24 utterly cool haircuts to refresh your style

Out with the old and in with the new haircuts for men!  

Finding cool haircuts for men can feel like a difficult task, especially when most of the information and style guides seem to be geared towards women. But we’re here to even the styling field a little bit…

We believe that everyone should have access to #hairspiration and if you’re like us, then the chances are you’ll be looking for fresh haircuts for the year ahead. Below, we’ve gathered some effortlessly cool modern hairstyles for men to give you a helping hand – you can thank us later!

Cool hairstyles for men: The looks you need to know


Joe Manganiello with side part hairstyle at awards ceremony in suit
Need fresh new haircuts?<br />Try the modern side part. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

1. The modern short side part

We can’t talk about cool haircuts without mentioning the timeless side part. Joe Manganiello is the poster boy for this look, putting a modern spin on a classic style with his short side part, which he pairs with a well-groomed beard.

This hairstyle is a great one for anyone who prefers a sharp, traditional look, over today’s contemporary man buns and edgy undercuts.

Editor’s tip: To nail this groomed ‘do, spray your hair with the VO5 Sculpted Hold Mega Hold Gel Spray and smooth with your comb to help you create a sleek and long-lasting hairstyle.

Austin Butler with long blonde wavy ombre hairstyle at instyle awards - cool haircuts
Think ombre locks are just for girls? Think again! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Long locks

If you’re looking for new haircuts for men, it’s worth noting that long locks aren’t just for the ladies – as Austin Butler perfectly demonstrates.

His shoulder-length, wavy hair is perfect for showing off the graduating colour change that creates a summery surfer look, even if it is still winter!

Justin Bieber with bleached blonde undercut with jumper at abc awards - cool haircuts for men
The bleached undercut that we love! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Bleached undercut

Want an edgy, on-trend haircut to trial this season? Then why not consider rocking a bleached undercut? You might sneer at this suggestion, but hear us out…

With more and more A-list men hitting the bleach bottle (we’re looking at you Lucky Blue and Daniel Craig!), now seems like a perfect time to experiment with colour.

the 1975 artist Matt Healy with messy curls hairstyle in suit - cool haircuts for men
Cool haircuts? Try messy curls this year. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. Messy Curls

If you are blessed with curly locks, then consider rocking these ultra messy, yet seriously fresh, curls. Cool haircuts like this have been spotted on the likes of Zayn Malik and other musicians, proving that this hairstyle looks great on different hair lengths.

One key benefit to modern men’s haircuts like this messy curled look, is that it requires very little maintenance and upkeep, so you can simply get up and go in the morning!

Good hairstyles for men George Clooney with grey hair in suit at awards ceremony
Going gracefully grey. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. Gracefully grey

Going grey? Well, why not embrace your new hair colour and become a dapper silver fox this year, like George Clooney? Just don’t forget to read our ‘Going grey gracefully‘ article to learn how to embrace nature’s gift, will you?

front facing image of a man with afro hair, a high fade and long top style - cool haircuts
Go bold with a high fade and long top style. Credit Indigitalimages.com

6. High fade with a long top

Unapologetically stylish, this is one of our favourite cool haircuts for younger guys who want to make a serious style impact.

With the contrast between the long length on top and the sharp high fade already built into the cut, you can easily create extra texture or a dramatic quiff to complete this head-turning look.

front view image of a man with a short cropped ceaser cut - cool haircuts
Give the caesar cut a try, for effortless cool. Credit Indigitalimages.com

7. Traditional ceasar cut

A classic, clean-looking hairstyle with a youthful edge, the Caesar cut actually makes a great choice for men of all ages. Think of it as a twist on the classic buzz cut, with tapered back and sides.

To style, brush the top section forward and down flat to create a short fringe for a neat look, or add a little texturising gum, to create subtle lift and texture.

front facing image of a man with blonde hair and a classic taper cut - cool hairstyles
Rock a classic taper cut for instant cool. Credit Indigitalimages.com

8. Classic taper cut

Looking for modern hairstyles for men that are dapper, fuss-free, yet contemporary and cool? The taper cut is a classic look that’s perfect for anyone who’s after a stylised look, but not so much the hassle of daily styling and maintenance.

