Man Perm: The new (and unexpected) hair trend for men

Jeanette | 25 November 2016

Yes, the man-perm is now a thing…

Permed hair for men? We know, we did a double take when we heard those words, too. But before you scoff at this new (and really unexpected) hair trend, hear us out. You’ll be pleased to know, that this look isn’t about reviving ’80s hair (phew!), and is instead all about getting a perfectly-defined, curly mane – think more Jon Snow than David Hasselhoff circa 1989.

So, now that we’ve put to rest any qualms about bad vintage styles, the only question left to answer, is just where did this love of curls come from? Well, simply scroll down, and discover all you need to know about the ‘man-perm’ hair trend!

Permed hair: The unexpected hair trend for men


Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with medium brown curly hair
The ‘permed hair’ trend for men. Credit:

Now, as with almost all hair trends, the style originated on the runways, with numerous designers deciding to tap into the wealth of curly-haired fellas out there, to showcase a new way to rock our manes. This may be great news for any of you genetically blessed with curly locks, but for others, you’ll need a helping hand to achieve the look. And that’s where a perm comes in!

Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with long brown curly hair
Permed hair: It’s all about embracing your natural hair texture. Credit:

So, if you’re looking to test out some curls in your mane this season, yet don’t want to curl your hair daily, then you will have to resort to the use of chemicals to change the bonds in the hair (AKA perming). And as the name suggests, this technique will ‘permanently’ curl your hair, until your tresses grow out in their natural texture – so, you can put that curling wand down, right now!

Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with short blonde curly hair
Permed hair: So what the verdict on this unexpected trend? Credit:

And once you’ve gotten your lovely perm, you can even take the look one step further, by using a hero styling product, like sea salt spray. We suggest trying the Toni&Guy Messy Salt Spray, to help create natural-looking, tousled curls, that’ll rival even that of Jon Snow’s roughed-up texture!


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