Curly hair: Men’s hairstyles and how to work them for your face shape

Down and out about how to rock your curly hair? Men with curls, step this way...  

Got curly hair? Men, you don’t need to feel lost and confused any longer, as we’re here to help guide you through the uncharted waters that are curly hairstyles for men – with every face shape covered!

From loose waves to tight coils, and everything else in between, it’s safe to say there isn’t just one type of curl… It’s no wonder the world of curly hair can be a minefield.

Curly hair for men: The styles for your face shape


While it’s all well and good to hunt down pictures of stylish gents with similarly textured locks and just copy their cut, what do you do when the silhouette doesn’t suit your particular face shape?

We know, research can seem like a long-winded process, when all you want is a simple haircut that will make those unruly locks easy to style and maintain. But getting the wrong cut for your face type can actually prove more of a nuisance, seeing as you’ll spend more time trying to style it in a flattering manner.

Curly hairstyles for men with oval faces


mens brown curly hairstyles quiff
Men’s curly hairstyles: short back and sides. Credit:

If you have an oval-shaped face, the good news is there are plenty of curly hair men-styles and lengths to suit, because your features are already proportionally balanced. So take advantage of it!

The only thing to watch out for are hairstyles that have heavy fringes or bangs, as these tend to make your face look rounder and are not the best way to show off your features.

Styles to try: The modern curly quiff hairstyle has been on our radar since we spotted it on the Dolce & Gabbana runway, and is great for those of you with oval-shaped faces. Think of it as a more relaxed version of a traditional quiff; less height with a lot more focus on curls.

As for the cut, hair is left long on top and swept backwards, while the sides and back are cut shorter. The result? A sporty, dapper look that will perfectly complement an oval face.

side view of a man with short sides and curly hair at the top - curly hair men
Short curly hairstyles for men look great with added volume! Credit:

Shaved sides and curls

By keeping the sides of your head short and shaved, and adding extra volume to your curls on the top, you’ll help to balance your facial features and complement your oval face shape. Credit: @m13ky 

side view of a man with dark short curly hair - curly hair men
Add extra height to your curly hairstyle to compliment your face shape. Credit:

Textured curls with height

By keeping the height of your curls and enhancing the texture of your hair, you’ll give your oval face shape a flattering finish. Keep things on trend by adding a fade to the sides and back of your style, being as subtle or daring as you like! Credit: @bobothebarber

Curly hair: Men’s styles for square faces

mens curly hairstyles loose shag blonde
Men’s curly hairstyles: try the loose shag for an easy-cool look. Credit:

Are you a square-faced gent with curly hair? Men, consider yourself lucky. Your face shape is considered stronger and more masculine-looking, so it can also suit a wide range of hairstyles.

Tight and short curly hairstyles for men will complement your features, but if you want something a little softer, try a rounder cut.

Styles to try: A loose shag haircut is a great for curly-haired men with square faces. Taking inspiration from the ’60s and ’70s, this cut is all about making the most your hair’s natural waves and textures. It’s sexy, touchable and can add some softness to your angular features.

On the other hand, a classic Roman-inspired Caesar cut could also work for anyone with shorter curls (think Gerard Butler as Leonidas in 300). Just be sure to apply some VO5 Extreme Style Casual Control FluffTamer to your hair to help keep frizz at bay.

front view image of a man with long curly hair - curly hair men
Curly hair for men with square faces?
We’ve got you covered! Credit:

Embracing the curls

This look is all about making your angular features a little softer, while also making your curly hair look amazing, of course! Curly hair for men, should be embraced as a great, laid back look that oozes effortlessly cool vibes. Credit: @sebastiandecristo

front view image of a man drinking coffee with dark curly hair - curly hair men
Curly-haired men,
this look is great for you! Credit:

Movement and texutre

When you’ve got curly hair, men with square faces should keep their locks a little longer and create plenty of movement and texture within their hair. The volume and length will give your face a softer, yet still defined look. Credit: @menshairstyles

Curly hairstyles for men with round faces

mens curly hairstyles round faces
Men’s curly hairstyles: add height to counteract round faces. Credit:

If you have a round face, the idea is to create the illusion of height and sharper angles with your haircut. The key is to add volume and dimension, and to avoid hairstyles that add width.

While it might be a little trickier to find a haircut to flatter round faces, it’s certainly not impossible. Try to avoid buzzcuts and hairstyles with centre parts, since they tend to emphasise roundness.