To get the perfect look, it’s all about a great base cut. So ask your barber to retain a little more length on top, and neatly taper the sides and back, fading as steep or as gradually as you prefer. This style works best with oval faces and is uber flattering on gents with defined cheekbones.

side view image of a man wearing glasses with dark hair, a side part and an undercut
We love a side part with undercut. Credit: Dvora

9. Side-parted undercut

The side-parted undercut is one of the most wearable new haircuts for men, plus it looks great whatever your age. Taking its cue from vintage-style cuts from the early 20th century, this look has come back into popularity as a refreshingly polished hairstyle.

front view image of a man with dark short choppy hair - cool haircuts
Rock short and choppy hair for an uber cool look. Credit Indigitalimages.com

10. Short and choppy

The combination of the short length and messy, almost bedhead textures, this hairstyle feels fresh without looking as if you’ve tried too hard. Another advantage is that this is a really versatile cut that works a treat with most face shapes, too.

Remember to keep the top section a little longer than the sides and ask your barber to create a choppy look throughout with subtle layers (point-cutting is perfect for this).

Aaron Taylor-Johnson in black tie with a short crop hair cut - cool haircuts
Aaron Taylor-Johnson looks super suave with this short crop. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

11. The short crop

Is your go-to look a short, easy-to-manage style? Then you’re in luck, because a short, groomed crop is set to be one of the most popular styles.

Don’t believe us? Just take a leaf out of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s book, who sported this dapper hairdo with an undercut at the Golden Globes 2017 awards ceremony.

front view image of a man with dark hair, a beard and glasses - cool haircuts
Looking for cool haircuts?<br />This should do nicely. Credit: Instagram.com/bullfrog_barbershop

12. The slick side part

This super slick hairstyle, characterised by a neat side parting, is perfect for those going for a well-groomed, James Bond-esque look, with just enough of an edge to make it modern. Credit: @bullfrog_barbershop

Editor’s tip: To style your new dapper ‘do, you’ll need to invest in a strong-holding hair product, like the Lynx Adrenaline Super Hold Cream Gel, which will enable you to craft a structured look with precise definition.

side view image of a man with a textured high top haircut - cool hairstyles
Rock a textured flat top for a modern twist. Credit: Instagram.com/vicmoore29

13. The patterned fade

This unique hairstyle is for the creative mavens who like adding a personal touch to their look – you know who you are. Be as discreet or as eccentric as you like: the choice is entirely yours. Credit: @vicmoore29

side view image of a man with short cropped hair - cool haircuts
This fresh haircut is clean and classic. Credit: Instagram.com/cutsbyjulian

14. The bald fade

You know that old saying: go bald or go home? Before you panic, this ‘bald’ haircut is all about blending and dimensions. Great for those who want fresh haircuts that are classic yet distinguished, the bald fade is one to try if you like keeping it short. Credit: @cutsbyjulian

Want to know more about fade haircuts? Find out all about it, here!

image of a man with a tapered haircut and grey colour hair - cool haircuts
This modern tapered haircut is perfectly on trend. Credit: Instagram.com/squirebarbershop

15. Going grey unnaturally

Searching for new and modern hairstyles for men that also have a classic element? Then take a traditional style and add some colour! 

This unconventional blend of silver and blonde works particularly well on this olive-skinned gent. A great one to try for those who want to update a timeless cut with a more directional edge. Credit: @squirebarbershop

front view image of a man with brown hair and a high pompadour
Going out? How about a high pompadour. Credit: Instagram.com/lincooln

16. The high pompadour

A brilliant example of how to tailor modern men’s haircuts to suit your face shape, this gent has taken the sides tighter while extending the height of his pompadour, to complement his slightly rounder face.

