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The 3 most Insta-popular black men’s haircuts: 2016

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Has your ‘do made the cut? 

With 2016 drawing to close, it’s only natural that we reflect on the greatest trends of the year. And since the seasonal runways have been awash with natural-haired fellas rocking their curls like never before, now more than ever, the ‘fro is having an unprecedented fashion moment! However, it wasn’t the runways where we found the most popular black men’s haircut of 2016: it was, in fact, from the ever influential Instagram.

So, if you’re looking to shake up your mane before the year is out, and want a hot new hairstyle that’ll earn you major style point, simply scroll down and discover how you can get our top 3 black men’s haircuts from 2016!

Top 3 black men’s haircuts of 2016


Black mens haircuts 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - High top fade
Black men’s haircuts 2016: High-top fade. Credit:

High-top fade

If you put us on the spot and made us choose the black men’s haircut of 2016, then we would have to go with the high-top fade. This versatile ‘do really does give the best of both worlds, with its tall, showstopping texture on top, and neat high fade on the sides. The end result: a look with loads of contrast and a high-impact finish! Credit: @hisbehindthelens

Editor’s tip: Looking for a way to refresh your high-top fade? Then try styling your curls with the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Creamand work it in using a hair sponge. Trust us, this’ll give you a high top that would make even the Fresh Prince proud.


Black mens haircuts 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - South of France
Black men’s haircuts 2016: South of France. Credit:

The South of France

Back in the day, it was pop star Usher who first put the South of France cut on the hair map – and we can certainly see why. Inspired by punk-rock mohawks, this party-on-top hairstyles is also know by another name: the gentleman’s mohawk. While the subtle shape of this haircut makes the contrast almost undetectable from the front, from side, it’s a completely different story, with its unmistakable trademark burst fadeCredit: @ericlloyd26

Editor’s tip: To help stop your afro from drying out, and to bring out the best of your natural hair texture, apply a few pumps of the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment, before you step out of the house.

Black mens haircuts 2016: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Caesar cut
Black men’s haircuts 2016: Caesar cut. Credit:

Caesar cut

Although the Caesar cut has been a favourite with black men for quite some time now, that hasn’t stopped it from being a huge hit once again for 2016! Ticking all the right hair boxes, you can’t put a foot wrong with this style, thanks to its 360 waves and overall neat aesthetic. It really is nothing short of dapper! Credit: @kennymann2010

Still not had enough styling inspiration for your natural mane? Then to make the most out of your ‘fro, head on over to our Black Men’s Hairstyles page, for loads of the coolest cuts and expert tips. Psst: you will even find some timeless haircuts that you need to try, right now!

01 December 2016