24 beautiful mother of the bride hairstyles

Complete your wedding look with these beautiful Mother of the Bride hairstyles.

The day your daughter decides to get married, you’ll undoubtedly go through a range of emotions. Joy at hearing the happy announcement; anticipation for the big day; nervous about what you will wear and how to style your hair. But with us around, you won’t have to worry about a thing, because we’ve gathered together 24 gorgeous mother of the bride hairstyles for inspiration!

So, if you’re desperately seeking fancy mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair (or mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair!), there’s bound to be a look you’ll love for your daughter’s big day, here.

1. Curly updo

Blonde woman with a curly pinned wedding updo
Look back on the day (and your hair) with fond memories. Credit: Instagram.com/hairandmakeupbyrosa

For a traditional mother of the bride hair look, an elegant updo is always a good idea. Curl your hair before styling for added texture, leaving a couple of strands free at the front to soften the look for a picture-perfect finish. Credit: @hairandmakeupbyrosa

2. Twisted half-up half-down

Woman with silver hair with her hair in a bouffant half-up half-down hairstyle
Add a romantic feel to your wedding day style with a pretty half-updo. Credit: Instagram.com/doitupsc

If you usually like to wear your hair down but want to update your go-to style for the big day, give this twisted half-up half-down hairstyle a try. The ideal look for your mother of the bride hair, it’s a timeless classic. Credit: @doitupsc

Editor’s tip: Worried about how you’ll make your hairstyle last the whole day and night? Use the VO5 Invisible Ultimate Hold Hairspray to set your mother of the bride hair and the ultra-fine, strong-hold spray will keep your hair looking like perfection.

3. Sleek ponytail

Brunette woman with a slick curly ponytail
A ponytail can look super polished. Credit: Instagram.com/lovelyhair_brittney

Spruce up a ponytail with sleek strands and curly lengths for a glamorous way to wear your hair back. Credit: @lovelyhair_brittney

4. Pinned-back blowout

Blonde woman with a pinned-back blowout hairstyle with a diamante clip
Don’t forget about the accessories! Credit: Instagram.com/styles_bymarcella

If your hair is on the shorter side you may feel like your options are slightly limited in the fancy hair department, but don’t worry, that’s not the case!

If having an updo isn’t on the cards for the big day, why not go for a big, bouncy blowout? This will instantly inject an element of glam to any outfit, and effortlessly take you from church to reception. Credit: @styles_bymarcella

5. Relaxed chignon

Woman with dark brunette hair in a low bun
Show off your amazing dress with a chic updo. Credit: Instagram.com/sharonmariestudios

High neck dresses and soft chignons make for a dreamy wedding day combination that’ll work just as beautifully on both short and long hair. Credit: @sharonmariestudios

6. Side-swept curls

Brunette woman with side-swept curls in an updo
A sensational twist on classic curls. Credit: Instagram.com/the_beehive_five

Style your locks into classic glam curls and pin them to the side for a divine formal look. Credit: @the_beehive_five

7. French braid updo

Blonde woman with highlights with her hair in a French braided updo
Say “I do” to this amazing braided style. Credit: Instagram.com/alex_haircraft

Braided styles make the best mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair as they’re able to withstand whatever the day throws at you and stay looking amazing. Credit: @alex_haircraft

Editor’s tip: Make your hair easier to braid and give it more grip by applying some of the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm to either damp or dry hair before styling.

8. Bouffant updo

Woman with black hair in a bouffant updo
This could work for short or long hair. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Whoever said that mother of the bride updos weren’t in fashion anymore clearly hadn’t come across this beautiful bouffant updo. It’s simple, classy and just perfect for a wedding!

9. Low roll chignon

Woman with light brown hair in a rolled tuck updo
Channel the vintage vibes with a Regency-inspired hairstyle.

This low roll chignon is the perfect go-to hairstyle for a wedding if you’re stuck for ideas. And the best thing? This classic hairstyle looks super elegant and sophisticated on ladies of all ages.

10. French twist

Woman with dark brown hair in a French twist style with a pink flower
Ooh la la! Credit: Instagram.com/bechcam

When it comes to classic mother of the bride hairstyles, you really can’t go wrong with injecting a little je ne sais quoi into your mane, with this French twist hairstyle.

To give your ‘do an extra boost of feminine charm, simply pair the look with a pretty pink rose. Blooming beautiful, right? Credit: @bechcam

11. Fishtail braided bun

Woman with blonde highlighted hair with a low side fishtail bun
What’s not to love about this braided bun?

If you’re after a fail-safe mother of the bride hairstyle that looks stunning on women of all ages, then give the fishtail bun a go! Not only is this hairstyle the perfect choice to finish any wedding look, it can also be adapted in so many beautiful ways with different types of braids.

12. Wavy updo

Blonde woman with a curly updo
Bring the beach to you with these waves! Credit: Instagram.com/riawna

If the big day is taking place on a beach, make your short hair sand-appropriate, by rocking this romantic wavy updo, that’s effortlessly romantic and chic.

