How to Use Hairspray: 4 Genius Hairspray Hacks

Kris Jenner works hard but hairspray works harder.

Sure, we all know that hairspray is a must-have for setting blowouts and glam curls into place but that’s not all it can do. For anyone with naturally frizzy or flyaway-prone hair, or those lacking volume and texture, knowing how to use hairspray correctly can fastrack your styling routine and keep your hair looking pristine all day.

Here are a few of our most-used hairspray hacks that show that this multi-tasking product is much more than just a finishing touch in your regime.

1. Use it for smoothing

Redhead woman smoothing her hair with her hand
Don’t let frizz ruin your look. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Perfect for tackling frizz or static, our first tip is to spray hairspray directly onto the palm of your hand and from there, use it to smooth your hair.

Spraying hairspray straight from the can onto your hair can lead to too much product being concentrated on one area, which is when it can feel hard or stiff. Applying onto your hands first makes sure the product is only applied where you actually want it.

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2. Use it to add volume

Redhead woman spraying her roots with hairspray
We’re always looking for ways to add more volume. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Don’t have any volumising spray to hand? If it’s extra volume you want, lift up individual sections of hair and blast hairspray into your under layers – this will give your hair extra grip and provide long-lasting lift at the roots.

Editor’s tip: If you’ve been put off by heavy, crunchy hairsprays in the past, we think you’ll love the VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray. As the name suggests, this lightweight formula is flexible, easy to restyle and gives a touchable, natural finish.

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3. Use it to tame your baby hairs

Redhead woman using a toothbrush to smooth her hair
Tame those flyaways in no time. Credit: Rupert Laycock

Trying to rock the sleek look but have wispy hairs around your hairline that just can’t be tamed? To control and perfect smaller areas around the edges, spray hairspray onto a toothbrush or spoolie and use it to slick down any unruly strands.

4. Use it to add texture

Redhead woman twisting a section of hair and spraying with hairspray
Anything that’s going to give more texture gets a yes from us! Credit: Rupert Laycock

The tousled hair look is one of our favourites and we’ve found that the trick to adding texture (without heat) is to twist small sections of hair and spray them with hairspray. It’s essentially a quick fix way to add a wavy, beachy look to your hair without having to use straighteners or a curling wand.

If you hate your hair looking too ‘done’ try the TRESemmé Botanique Natural Hold Hairspray to help maintain natural-looking shape and hold.

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