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Watch our styling videos to learn how to work your fade haircut like a pro or click through our galleries to get inspiration from other dapper dudes rocking this 'do with style. We're here to help you to discover the perfect fade!

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One of the hottest men’s hairstyles we’ve seen in recent years is the fade haircut. Gradual fades of the hair (usually from the crown, or top of the head down to the ears) have been seen on men regardless of their age. Why? Because its cool, tight look is one that every man can achieve with style.

While the fade is a simple style, there’s still a lot of room to customise and make this haircut truly your own. Depending upon your personal preference, there are countless styles of fades, ranging from the classic fade, along with the low, medium and high fade, depending on how dramatic or subtle you want to the style to be.

Not only is there the decision to make on how high you want the fade to reach, but there’s also the decision on how to have your fade cut: a scissor fade (only cut with scissors to have a more ‘organic’ look), or a tapered fade, shaved to create a closer cut. Who knew there were so many aspects to creating this hairstyle?

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