26 Best Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Now we're not condoning upstaging the bride, but these wedding guest hairstyles will definitely get you noticed.  

Have a friend or family member’s wedding coming up this year? On the lookout for hair ideas? In our experience, the best wedding guest hairstyles are those that make an impact without stealing the bride’s thunder (it is her big day, after all).

So to help you avoid any bridezilla scenarios, we’ve put together an edit of gorgeous wedding guest hair ideas that we think will be just right for you. Ranging from formal, elegant updos to dreamy boho half-up styles, whether it’s a big white wedding or an outdoor beach venue, these looks will work for everything.

1. Beachy waves

Wedding guest hair: Shot of woman with long chocolate brown hair styled into loose beachy waves wearing a white top with silver buttons
Beach waves are the perfect wedding guest hair look for all seasons. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Want to nail every wedding you attend this season? Whether you’ve got short or long hair, all you need to do is learn how to master beachy waves, and focus your efforts on finding the perfect outfit.

2. Tousled updo

Shot of woman with light brown tousled hair styled into an updo, wearing a pink pale dress, posing in the All Things Hair studio
Spring hairstyles for wedding guests? You will love this! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

One of your favourite wedding guest hairstyles? This romantic tousled updo. It’ll help you look the part for spring/summer weddings, and also work for winter months (just imagine how amazing this will look when teamed with a turtleneck dress!).

Editor’s tip: Want your tousled look to stay in place longer, without worrying about hairspray leaving your hair stiff and crunchy? Try the new VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray!

This innovative hairspray do a great job of holding your tousled look and leave you with a finish so natural you can run your fingers through it.

3. Crown updo

Side shot of a woman with medium brown hair styled into a crown braid updo, wearing a black top and posing backstage
Crown yourself the most stylish wedding guest with this classic braid. Credit: indigitalimages.com

You wouldn’t call this crown braid basic, would you? With all your hair out of the way, you’ll be able to avoid sweaty hair moments at any beach weddings, in the most stylish way possible.

4. Twisted crown

Back shot of woman with dark brown hair styled into a low twisted crown braid, wearing all black and posing in the All Things Hair UK studio
Here’s another twisted hairstyle you’ll want to try. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Can’t braid? Don’t fret: this elegant, twisted crown is super easy to DIY and just as impressive as its braided counterpart.

5. Low bun

Wedding guest hair: Side shot of a woman with dark brown hair styled into a low, polished bun wearing a white blouse
You can’t go wrong with a polished bun. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

When it comes to formal hairstyles for wedding guests, you can’t go wrong with anything sleek. And, this simple and sophisticated low bun won’t let you down!

6. Fishtail braid

Wedding guest hair: Side shot of woman with golden blonde hair styled into a fishtail side braid, wearing a purple top and posing in the All Things Hair UK studio
Want a wedding guest hair look that’ll work for the after-party. Credit: Simon Bell

If there’s one wedding guest hair look that always gets people talking, it’s the fishtail braid. If you want to spruce up your long hair for the big day, we suggest you try weaving this pretty side fishtail plait.

Editor’s tip: Your braided wedding guest hairstyles will always look selfie-ready if you use the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm to create them.

Suitable to use on both wet and dry strands, this balm gives flexible hold and provides your plait with added structure.

7. Messy updo with gold detailing

Wedding guest hairstyles: Rear shot of woman with dark brown hair styled into a bun updo with a golden flower hair accessory, posing in a lighted room
Themed weddings call for upscale hair accessories. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Grecian wedding theme? You can easily give your go-to messy bun a Grecian feel with a golden laurel wreath hair accessory. Did we forget to mention this is the perfect hairstyle to pair with an open back dress?

8. Floral wedding guest hair

Wedding guest hair: Back shot of a woman with copper red hair styled to sleek perfection, wearing a low flower hairpin with a black netted top
Woodland wedding? Nail the vibes with a floral accessory. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Who knew straight hair could look this chic? And, if you’re looking for spring wedding guest hairstyles, you know what to do (copy this floral ‘do, stat!).

9.  Headband hairstyle

Shot of a model with relaxed natural hair styled into a swept-back pomp, wearing a headband and posing backstage
Another day, another headband. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Not a fan of flowers? Grab a headband and gently smooth your hair backwards, making sure to keep volume at the crown intact.

10. Tousled quiff

Shot of model on a bridal runway with short hair styled into a messy, swept-back quiff, wearing all white
Short hair? You can’t go wrong with this look. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

From the white spaghetti strap dress to the tousled, swept-back quiff, this short hairstyle is major wedding guest style goals.

11. Wavy ponytail

Wedding guest hair: Rear shot of woman with long dirty blonde hair styled into a loose ponytail with a hair ribbon tied around it, posing in the All Things Hair studio
When in doubt, reach for the hair ribbon. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Kick that wavy ponytail up a notch with some ribbon. This must-have hair accessory is great for giving a casual pony a wedding upgrade.

12. Beachy curls

Wedding guest hairstyles: Close up of three woman with loose curly beach hair, wearing white with flowers in their hair
Going with all your friends? You can all wear this look. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Excuse us while we swoon over these beachy, loose curls! We love the way the pinned tropical flowers complement these free-flowing curls.

13. Waterfall braid

Side shot of model with brown to red ombre wavy medium hair styled into a waterfall braid posing in the All Things Hair UK studio
Do go chasing waterfalls! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

When you can’t quite decide between leaving your hair down and having it braided, this chic waterfall hairstyle delivers the best of both worlds.

