The Curly Faux Hawk Has Arrived & We’re Here for It

These looks will ensure that the curly faux hawk is at the top of your to-try list.

It’s easy to be intimidated by mohawks, especially if your only experience of them so far has been crazy, spiked-up styles. Not to be confused with regular mohawks, the curly faux hawk is a more modern and wearable look, which features the classic short sides – but without you having to go get a buzz cut.

With all the emphasis on the top strip of hair, this look works especially well on wavy or curly haired guys, as the messy texture will add to the overall look. Scroll down to see how to get a curly faux hawk and why the style should be your next look…

How to Get a Curly Faux Haux

We always recommend showing your barber a photo of the style you want to give them an exact idea of what you’d like to achieve. To get a curly faux hawk, the key is to ask for a fade at the sides, while leaving the top longer with layers cut in to add shape. How long (or short) you decide to go will depend on your hair type.

Once you’ve got the cut, you can use a styling paste or wax to mould the top of your hair however you want it.

7 Curly Fauxhawk Hairstyles to Try

Whether you’ve got loose curls or tight coils, these 7 curly faux hawk styles will give you all the inspiration you need for your next haircut.

Soft Curls

side view of a man with brown curly hair in a mohawk style with a fade
Faux mohawks are a much softer alternative to real mohawks. Credit:

Squashing the idea that all mohawks have to be hard and gelled-up, this wispy, curly faux hawk looks totally soft and touchable. Ideal if your curls are currently lacking any shape, going shorter around the earline adds more personality and looks awesome. Credit: @faded_mason

Beard Fade

side view of a man with short curly hair cut into a fauxhawk with a beard
A beard fade is a stylish way to blend your hair with your facial hair. Credit:

Currently rocking a beard (or trying to grow one)? Thinking about ways you can incorporate it in with your hair? Let us introduce you to our old friend: the beard fade.

The effect of a beard fade is that it seamlessly blends your hair into your beard, giving an all over more groomed, well-kept feel. Credit: @sourcesalonflaglervillage

Editor’s tip: If you find your beard is a little dry or frizzy, you may want to consider using a beard balm like the TIGI Bed Head Grooming Lion Tamer Beard and Hair Balm. This multi-purpose conditioning balm helps to nourish facial hair as well as the skin underneath and can also be used in the hair, too.

Sharp Lines

side view of a man with medium brown hair in a curly mohawk style with a fade and shaped beard
Create a contrast in textures with sharp lines and textured waves. Credit:

Style-conscious and like having that freshly-trimmed look? This guy’s textured top, and sharp, defined fade will be just what you need. The super sharp, angled fading evens out the more textured top layers for a face-flattering, balanced look. Credit: @barberhooligan

Shaped TWA

side view of a man with short afro hair in a faux mohawk style with a beard
Even really short cuts can benefit from the fohawk shape. Credit:

This look should be all the proof you need that a curly faux mohawk is possible even on short afro hair. The less hair you remove from the sides, the less dramatic the look will be, so if subtlety is key for you, give this one a go. Credit: @mikesaddler11

Burst Fade

side profile of a man with afro hair in a faux mohawk style with a burst fade detail
You might know the burst fade by its other name, the South of France haircut. Credit:

Made famous by Usher, the South of France haircut is a downplayed version of mohawks and frohawks. Identified by its short length and width with burst fade sides, your barber will cut the hair in a tapered shape, creating an almost semicircle design above your ear that reaches down to the nape of your neck. Credit: @thomascutit

Man Fringe

man with light brown curly hair in a front heavy faux mohawk with fade sides
There’s been a rising trend for man fringes thanks to styles like this one. Credit:

Here’s a look that’s fast becoming a big trend in men’s grooming, the man fringe. Thanks in part to the popularity of hairstyles like the French crop and ’90s curtains hair, bangs for men have become really popular recently. Luckily for you, curls add a cool, hipster edge to the look making this a perfect way to take on the curly faux hawk trend. Credit: @mvsonthebarber

Editor’s tip: To give your fringe more texture while still keeping a matte look, try scrunching a small amount of the VO5 Matt Styling Paste through your hair. You can then use your fingertips to define any individual sections of hair and work it into your desired position.

Coloured Curls

male model with a golden blonde curly faux hawk with facial hair wearing a white tshirt
The best thing about trying colour is you can really make a look yours. Credit:

Whatever curly faux hawk look takes your fancy, colour is a surefire way to elevate your look to the next level and really make sure your ‘do gets the attention it deserves. This guy’s fresh golden blonde curls really pop and the disconnected fade just helps to accentuate the colour contrast even more. Credit: @ronniebanks


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