The bald fade: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know

Jeanette | 26 June 2018

Find out what the bald fade is, how to style it and get inspired. 

Still trying to figure out what exactly a bald fade or skin fade is? Well, there’s no need to stay in the dark when it comes to fade haircuts. In fact, all you need is a simple guide to answer all the questions that you might be too embarrassed to ask your bros and barber.

Ahead, we’ve put together an essential guide to help you become a hair hero. So read on and discover everything you need to know about the bald fade, now.

The essential bald fade guide for men


Bald fade: All Things Hair - IMAGE - fade and beard
Try rocking a bald fade with beard. Credit:

What is a bald fade?

The bald fade (also known by its other name: the skin fade), is a fade that starts from the skin on the sides and back, and is gradually blended into a longer length on the top.

This means that the hair around the nape of the neck and sides are completely shaved off, hence its very apt name. Credit: @thebarberpost

The back view of a young man with medium dark curly hair and a bald fade
The bald fade looks great with longer hair too. Credit:

What’s so great about a bald fade?

The great thing about the bald fade is that you can work it with lots of different hairstyles. Credit: @fade2torials

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Dark haired man with skin fade and large beard
Anyone can rock this fade. Credit:

So whether you decide to rock a Caesar crop, 360 waves or a high top, you can work in a bald fade. Neat, right? Credit: @sciticobarbershop

Side profile of a man with medium brown hair with beard and bald fade haircut
Bald fades can bold or subtle. Credit:

So why should I take notice of it?

The clean look of the skin fade makes this the perfect partner for so many men’s hairstyles. And if correctly executed, it can give any haircut an instant refresh, so your ‘do looks less scruffy and more dapper! Credit: @deezycuts

Black man with fald fade and shaved parting
Give your bald fade a cool twist with shaved parting. Credit:

Can anyone rock the bald fade?

Yes, pretty much anyone can nail the bald fade if they want to, although this fade is particularly popular with black men, as well as bearded bros. Credit: @f4fade

Dark haired man wearing glasses with bald fade, quiff and shaved side parting
The bald fade can be a smart and dapper choice. Credit: Instagram/alexander-diaz79

But whether you have a straight or curly mane, you should definitely consider getting this stylish fade to step up your hair game. Credit: @alexander-diaz79

Man with long braided afro hair and a bald fade from the back view
A bald fade can work on even the longest of hair. Credit:

Will it work on my longer hair?

The long and short of it is yes, yes it will. Many men like to go for a bald fade on their long hair, as it’s ideal for those wanting to try a new look but keep their length intact. Credit: @jdababah 

man with blonde hair and a bald fade on the sides and cropped on top
Team your bald fade with a cool cropped top. Credit:

You’ve won me over. But who can I get inspiration from?

We knew we’d sway you sooner or later! When it comes to finding the right bald fade for you, know that there are plenty of modern hair heroes to look to for some guidance and inspiration. Credit: @mrliptrot

Blonde man with side parting and bald fade haircut
Doesn’t this cut look fresh? Credit:

Who has worn the style?

In previous years (before he grew his hair out), Brad Pitt was a fan of this fade, as well as Ex-One Direction star Zayn MalikCredit: @shortjackandsides

Black man with bald fade and beard
Draw fade inspiration from celebs like Idris Elba. Credit:

And if you have afro hair, you just need to look to male celebs like Will Smith, Nas and Mr Luther himself, Idris Elba. So, not a bad selection to choose from, eh? Credit: @biga-210

Still curious about the bald fade, or want to further brush up on your men’s hair knowledge? Then don’t forget to check out our Fade Haircuts page, it’s full of tips, tricks and plenty more styling ideas!






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