This playfully modern mother of the bride hair look will keep your strands out of your face and allow your dress to do the talking! Credit: @riawna

13. Vintage waves

Woman with glossy brunette wavy hair
Go down the vintage route with waves. Credit: Instagram.com/verafursova

Are you a sucker for all things vintage? Looking for mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair that reflect this? Then prepare to fall in love with this picture-perfect ‘do – gorgeous, isn’t it? Credit: @verafursova

Editor’s tip: After creating your vintage waves, give your mane a once over with the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray and just watch as your strands start to gleam!

14. Accessorised pixie cut

Woman with a short platinum blonde dyed pixie cut with a floral headband
A headband is all you need. Credit: Instagram.com/twigsandhoney

This short, feathery pixie cut hairstyle, featuring an embellished headband and loose curls, is so pretty that your daughter might snag a similar look herself! Credit: @twigsandhoney

15. Low ponytail

Woman with brunette highlights with her hair in a low twisted ponytail
We wish all our ponytails looked this good. Credit: Instagram.com/blohaute

Attending an outdoor wedding? Keep your long hair from getting blown away, by styling it into a neat low ponytail hairstyle.

This timeless mother of the bride hairstyle is easy to create, runway-approved and sure to impress all the guests! Credit: @blohaute

16. Vintage curls

Woman with short brunette hair in vintage curls with a hair accessory
You can’t go wrong with vintage waves! Credit: Instagram.com/foxanddoll

Is that a retro-inspired short curly ‘do we spy? Add a sparkly accent to your vintage look and just watch as the compliments come pouring in. Who knew mother of the bride hair could be this easy? Credit: @foxanddoll

17. Smooth blow out

Blonde woman with a sleek blowout hairstyle with a headband
Sleek and steady wins the race! Credit: Instagram.com/les_allures

When it comes to elegant, upscale affairs like weddings, you can really pull out all the stops. And if you’ve chosen a failsafe blow out for the day, make a big statement with a glitzy hair accessory. See? Mother of the bride hairstyles for long hair don’t have to be complicated to look good! Credit: @les_allures

18. Glam fauxhawk

Woman with a short afro fauxhawk hairstyle with gold hair accessory
Boring hair? Not here! Credit: Instagram.com/kyamirwa

Got natural afro curls? Searching for mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair that’ll work with your kinky texture? We’ve got just the thing: the glam ‘frohawk.

This playful short hairstyle is full of creative flair and bound to make you stand out. Nab this stylish look for yourself, right here! Credit: @kyamirwa

19. Floral Gibson tuck

Brunette woman with a gibson tuck hairstyle with purple flowers in her hair
Vintage hair, do care! Credit: Instagram.com/vintage_frills

For a classic mother of the bride look, you really can’t go wrong with a Gibson tuck hairstyle. Leave it plain and simple or decorate it with some flowers. Either way, the look is utter perfection. Credit: @vintage_frills

20. Half-up beehive

Blonde woman with a half-up beehive hairstyle
Take your wedding look to stylish levels with this ‘do! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyelizabethanne

Looking for volume-packed mother of the bride hairstyles for your cropped mane? This half-up beehive hairstyle might just be the one for you! Credit: @hairbyelizabethanne

21. Elegant pineapple

Woman with natural hair in a pineaple bun
The pineapple isn’t just for casual occasions! Credit: Instagram.com/msnaturallymary

While most people may think that the pineapple hairstyle is reserved only for the gym, it actually makes the perfect mother of the bride look, too. Don’t believe us? Just one glance at the lovely picture, above, and all doubts will melt away. Credit: @msnaturallymary

22. Ballerina bun

Woman with brunette low ballerina bun
Crave volume? Try this updo. Credit: Instagram.com/kasia_fortuna

Low-slung ballerina buns may be known for their sleek and slick aesthetic, but with some extra va-va-volume, they make one of the best mother of the bride hairstyles!

This ultra-feminine look is a must-try for ladies with hair on the finer side, as it’ll help inject a mega-dose of drama to your style. Credit: @kasia_fortuna

Editor’s tip: Keep any annoying flyaways from ruining your flawless style with the TONI&GUY Flyaway Taming Wand. The perfect size for popping in your clutch bag on the day, use it to comb down any unruly strands or frizz.

23. Low milkmaid braid

Blonde woman with a low milkmaid braid updo
Take it low with this milkmaid braid! Credit: Instagram.com/victoria_ralphhair

Looking for braided mother of the bride hairstyles for short hair? Say no more. After creating 2 small pigtails, simply cross them at the back of your head to get this romantic, low milkmaid braid. Credit: @victoria_ralphhair

24. Beachy waves

Blonde woman with a short wavy bob
Go wavy or go home! Credit: Instagram.com/chrisgreenehair

Let your hair down and look as fresh as the sea with this youthful, beachy waves look. Not only is it perfect for all hair lengths, but by adding a classy flower-adorned hat, you’ll make this casual style even more elegant — bonus! Credit: @chrisgreenehair

Editor’s tip: Use a natural-looking hairspray like the VO5 Flexible Hold Hairspray to maintain your beachy waves without leaving them crispy or overdone.

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