How to style men’s curly hair: 9 stylish looks for the modern man

Let your curls do the talking.  

Tight ringlets or loose waves, everyone’s curls are different; so when it comes to knowing how to style men’s curly hair, no two guys will have the exact same style.

Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance short back and sides that works with your curls, or maybe something longer and more laid-back, we’ve got you covered with 9 different curly men’s hairstyles that’ll inspire you to get imaginative with your curls for 2018.

photo of a brunette man sitting outside wearing a knitted jumper with his hair in a curly quiff style with shorter sides
Play with texture for a contemporary finish. Credit:

1. Curly quiff

The quiff is a great starting point for anyone thinking about how to style men’s curly hair. It’s a more casual version of the classic, slick quiff thanks to its tousled texture, with just the right amount of body for everyday wear. Credit: @jbrytemusic

blonde man wearing a black roll neck with a curly fringe cut
Curly up top, neat on the sides. Credit:

2. Curly fringe

Never heard of the man fringe? Get to know it, because if there’s one thing that has the power to totally shake up your style, it’s a fresh fringe.

Let your curls become the main event by letting your fringe grow out longer than the rest of your hair, keeping the sides smooth for an interesting play on contrasting textures. Credit: @escapehairoslo

Editor’s tip: To keep the distinction between your wavy fringe and the rest of your hair, you’ll need to use a sculpting product like the VO5 Matt Clay.

This will help mould and shape your curls into position, while also keeping the rest of your shorter layers in check.

car selfie of a brunette guy with curly hair with shaved undercut sides
Shave minutes off your morning styling with short shaved sides. Credit:

3. Curly undercut

Having hair that’s both curly and thick can be a bit of a mission when it comes to styling, so anything that’s going to make your mane more manageable is a plus.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding in an undercut. It gives you the edge of a shaved style while letting you grow out your hair on top in a more controlled way. Credit: @mathew.whalley

side shot of a guy with a curly top fade haircut
The fade: It’s a classic for a reason, you know. Credit:

4. Fade

For more of an edgy vibe, why not ask your barber to add in a fade? This popular style gradually ‘fades’ (as the name suggests) from longer layers to a buzz cut, or even bald, around the ear line.

If you’ve got curly hair you’ll find it helps make your curls easier to deal with and gives more of a shape to your overall style, rather than it being all one length. Credit: @mvsonthebarber

male model wearing a black tshirt with a denim shirt with his curly hair in a bandana headband
Give your mop an update with a funky bandana. Credit:

5. Bandana

In that awkward in-between stage of growing out your hair where it’s long but not yet long enough to put into a ponytail or a man bun? You need to get in on the headband trend.

Look to stars like Harry Styles and Dougie Poynter (both have rocked them) for your inspo and you’ll have found a way to keep your curls under control. Credit: @christopherpiii

male model with light brown curly hair cut in a man bob style
The man bob just got cool again. Credit:

6. Man bob

Androgynous styles have seen more and more women opting for pixie crops and buzz cuts recently, but similarly, more men are taking on traditionally ‘female’ cuts, too.

Take the man bob for example – tonnes of male models have worn it on the catwalks so why not channel the fash pack vibes and claim it for yourself? Credit: @sergerigvava

Editor’s tip: Bobs look best when paired with masses of texture, so enhance whatever natural waves or curls you’ve got going on with the TONI&GUY Messy Salt Spray.

Sea salt sprays are a fantastic way to give added texture and this one’s matt, which means it’s even more natural-looking so you won’t look like your hair’s full of product.

guy wearing a pink tshirt with bob length curly brunette hair with 90s style curtains
Boyband hair is back and better than ever. Credit:

7. Curtains

For ultimate ’90s throwback vibes, it’s got to be curtains.

If you like the old-school Johnny Depp/Jared Leto style, this is a great modern day homage. Don’t forget to tuck it back behind your ears to reach total ’90s boy-next-door status. Credit: @marcushodson

guy wearing a black graphic tee with shoulder length wavy scruffy hair with a side-swept parting
Hanson brothers hair is all you need for effortless laid-back vibes. Credit:

8. Hanson hair

It’s one part Hanson brothers, one part Kurt Cobain, and totally bed hair at its best. The side-swept parting adds a beachy feel, but if you want to go full-on grunge, highlights (AKA ‘guylights‘) are a must-have addition. Credit: @santi_ar1

Editor’s tip: Waxes and clays work better with shorter styles, so if your hair is mid-length to long, you might find a mousse, like the VO5 Rework Texture Foamis easier to work with.

This one has a light hold to it but the aerated foam formula won’t weigh down your curls. In fact, it’ll actually help add lift at the roots for a more voluminous look.

guy with dark shoulder length curly hair wearing a yellow adidas tshirt
All of the George of the Jungle vibes. Credit:

9. Long locks

Want to grow your hair out long? Lengthy curly hair is a style in its own right, so you don’t need to do anything fancy to make it look great.

The only thing to bear in mind is that the longer they get your curls will require extra care to keep them looking their best, so make sure you’re keeping them conditioned and nourished. Credit: @cristianncruz

Editor’s tip: Once a week, try adding in an intensive deep conditioning treatment, like the TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask, for some extra moisture.

Dryness is what causes frizz, so by keeping your hair nourished your curls will, in turn, be more defined and easy to style.


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