Carefully combed back, this high pompadour is the perfect balance of neat and statement-making. What’s not to love? Credit: @lincooln

back view of a mans head with short sides and curly sides - cool hairscuts
Curly top and high sides make for a modern look. Credit: Instagram.com/curlymen_

17. Curly top and tight sides

If managing a full head of curly/afro hair is a challenge, try this cool haircut, that’s infinitely easier to maintain. Just keep the back and the sides tight, leaving out a section of curls that you can control.

Whether you want them slicked-back, brushed forward, or just left alone, this simple yet striking hairstyle gives you the freedom to play around as you wish. Credit: @curlymen_

front view image of a man with his hair in a bun - cool hairstyles
All hail the man bun for laid back cool! Credit: Instagram.com/cortesmasculinos

18. The man bun

When considering new haircuts for men, we couldn’t leave out the immensely popular man bun, or the ‘mun’ as many of you may now know it.

Hailed as the go-to style for creative types and hipsters, you can be sure this trending look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Not sure how to create this look with your mane? No worries, we have a step-by-step guide for your convenience, here! Credit: @cortesmasculinos

front view of a man wearing glasses with a modern ceaser haircut - cool hairstyles
Try out the modern Caesar cut for a cool new look. Credit: Instagram.com/tashadoeshair.

19. The modern caesar

The Caesar haircut is a simple, effortless look that requires almost no maintenance at all. This timeless short back and sides cut features an all-over length, making it easy to achieve and maintain, regardless of your hair type. Credit@tashadoeshair

side view of a man with dark hair and a classic taper fade
he classic taper fade is cool and modern . Credit: Instagram.com/cruz.cutz.

20. The classic taper fade

A short, classic taper fade haircut is both stylish and low-maintenance: the perfect combination for style-conscious gents who are time-poor. Short at the back and sides, and longer on top, the classic taper fade is for guys who want to look on-trend, but without the hassle.

To maintain the look you’ll simply need regular trims and, depending on the length retained on top, a small amount of styling product. Credit: @cruz.cutz

front view image of a man with a beard and a bald head - cool hairstyles
Got no-hair? No problem! hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/dan46rossi.

21. Shaved all over

The shaved-all-over look is the epitome of zero-maintenance male hair – after all, you can’t maintain what’s not there, right? Simply ask your stylist to shave it all off, and you’ll be able to live in maintenance-free bliss until you need it shaving again.

This look is great for guys whose hair is starting to naturally thin or recede. And, if you’re willing to inject a small element of maintenance, the shaved-all-over hairstyle looks super cool when teamed with a full beard, too. Credit@dan46rossi

front view image of a man with red hair and a long fringe - cool hairstyles
Work a stylish fringe into your look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

22. The fringe

Yes, that’s right, fringes are back, and in a big way! And we’re not talking about the prim, quiff-style versions we’ve been seeing a lot of over the past few years, oh no, we’re talking about messy, overgrown bangs full of texture.

To get this style, ask your barber for a roughed-up, matt look with lots of extra length at the front.

front facing image of a man with dark slick hair - parted to the side - cool haircuts
A slick classic side parting is always a good choice.Credit: indigitalimages.com

23. The slick side part

This timeless look is still one of the best cool hairstyles for men, being suitable for all face shapes and hair types, not to mention versatile and effortlessly stylish.

To achieve it, ask your stylist for short back and sides with extra length on top and a sleek side parting. And if you’re feeling brave, why not ask for a thin shaved line along your parting for added impact?

front facing image of a man with blonde hair swept back wearing a suit - cool hairstyles
Go suave with the flow-and-comb.

24. The flow-and-comb

Cool haircuts, like the flow-and-comb, allow you to get the best of both worlds – plenty of length but without losing that polished, groomed vibe (think Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet).

Perfect for guys with straight, fine or thick hair, it’s a ‘do that’s as handsome as it is versatile. To achieve the look, ask your barber for a classic square cut, keeping quite a bit of length on both the sides and the front.


So, did you enjo our favourite cool hairstyles for men round up? Then don’t forget to head over to our Men’s Hairstyles Trends page for more cool hairstyles, to help you decide which fresh haircuts you’re going to rock.