6 Trendy Asian men hairstyles from Instagram

On the hunt for a cutting-edge new hairstyle? Why not take a look at these trendy Asian men hairstyles from Instagram to temp you.

As Instagram has proudly shown, Asian men hairstyles seem to have an impressionable coolness about them, and in most cases, even set the trends. How come? Well, Asian gents have some of the most versatile locks around, spanning from thick to ultra straight in texture. Which means that with the right products, Asian men’s hair can hold styles like no other, so if that’s you, congratulations: you’ve been blessed with the kind of hair all guys dream of.

As for the next step, how about some inspiration to help you decide on what to do for that next visit to the barbers? Ahead, we’ve lined up the six of the best Instagram accounts which showcase some of the trendiest Asian men’s hairstyles around. From daring blonde shades, to slick, sharp cuts, you never know: one of these cool hairstyles could end up playing to your advantage.

6 Super trendy Asian men hairstyles on Instagram

Blonde quiff. Credit:

1. Blonde quiff

Nothing beats an iconic quiff, but if you want to add an edgier spin to this old-school classic, try Alexander Liang’s colourful, modern take. A style and travel blogger, whose impeccable sense of fashion clearly extends to his hairstyle, Alexander’s blonde-tipped ombre quiff is both directional and approachable. Style it forward, to one side, or slicked back – the choice is yours. Credit: @alexanderkenton

Long, wavy layers. Credit:

2. Long, wavy layers

Long hair is no longer associated with just hipsters and surfer dudes. When he isn’t donning a man bun, trendy British-born Chinese style blogger Karlmond Tang – A.K.A Mr. Boy – often wears his subtly textured, wavy hair loose. His greatest accessory? A trilby hat that adds a touch of debonair to his overall urban look. So if you’re the proud owner of long locks that rival Mr. Boy’s, why hide it away? Let it hang naturally and adopt a cool, tousled look like his with the Toni&Guy Mens Messy Salt Spray (£7.49*). Don’t forget to pair with your favourite hat if you really want to make a statement. Credit: @karlmond

asian men hairstyles crop
Effortlessly messy mop. Credit:

3. Effortlessly messy mop

While we’ve always envied men who manage sharp, sleek styles well, the practicality and convenience that a messy hairdo offers still trumps. South Korean actor Kim Young-Kwang shows us exactly how to rock a messy ‘do, which we like to think isn’t so much dishevelled and untidy, but more rebellious and organised. Try the VO5 Extreme Style Casual Control FluffTamer (£3.99*), which won’t subtract the wow factor, but rather, enhance the texture in a more orderly fashion. If your hair is medium in length, or thick and curly, this hairstyle is ideal. When requesting this cut, make sure to keep the top long and sides medium in length, or, if you want to create a more striking contrast, just take the sides shorter. Credit: @aksakfn12

Slicked-back undercut. Credit:

4. Modern slicked-back undercut

A firm favourite of the style set’s for the past few months has been the slicked-back look. Asian YouTube vlogger Ivan Lam modernises this retro-inspired haircut in the most daring, yet stylish way. How? By adding a subtle metallic lavender hair dye to his jet black locks, and also by adding an undercut. The result is a perfect combination between old and new: it’s classic, yet trendy. Better suited to gents with short to medium length hair, this dapper hairstyle is one to keep on your radar. Try styling it with TIGI’s Bed Head Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade (£13.95*) for best results.  Credit: @ivanbaaaaah

Textured top and fade. Credit:

5. Textured top and fade

Lee O Wai’s sharp, edgy haircut is for anyone looking for a style refresh in the coolest way. Great for those who want a distinguished, clean short cut that’s low-maintenance, but still packs a punch, this textured top and fade is a nice option with lots of flexibility. If managing a full head of thick, straight hair is a challenge, opt for this trendy hairstyle that also allows for plenty of room to play. Credit: @catry

Undercut top knot. Credit:

6. Undercut top knot

The man bun can be many things: an easy solution to fix a bad hair day, a signature go-to for the street style maven, or just a practical option for work. Here, independent fitness, yoga and lifestyle model Wai shows us just how alluring and masculine this popular hairstyle can be. With the right styling, a man bun can go from sporty and rugged, to formal and office-appropriate, so if you’re already a top knot devotee, perhaps now’s the time to try an edgier update: the undercut man bun. Just add a bit of attitude and rock it with confidence. Credit: @asianmanbun

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