Styles to try: With the above tips in mind, we think a curly faux-hawk, a smooth pompadour, or a curly side-part are your best options. Best done on short to medium-length hair, a faux-hawk works well for rounder faces as it’ll help create the illusion of height.

The cut retains some volume at the top, with shorter back and sides. For a more statement-making look, you can ask your barber to fade the sides, instead, to create a striking, yet stylish contrast.

front view of a man with dark sunglasses, dark hair in a pompadour - curly hair men
Smooth your curly hair into a pompadour with height. Credit:

The pompadour

If you’ve got a round face, there are plenty of short curly hairstyles for men that will suit you!

We love this pompadour look that will require a little work to smooth your tresses, but the great thing is, your curly hair will help to create the height and volume you need to pull off this look. This look will help elongate your face nicely! Credit: @sugarskulls

side view of a man with black and white hair with curly hair in a parting - curly hair men
Sweep your curly locks into a side parting for an ultra flattering look. Credit:

The side part

This is one of our favourite short curly hairstyles for men, as it’s so easy to pull off. Simply create a deep side parting and sweep your textured locks over. The movement in your hair will create height to give the illusion of a more slimline face. Credit: @andrewdoeshair

Curly hair men with long faces

mens curly hairstyles long faces
Men’s curly hairstyles: try adding width to long faces with all-over length and a fringe. Credit:

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the aim with long-faced gents is to add width.

Although your face shape will suit pretty much any hairstyle, it’s best to avoid any upwardly-styled haircuts with lots of volume on top, as these will only further lengthen your features. Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of curly hairstyle for men with long faces out there for you!

Styles to try: The best curly hairstyles for men with long faces are ones which are almost equal in proportions, so make sure you don’t take the sides too short, or leave the top too long.

We recommend you try a haircut that’s longer on the sides and layered at the top. Fringes and bangs can also help balance out your elongated proportions, creating a more flattering overall shape. Keep things simple and stylish with a curly mop top.

front view image of a man with tatoos with long hair worn down and flowing - curly hair men
Curly hair men with long faces, should avoid height and volume. Credit:

Long side fringe

Wearing your hair a little longer and swept to one side will help to soften the look of a long face. Avoid any additional volume or height, but embrace the texture of your curly hair to create angles that hit around cheekbone height! Credit: @levistocke

front facing image of a man with long curly hair and a fringe - curly hair men
Try bangs and longer hair for curly hair men with long faces. Credit:

Bangs and length

Teaming longer lengths with a fringe will really complement men with long faces. This low maintenance look is ultra flattering and perfect for those who want to rock a more laid back image.

Cut in some layers for extra texture and to lighten your mane, and you’ll have a more rough ‘n’ ready look! Credit: @andrewdoeshair

Men’s curly hairstyles for diamond and triangular faces

mens curly hairstyles triangle faces
Curly hairstyles for men: balance angular features with textured loose lengths. Credit:

One of the rarer types, it’s equally important for those with diamond-shaped faces to pick the right curly hair men’s style to complement their unique features and angles. The aim is to accentuate and frame your diamond-shaped bone structure, so opt for a little more length if you can.

Similar to diamond shapes, triangular-shaped faces have a narrower chin and wider-set cheekbones, only with a bigger forehead. So the same set of principles apply when picking a hairstyle to suit.

Styles to try: Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa’s heavily-textured, longer-length cut is ideal for a diamond-shaped face.

For guys with triangular-shaped faces, a longer curly hairstyle with some volume built in will work well. Use the TONI&GUY Mens Messy Salt Spray to help add texture and movement to your mane.

front facing image of a man with long wavy hair - curly hair men
Rock long wavy locks to balance your face shape: Credit:

Long curls

If you have less defined curls in your hair, then opt for a style that is ultra long, as this will help pull your strands down and limit the amount of volume you have. It’s a great way to add interest to your look and embrace those curly locks!

front view of a male model with long hair and a beard - curly hair men
Curly hair men will look great with longer, smooth curls. Credit:

Curls and beards

If you’ve got a diamond shaped face, a beard and long locks combo will work really well for you – and the best thing about this look is the lack of upkeep you’ll have to do!

Keep things relaxed by wearing your curly hair loose and flowing, and if you really want to earn those extra style points, a full, trimmed beard will help to add dimension to your face and accentuate your features.


And there you have it, proof that curly hairstyles for men can work, whatever your face shape and hair length. If you’re looking for even more inspiration on how to rock textured hair, be sure to check out our flow hair guide, which is sure to get you out of any hair rut!

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