit: @theproyopper

5. Faded afro

man with afro hair with a bald taper fade detail
Free the ‘fro! Credit: Instagram.com/jayjaythe96

Love your ‘fro but looking to thin out some of the bulk? Or are you heating up under all your hair and need a cooler look for the summer months?

Well, with this ‘do, you can take some of the weight and volume away from the sides of your hair, while still holding on to your length on top. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds! Credit: @jayjaythe96

6. Quiff taper fade

side shot of a man with quiff hair and a bald taper fade
This low-maintenance alternative to a regular quiff is a great one to consider. Credit: Instagram.com/albathebarber

Who doesn’t love a quiff, right? From classic tailored ‘dos to more casual, relaxed variations, quiffs are certainly a strong contender for most popular men’s hairstyle ever!

If you want to try your own take on this well-loved style, though, why not give it a contemporary update with a fade detail like this Instagrammer has? Credit: @albathebarber

Editor’s tip: Using product is essential to creating a quiff that’ll last all day. Use your fingers to work the VO5 Groomed Extreme Style Gelwax through your strands before styling and it’ll give your quiff the support it needs to stay in place — without becoming hard or crispy.

7. French crop fade

side profile of a man with a french crop haircut with a bald taper fade
Try taking your French crop up a notch with an edgy fade detail. Credit: Instagram.com/brett_kingkoby

Can’t decide whether you want to go short or grow your hair long? Don’t worry folks, we’ve got a look for everyone, even if you’re the indecisive sort!

French crop cuts let you go super short on the sides while retaining enough length on the top, so that you’ll still be able to play around with different styles from day to day. Credit: @brett_kingkoby

8. Braided bald taper fade

man with a bald taper fade and cornrow braids
Emphasise your cornrows with a smart taper fade detail. Credit: Instagram.com/sleepyblendzz_zay

Fades and braids: we bet you didn’t realise you could rock both styles at once, did you? Well, as you can see from this guy’s cornrow + fade combo, it’s not only possible but actually looks really impressive. Come one, who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 style! Credit: @sleepyblendzz_zay


Want to make sure you’re up to date with all of the latest trending hairstyles for men? Hop on over to our Men’s Hairstyle Trends page now to get to grips with all of the latest red carpet styles, celebrity hair transformations and fashion week reports. Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

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