The South of France haircut 101

Are you lost when your friends talk about the South of France haircut? We give you the low down on this cut, so your knowledge will rival any barber.

Were you a little confused when you first heard about the South of France haircut? We wouldn’t be surprised! Especially when its name doesn’t really give you any clues as to what kind of cut it is. That’s why we’re here to make sure you know everything about the hairstyle thanks to our quick rundown. So read on to get the all-important answers to the questions you were too shy to ask your barber.

The South of France haircut

south of france haircut 2016
The South of France haircut AKA the gentleman’s mohawk. Credit:

What is the South of France haircut?

The South of France haircut is a close cousin of the frohawk and mohawk. But because of its softer shape and relatively low height and width, it also goes by the name of ‘the gentleman’s mohawk’. Dapper, right? Credit: @ericlloyd26

Why is everyone talking about it?

Essentially, everyone has been raving about the South of France haircut since the day Usher started rocking it. The name was coined by his barber Curtis Smith, who created the cut especially for him while they were in – you’ll never guess – the South of France.

Why should I take notice of it?

If Usher isn’t enough of a reason for you to take notice of this haircut, you might want to consider it if you’ve always liked the idea of a mohawk but are concerned that it could potentially be too intense for you. As we mentioned before, it’s a great way to get the right balance between sophisticated and edgy (a real bonus!).

Is it difficult to style or maintain?

The South of France requires very little maintenance. And the best part is that this cut looks even better if you have curly, coily or kinky hair! The hairstyle’s different dimensions and subtle burst fade will celebrate the texture of your mane rather than fight it. But this doesn’t mean you should drop the ball on your hair care regimen!

But won’t I look like Mr. T?

We know you’re worried that you might look like the iconic ’80s TV star, but rest assured that you have nothing to fear. Its width and subtle burst fade prevent this style from looking like a classic mohawk. In fact, the hairdo – if done correctly – should look like a classic fade cut from the front. It’s only when you’re looking at it from the side that it can seem distantly connected to the frohawk.

black men's south of france haircut
The cool south of France cut. Credit:

What should I ask for?

You’ve decided to take the plunge and get the South of France haircut but your barber doesn’t have the foggiest about how to create it? Here’s what you should ask for: a wide four-dimensional cut with a burst fade on the sides. If you’d like, you can keep the length on top, but if you want to look like Usher, it’s better to keep it around 2 inches. Credit: a_gentlemen1989

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