14. Glossy waves

Wedding guest hair: Shot of a model with medium brown glossy waves on the runway, wearing a white dress with earrings on the runway
The glossier the waves, the chicer your overall look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Versatile enough for both the wedding day and night, this glossy take on beachy waves is one try when you want to feel extra sophisticated.

Editor’s tip: The secret to glossy locks? Serum, of course! And, the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Serum is our latest obsession. It helps locks in moisture and amps up your mane’s natural shine with camellia oil, plus it’s also great for coloured tresses.

15. Sleek bob

Short wedding guest hair: Shot of a model with a short blunt cut bob styled straight, posing backstage at a show
The best way to wear your short hair? Just like this! Credit: indigitalimages.com

For a short wedding guest hair look worthy of the runway, look no further than this sultry, polished bob.

16. Milkmaid braids

brunette woman wearing a pink velvet high neck dress with her hair in a romantic milkmaid braid
Cheat your way to the updo of dreams with the surprisingly easy milkmaid braid. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Milkmaid braids are one of the easiest hairstyles for wedding guests, even though they may look hard to do. They’re actually just two simple pigtails secured together on top of the head to create an updo. Clever, huh?

Remember to leave a few tendrils of hair loose around the face (you can even curl them if you like), as this will give the look a softer, more effortless finish.

17. Messy bun

back view of a brunette with her hair in a messy bun with a jewelled bun cuff
All you need are accessories to make a messy bun more formal. Credit: indigitalimages.com

It might not be the first hairstyle that comes to mind for a party but you should never underestimate the versatility of a good messy bun.

Styled right, they can look elegant and stylish while still retaining a healthy dose of laid-back charm. Plus, there’s nothing better for showing off any back detailing in your outfit!

18. Folded half updo

model backstage with dark blonde straight hair in a folded half up half down hairstyle
Like to wear your hair straight? Try this! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you like to wear your hair straight, a folded half-updo like this will help make your mane look that bit more special. It’s still simple and understated, but the origami-style fold adds an extra detail and intricacy to the look.

19. Braided half updo

brunette model backstage wearing an embroidered sheer dress with her hair in a braided half up half down
This braided look is straight out of a fairytale. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If ever there’s an occasion to make an effort and try out braids, it’s a wedding. This braided half-up, half-down style is absolutely stunning and as you’ll be leaving half your hair down, you’ve got the freedom to choose whether to go straight or curly – whatever makes you most comfortable on the day!

Editor’s tip: Braids tend to work best on second-day hair but if you’d prefer to wash yours first, you can use sea salt spray (the TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray is one of our go-tos), to give your locks more grit and texture.

20. Twisted bun

Wedding guest hair: Rear shot of model with golden blonde hair styled into a low twisted bun, wearing a ruffled purple top in the All Things Hair UK studio
Spice up your go-to bun by twisting it. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

We’ve already covered the messy bun but buns are a wedding favourite, so you can never have too many! For more formal nuptials, this twisted bun is a sophisticated way to make a regular bun more standout.

If you’re a bride-to-be yourself, this would actually be a really pretty bridesmaid look to consider, too.

21. Side-swept curls

Shot of a model with side-swept vintage, dark medium waves, wearing a pearly necklace and walking on the runway
Hollywood will be calling. Credit: indigitalimages.com

With its deep side parting and big cascading waves, this Hollywood-inspired look would make the ideal hair for a wedding guest. Fit for both the red carpet and the church pews, you’ll be radiating old-school glamour vibes.

22. Reverse French braid

Back shot of a woman with golden blonde hair styled into a reverse french braid, wearing a spotted dress
It’s a French braid but not as you may know it. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Reverse French braids (AKA Dutch braids) are simple yet elegant and oh-so-feminine – making them beautiful hairstyles for a wedding guest with long hair.

Ladies with medium-length or long hair who want a style that’ll hold all night can rest assured that this will keep their hair in check. Plus even if it does start to fall loose, it will only add to the romantic feel.

23. Twisted half-updo

Back view of a model with brunette hair fashioned into a half-up twisted hairstyle
This twisted half-up look s everything. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Easy enough to DIY yet still ultra-stylish, this twisted half-up style has a relaxed yet put-together feel about it, making it a great one for outdoor garden or beach weddings.

And what’s more, it will also allow you to keep a relaxed look if you don’t want all of your hair swept off your face. It ticks all the boxes.

24. Finger waves

Wedding guest hairstyles: Shot of a model with her light blonde hair styled into a finger wave, wearing a cherry lip and posing backstage at a show
When it comes retro hairstyles for a wedding guest, finger waves always impress. Credit: indigitalimages.com

When in doubt, just channel the roaring ’20s with finger waves. Topped off with golden bobby pins, this dazzling wedding guest hair ‘do might actually inspire your own wedding look.

25. Pearly ponytail

Wedding guest hair: Shot of a model with long dark brown hair styled into a sleek ponytail, wearing a pearl headband on the runway
Pearls aren’t just for the bride. Credit: indigitalimages.com

The hair accessory Instagram and the runway can’t seem to get enough of? Pearls! Luckily, they can work well for weddings, too. Place a pearly headband atop loose waves or sleek ponytail, and you’ll have everyone at the reception asking you for style advice.

26. Smooth braided updo

Woman with blonde hair styled into a smooth updo
Credit: Rupert Laycock

Like sleek hairstyles? You’ll adore this smooth braided updo, especially if you pair the look with cute statement earrings.