Wedding guest hairstyles that’ll make you stand out from the crowd

All Things Hair | 22 June 2016

Make an impression with these simple yet stylish hairstyles!

When looking for the best wedding guest hairstyles, we all want to find looks that really make an impact (without overshadowing the bride, of course!). Need some inspiration? Here’s our rundown of the most stylish ‘dos that’ll help you stand out from the crowd this summer party season.

5 Elegant wedding guest hairstyles


wedding guest hairstyles waves
Wedding guest hairstyles: Side-swept waves. Credit:

Side-swept curls

Side-swept curls are perfect to look ultra-glamorous at a wedding.

To get the look:

  • Start by creating a deep side parting.
  • Curl your hair using a medium to large barrel curling iron. Leave them to cool before using a brush to gently brush them out, creating tumbling soft waves.
  • Sweep your curls to one side so they all sit on your shoulder, and spray the VO5 Classic Styling Firm Hold Hairspray (£2.99*) all over to help keep your style in place.
  • For a touch of glamour, add an embellished hair clip on the same side as your parting.
reverse French braid wedding guest hairstyles
Wedding guest hairstyles: Reverse French braid. Credit:

Reverse French braid

The reverse French braid (AKA Dutch braid) is simple yet elegant and feminine – perfect for ladies with medium-length or long hair who want a style that’ll hold all night long.

To get the look:

  • Start by backcombing a section of hair at the top of your head in order to create volume.
  • Create your reverse French braid down the middle of your head.
  • Once you reach the end of your braid, secure with a hairband and give it a once over with TRESemmé Runway Collection Make Waves Creation Hairspray (£5.99*) to lock in the style without it going crispy!
fishtail French braid with bun
Wedding guest hairstyles: French fishtail. Credit:

French fishtail

One of the more intricate wedding guest hairstyles on our list, this ‘do brings together two of our all-time favourite braids (the French plait and the fishtail), the French fishtail is one of those wedding hairstyles that will really make an impression. Credit:

To get the look:

  • First, create a deep side parting. Then take a large section of hair near your hairline, from the opposite side of your parting, and clip the rest of your tresses out of the way.
  • To create your French fishtail, start by dusting some of the TIGI Bed Head Joyride Texturising Powder Balm (£16.95*) on your roots to add more grip. Next, take 2 one-inch sections of hair from near your parting, and, holding one in each hand, take a smaller piece from the outside of the left section, and cross it over the right one to incorporate it. Repeat the process from right to left, and so on, adding more hair from the rest of your large section (from step 2) as you go. (You’re basically trying to create a French or flat plait with 2 sections instead of the usual 3!)
  • Continue weaving your flat plait, and stop just behind your ear. Once you’ve reached this point, simply stop adding hair to your plait, and instead, finish by braiding a traditional fishtail braid, securing the end with a clear hairband.
  • Now, take the remaining hair (the section you clipped back in step one!), and twist it into a loose bun at the nape of your neck, securing it in place with a hairband.
  • Finally, wrap your fishtail braid over your bun, and secure with U-shaped pins.
messy bun wedding hairstyles for guests
Wedding guest hairstyles: Messy bun with embellished hair accessory. Credit:

Messy bun

It might not be the first hairstyle that comes to mind for wedding guests, but the messy bun can look elegant and stylish, whilst retaining a healthy dose of laid-back charm.

To create the look:

  • Prep your hair with VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray (£3.99*) for extra grip.
  • Twist or braid the sides of your hair and gather the remaining back section into a low bun, and secure with bobby pins.
  • For the perfect final touch, add a pretty embellished hair clip to the top of your bun.
half up hairstyle for wedding guests
Wedding guest hairstyles: Twisted half-up ‘do. Credit:

Twisted half-up ‘do

Simple yet ultra-stylish, this hairstyle is sure to turn heads! And what’s more, it will also allow you to keep a relaxed look if you don’t want all of your hair swept off your face.

To create the look:

  • Start by blow-drying your hair, and then curl it all over (loose waves work best for this ‘do!).
  • Take 2 sections of hair – one from above each ear – and twist them backwards until they meet at the back of your head.
  • Secure with a clear hairband.
  • Spritz some TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray (500ml, £4.99*) all over – for a pliable hold that’ll still allow some movement – and you’re done!

So, there you have it, 5 wedding guest hairstyles guaranteed make an impression this wedding season!

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