Men’s perm #hairspiration for every length

The 'men's perm' hair trend is here to stay!

As you may or may not know, the term ‘men’s perm‘ has started to cause quite a stir on the style scene, as of late. And while many of you may sneer and turn your attention to a more traditional men’s hairstyle, let us first show you a few pieces of #hairspiration, that might just change your mind!

So, if you’re fed up with the daily task of curling your hair, or even want to try out a curly barnet for a little while, a perm could be the ‘do you’ve been waiting for. And since this style has been given the seal of approval from the runways – and some big TV characters (ahem, Jon Snow) – you can rest assured that the look has been firmly taken away from it’s 1980s roots! Now simply scroll on, and take a look at the 3 perm examples for short, medium, and long hair, to help you nail this trend.

Men’s perm #hairspiration


mens perm: All Things Hair - IMAGE - short curly Asian hair
Men’s perm for short hair. Credit:

Men’s perm for short hair

If you have short hair, we suggest exclusively working your curls on the top lengths of your strands, while keeping the back and sides neat with a tight fade. The contrast in length and texture makes for a seriously cool and contemporary way to rock this edgy ‘do in your many mane!

Styling tip: To really give your curls some extra definition, try working some of the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream into your tresses with a hair sponge. It works a treat with afro hair textures and Asian hair, too!

mens perm: All Things Hair - IMAGE - medium blonde hair
Men’s perm for medium-length hair. Credit:

Men’s perm for medium-length hair

When it comes to mid-length hair, nothing helps to frame the face better than a set of luscious curls. Helping to add depth and dimension to any look, a perm can really give your appearance and fresh and youthful aesthetic. And if it’s a slightly undone ‘do you’re after, you can’t go far wrong by teaming your man perm with a trendy, shag-inspired cut!

Styling tip: Try spraying your hair with the Toni&Guy Men’s Messy Salt Spray. Trust us, if you’re looking for a tousled texture, this sea salt spray will be your hero styling product.

mens perm: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long curl black hair
Men’s perm for long hair. Credit:

Men’s perm for long hair

If you’re lucky enough to have ultra lengthy locks, then the aim of the game is to give your look as much impact as possible – and that’s where the perm steps in. Bringing loads of bounce and lift to thin and fine hair, the addition of curls in your long hair will ensure that your tresses don’t just lie flat. And when you get tired of wearing your hair down, simply pull your locks up into a messy man bun, for an on-trend, textured updo!

Styling tip: When working with a curly mane, you’ll want to keep the inevitable frizz at bay. To do this, apply some of the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment to damp hair, before letting it air dry.


Feeling inspired to get on board with the men’s perm trend? Great! Then you’ll definitely benefit from some extra styling inspiration – just head on over to our Curly Hairstyles for Men page, and be amazed at all the ways to rock the curl this season.

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