The best black men’s haircuts 2016

All Things Hair | 22 June 2016

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So far this year, we’ve seen some pretty amazing hairstyles for black gents, making 2016 the perfect time to choose a new way to update their personal style. Searching for some inspiration to refresh your look? Read on to discover some of the best black men’s haircuts that are making currently making waves.

This year’s best black men’s haircuts


Black mens haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - curly high top fade best black men’s haircuts
Black men’s haircuts: Curly top with faded sides. Credit:

Curly top with faded sides

The combination of thick, natural curls and clean, faded sides creates a really great juxtaposition, making this look one of the freshest black men’s haircuts around. To get the perfect style, opt for a high fade that comes close to the scalp, keeping the lines as sharp and clean as possible. And remember to keep your curls well-nourished to really enhance your natural hair.

Black mens haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - small afro
Black men’s haircuts: Mini Afro. Credit:

Mini afro

Even though the mini afro is a low-maintenance hairstyle, it still packs a punch. To get the look, keep your hair fairly short, but long enough to show off its natural texture. Afro hair looks its best when it’s properly taken care of, so, while you won’t need to spend much time on styling it everyday, investing in a good quality leave-in conditioner, like the Toni&Guy Prep Leave-In Conditioner to keep your locks in tip-top condition will definitely pay off.

Black mens haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - buzz cut best black men’s haircuts
Black men’s haircuts: Buzz cut. Credit:

Buzz cut

A timeless look, this clean, short haircut is the perfect choice if you’re after a style that looks impeccably polished and requires minimal effort. Whether you have a hectic lifestyle or simply don’t want to use too many grooming products, a buzz cut is definitely a great option, and works really well for virtually all face shapes and for gents of all ages, making it a universal cut that never gets old.

Black mens haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE -  twists
Black men’s haircuts: Twists. Credit:


In search of a hairstyle for black men that gives a stylish personality and has a groomed finish? Then try the classic twists! They are brilliant, and definitely one of the most on-trend looks around right now. Just remember that to get the perfect style, you’ll need to have slightly longer hair!

Black mens haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - south of france High Top Mohawk
Black men’s haircuts: High-top mohawk. Credit:

High-top mohawk

For a haircut that’ll make an impact, pair a bold mohawk with a mid-fade cut. It’s a great choice if you want to stand out while exploring a more experimental and trendy hairstyle. Try styling the top with the Lynx Natural Look Flexible Control Cream and a hair sponge to help define your hair texture, or add braids if you want a more unconventional look!

Black mens haircuts: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Tapered curly afro
Black men’s haircuts: Tapered Afro. Credit:

Tapered afro

If you’re trying to grow your hair out, but want to keep a groomed appearance while you do so, a tapered cut is a great way to style your natural hair without removing too much length. While you won’t need to do much to your locks, it’s definitely worth treating them with the Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum to prevent the longer parts from becoming overly frizzy or untamed.

Which of these contemporary black men’s haircuts are you keen to try out?


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