Cool, curly thot haircut inspiration for guys with afro hair

Because surely you didn't think there was only one way to rock that thot boy hair?  

So you want a new look but don’t know which styles will get on with your afro hair? Have you ever thought about trying the thot haircut?

The style – which features a curly top with shaved fade sides – is a hugely popular black men’s hairstyle and it looks so good it basically speaks for itself. So enough of us rambling, scroll down to see exactly what all the hype is about and discover all the different ways you could pull it off.

7 ways to wear the curly thot haircut

guy standing on the street in front of a car wearing a grey tshirt with a thot haircut
Keeping your hairline sharp will look cool against curls. Credit:

1. Keep a neat hairline

If you’ve got afro hair then you’ll know that, as it grows out, it’s easy to lose definition – both in terms of your individual curls and the overall silhouette. The thot haircut can help with this.

By working on neatening up your hairline under your curls, it gives the look a more precise, groomed finish. This is also a good place to trail a shaved detail or two, if you’re feeling adventurous. Credit: @wayofdeven

streetstyle shot of a guy wearing a shirt with dreads and a thot haircut
Trying to grow out dreads? Keep things neat as your hair gets longer by tidying up the sides. Credit: Dvora

2. Try twists or locs

Like to style your hair into twists or dreadlocks? Then you’ll be pleased to hear that thot cuts look great with both looks!

Not only is this a neat way to keep your hair in check as you go through the transitioning process of creating your dreadlocks, but it will also give you a cool contrast in length and texture.

Editor’s tip: Afro hair and dreadlocks in particular need to be kept hydrated, so a good leave-in conditioner is a must.

The TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist is a handy one, as it’s in an easy spray bottle format for on-the-go application.

guy sitting on a bed wearing a black short sleeve tshirt with a thot haircut style
It doesn’t just look good either, it’s practical too! Credit:

3. Go for a shaved undercut

Often find yourself reverting back to a buzz cut or similar close-cropped styles simply because you can’t be bothered with the styling and maintenance? We’ve all been there.

Thot hairstyles are a really easy way to make textured hair more manageable, as the shaved undercut detail keeps the hair concentrated to the top of your head so it’s out of your face all day. Credit: @hugodalmonte

side profile photo of a guy wearing black with a short thot haircut with shaved sides
Shaving the sides into a fade makes for much easier upkeep. Credit:

4. Be subtle

Think that the thot haircut is a bit too ‘out there’ for you? Think again. Sure, there are some pretty wild examples about, but if understated is more your vibe the thot is still a great versatile style.

For a more subtle take on the look, we suggest keeping your hair as it is but adding in a shaved element. This is a good way to nod to the trend while still letting you feel like yourself. Credit: @sheloveslark

male street styler wearing a checked shirt with a thot haircut with medium length dreads
The look is similar to the South of France mohawk style. Credit: Dvora

5. Long and untamed

There are loads of different variations on the thot look but as long as you’re sporting curls and a fade you’ve got the look down. Longer styles – like these twists – also look great with a faded undercut detail, so if maintaining length is important for you, it’s ideal.

guy standing in front of a shop window wearing shades and a black bomber jacket with a short thot haircut
You can add detail to the sides of your look with a disconnected fade if you want something more striking. Credit:

6. Keep it classy

See yourself as a bit of a style maven? If more eccentric thot haircuts don’t set your heart racing, you can go a little refined and opt for a disconnected fade with a rounded ‘fro.

This will keep things suitable for both work and play, while also ensuring you’re never without a dapper style. What’s not to love? Credit: @a.c.mccormack

instagram photo of a guy with a curly green thot haircut wearing round glasses
Oh, and did we mention you can spice it up with colour too? Credit:

7. With a pop of colour

Want to have some fun and inject some colour into your ‘fro? Blonde, frosted tips (think ’90s Justin Timberlake) are a popular choice, but once you’ve lightened the hair you can pretty much go whatever colour you want. Credit: @thatsdrero

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Editor’s tip: Once you’ve gone through the process to get your new coloured hair, the last thing you want is for it to fade really quickly.

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