25 Best Perms for Men in 2022

Yes, the man-perm is now a thing...

A perm (or ‘man perm’) is a chemical process used to permanently change the texture of hair to make it curly or wavy. Perms can be used to add texture for men with naturally straight hair or to give natural curls a more uniform, defined look.

This modern version of the man perm incorporates style and texture for a look that gives you perfectly on-trend curly results. This look isn’t about reviving ’80s hair (phew!), and is instead all about getting a perfectly-defined, curly mane – think more Jon Snow than David Hasselhoff circa 1989.

Considering trying out the man perm? If yes, read on for some major inspiration:

Long Fringe With Perm

If there’s a perm combo that won’t let you down, it’s this one. If you’re already sporting a fringe, this subtle perm is sure to give you extra style points.

Grey Perm With Shaved Design

Looking for trending perm styles for guys? Check this hairstyle out! This is a great example of a modern perm look, as it features cool, icy grey highlights and an eye-catching shave design.

Fade With Perm

Teaming your favourite fade haircut with a perm will instantly make it look ready for 2022 (and beyond!). This smarter take on the trend is work-appropriate and super easy to maintain.

Editor’s tip: If you want to add texture to your hair and make your perm look effortless, try working in some of the VO5 Rework Texture Foam.

Permed Short Hair

If you’re working with shorter lengths, let this guy show you the way. This cool look goes well with a simple short back and sides haircut, making it ideal for guys who don’t want to spend ages styling their hair.

Loose Perm

This curl type is loose, relaxed and perfect for those looking for a casual take on the trend.

Classic Volume Perm

Perming your hair is a great way to add volume and thickness to flat hair. If you want to boost your mane game, try going for a voluminous look like this one.

Curls with an Undercut

Man with dark brown medium-length curly hair with an undercut
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Now, as with almost all hair trends, the style originated on the runways, with numerous designers deciding to tap into the wealth of curly-haired fellas out there, to showcase a new way to rock our manes.

Curly Crop

Brown haired man with short curly hair
Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

This may be great news for any of you genetically blessed with curly locks, but for others, you’ll need a helping hand to achieve the look. And that’s where a perm comes in!

Boho Man Perm

Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with medium brown curly hair
The ‘permed hair’ trend for men. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

So, if you’re looking to test out some curls in your mane this season, yet don’t want to curl your hair daily, then you will have to resort to the use of chemicals to change the bonds in the hair (AKA perming).

Long Curls

Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with long brown curly hair
Permed hair: It’s all about embracing your natural hair texture. Credit: Indigitalimages.com

And as the name suggests, this technique will ‘permanently’ curl your hair, until your tresses grow out in their natural texture – so, you can put that curling wand down, right now!

Super-cool Man Perm

Permed hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - man with short blonde curly hair
Permed hair: So what the verdict on this unexpected trend? Credit: Indigitalimages.com

And once you have your lovely perm, you can even take the look one step further, by using a hero styling product like a sea salt spray.

We suggest trying the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray, to help create natural-looking, tousled curls, that’ll rival even that of Jon Snow’s roughed-up texture!

Wear It Wild

Man with medium length curly man perm
Wear your curls loose and wild.

A medium-length, tightly coiled perm will result in a wild and adventurous-looking style. Pair this look with a well-kept beard to avoid having your hair take over your entire face.

Side Part

Man with side parted curly man perm hairstyle
Use your perm as an excuse to change up your part.

Get yet another change of perspective by changing your part as you learn how to style your new perm. You’ll be surprised by how much of an impact your part can have on the overall angles and perspectives of your face.

Close Beard

Man with curly short hair with beard
Wear your curls with a closely shaven beard.

Here we have yet another example of how a closely-shaven beard can balance out your perm. Some men are hesitant to jump on the curly hair trend because of all of the texture, and we do admit that all this volume can be a little overwhelming.

Streamlining your curls with TIGI Bed Head Pure Texture Molding Paste or a hair gel for men and a well-groomed beard will take the edge off such a dramatic style.

Loose Waves

Man with long natural blonde hair with loose waves
Proof that not all perms were created equally.

It’s important to note that opting for a perm does not necessarily mean ending up with a head of coiled curls. Ask your stylist for a looser wave for a more laid-back style.

Man Bun

Man with a man bun tied back posing
Wear your perm up and out of your face.

You can always tie your curls up into a man bun as an easy-to-create and on-trend style to fall back on.

Long Tight Curls

Man with long, dark tight curly hair
Wear your curls long and defined.

A healthy dose of TIGI Bed Head Power Play Firm Finish Gel will keep your curls tight and defined all day long.

Overgrown Fade

Man with dark brown curly hair with overgrown fade haircut
Loose curls go well with an overgrown fade.

Fake natural-looking curls by going for a medium-sized perm and ask your stylist for a slightly overgrown fade to nail two trends at once.

Highlighted Curls

Man with long, curly man perm with highlights
Pair your new curls with a change of hair colour.

Go all-in for a full-on makeover by getting your hair highlighted too.

Curled In Front

Man with short sides and curly top hairstyle in the office
Consider subtle curls.

Start slow and consider keeping your ‘do closely cropped with just a little curl up front to start.

Short Curly Cut

Man with curly short brown hair
Short curls for the win.

Cropped curls are a great way to show off your new texture without wearing your curls too long.

Combed Up

Man with combed up chestnut brown man perm hairstyle
Comb your curls up for volume.

Use your hairbrush to comb your hair upwards and wear your curls with a little bit of volume.

Brushed Back

Man with dark brushed back girls
Or brush them back and away from your face.

Alternatively, you can brush your curls directly back to open up your face and keep your curls out of the way.

Curly Bangs

Man with ash brown curly hair with curly bangs
Filed Under: Ways to wear curly hair with bangs.

As you’ve most likely already guessed, it can be a bit challenging to make a man perm work with bangs. This bowl cut-inspired look manages to incorporate both curly hair and bangs in a trendy and surprisingly endearing style.

Bleach Blonde

Man with bleach blonde man perm
Go bright and curly.

Lighten up you man perm with bleach blonde curls and make two bold hair changes at once.

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