23 beautiful half-up, half-down wedding hair ideas

These are the best half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles to try in 2019!

Okay, you’re facing the dilemma every bride has to figure out before their big day: wedding hair up or down? Sure you’ll look elegant with an updo, but what if you want to show off your long or short hair? Well, you’ll be pleased to know you can get the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down wedding hair ‘do.

Now, we understand you don’t want to spend ages looking for half-up, half-down looks, so we’ve decided to do the hard work for you! We have rounded up a stunning array of half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles, below.

1. Half-up, half-down wedding bun

Half up half down wedding hairstyles: Woman with long bleach blonde curly styled into a half-up bun, posing outside
Because a bun won’t let you down. Credit: Instagram.com/bethfoster

One of our favourite half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles? This simple half-up bun with gorgeous loose curls, of course. If you’ve got blonde curly hair, this look is destined for you. Credit: @bethfoster

2. Half-up, half-down crown braid

side shot of woman with half up half down wedding hair with waves in it
Show everyone who’s queen at your wedding! Credit: Instagram.com/heidimariegarrett

This romantic, half-up crown braid hairstyle works on both curly and straight strands, and will totally make you feel like a queen for your big day. Credit: @heidimariegarrett

Editor’s tip: Make braiding your hair easy with the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm. Helping to give hair structure when styling, this braid balm is ideal for creating and maintaining weaved styles.

3. Headband braid on short hair

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with short angled bob with half-up crown braid with flower in it
This style also works on short hair. Credit: Instagram.com/anitabauerhair

If you’ve got short hair, there’s no need to feel left out. You can totally pull off a half-up braided look, just like this beauty does. The best part? You won’t need a glam squad to help you create this super easy braid. Credit: @anitabauerhair

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4. Half-up heart pull through braid

backshot of woman with with half-up wedding hairstyle that's heart shaped holding flowers
Wear your heart in your hair for your big day! Credit: Instagram.com/n.starck

Love will truly be in the hair if you decide to go for this half-up, half-down heart pull through braid.

While it may look complicated, trust us: it isn’t! All you need to do is create a half-up ponytail, divide it into two and flip it inside out. Then, you’ll need to fashion it into a heart shape, secure with bobby pins and do a pull through braid.  Credit: @n.starck

5. Double twisted half-up wedding hair

backshot of model with double twisted half updo with bobby pins accessory
Do the twist! Credit: Instagram.com/mykitsch

Embellish your double-twisted half-up ‘do with some bobby pins (like this bride-to-be has done), for a charming look that’s full of unique flair. See? Half-up wedding hairstyles don’t need to be complicated to look good. Credit: @mykitsch

6. Wavy half-up hair with pearls

backshot of half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle that has pearls in it
Pearls really are a girls best friend! Credit: Instagram.com/jennychohair

Elegant, upscale affairs call for glamorous ‘dos. So, we suggest using them as accent pieces to bring a touch of sophistication and class to an otherwise simple, wavy half-up hairstyle. Credit: @jennychohair

7. Half-up, half-down curly bouffant

wedding hair-half up: side shot of woman with half-up curly bouffant
You’ll roar with happiness when you give this ‘do a chance! Credit: Instagram.com/elstilespb

Are you a bride looking to dial up the drama and make an unforgettable entrance? Then a volume-packed half-up, half down curly bouffant is sure to make you shine. Credit: @elstilespb

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8. Sleek half-up, half-down bun

a rear view of gold blonde woman with long straight hair standing outside
Perfect hair? Yes, please! Credit: Instagram.com/hauroftheday

When you’re a perfectionist, finding half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles that match your intuitive nature may seem impossible. But fret not, as this fashion-forward, ultra-sleek ‘do has totally got your back. Credit: @hairoftheday

Editor’s tip: Want to make your half-up, half-down wedding hair shine? Spray your locks with a shine-booster like the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray. This will give your hair a luxurious high-shine as well as protect it from frizz.

9. Half-up, half-down French braids

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with natural blonde medium hair styled into a half-up, half-down French braids hairstyle
This flirty half-up French braids style is all you need. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Whether you’re a French braid pro or not, you really can’t go wrong with this wavy half-up, half-down hairstyle.

10. Sleek bouffant

side shot of woman with sleek half updo hairstyle
This sleek half updo is full of mystery! Credit: Instagram.com/saloncentric

Are you a mysterious bride looking for mesmerising half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles? Then check out this sexy and sophisticated half-up bouffant.

With a long fringe that swoops to the side, your gorgeous mane will make sure your soon-to-be partner stays under your spell. Credit: @saloncentric

11. Half-up, half-down space buns

front shot of model with half-up space buns hairstyle and wavy hair
Exude boho vibes with this gorgeous hairstyle! Credit: Instagram.com/carringtondurham

There’s nothing wrong with going full boho for your big day. So, to show off your boho style, simply fashion your locks into half-up space buns. Add in a hidden braid for extra style points. Credit: @carringtondurham

12. Boho fishtail wedding hairstyle

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with long dark brown hair styled into a half-up, half-down fishtail braid with twigs in it
Try experimenting with different half-up braid styles for the big day.

Looking for more boho half-up, half-down wedding hair ideas? Try this fancy, flirty half-up fishtail braid on for size.

13. Classic bump with half-up curls

front shot of woman in field with wedding dress and with short wedding half-up hairstylle
Are you a sucker for all things vintage? Try this gorgeous look. Credit: Instagram.com/glamandgrace

Prefer classic looks that haven’t gone out of style? With this in mind, you really can’t go wrong with a polished vintage hairstyle. With these picture-perfect curls and a traditional wedding dress to match, you’ll make everyone believe you’re in an old romance. Credit: @glamandgrace

14. Classic curls with bump on long hair

Half-up, half-down wedding hair ideas: Woman with long chestnut brown hair styled into a half-up, half-down bump ponytail with loose waves
The perfect mix between modern and retro. Credit: Instagram.com/bridalhaircollective

Long to medium length brides will be glad to know that they can also go down the classic route with this eye-catching wedding hairstyle. Credit: @bridalhaircollective

15. Charming Waterfall braid

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with short bleach blonde hair styled into a curly waterfall braid hairstyle with wearing polka dots
Do go chasing waterfalls. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

There’s nothing wrong with chasing waterfalls! Which is why you should pay homage to your innovative and avant-garde self with a wondrous waterfall braid.

Fun, flirty and super-stylish, a waterfall hairstyle is also one of this season’s hottest ‘dos, being ideal for taming flyaways, while achieving a breezy and effortless look.

16. Fancy half-up fishtail braid

backshot of woman with fishtail half-up,half-down wedding hairstyle holding flowers
There’s nothing fishy about this gorgeous ‘do. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbypris

If you want to show off your lovely long blonde hair, you need to copy this romantic and beachy wedding hairstyle, pronto. Credit: @hairbypris

Editor’s tip: The secret to making your half-up, half-down wedding hair looks extra beachy? The TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising SprayUse this before creating your waves and you’ll have a look with serious oomph.

17. Half-up wedding braid with a veil

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with light brown medium length hair styled into a half-up, half-down wedding twist hairstyle with viel and flowers
Let’s get floral crazy! Credit: Instagram.com/jenniferbehr

Relying on a wedding veil to complete your look? You can easily team one with any of the half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles mentioned in this edit, but this particular example is our favourite. Credit: @jenniferbehr

18. Floral barrette with half-up braid

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with blonde hair styled into a half-up, half-down floral barrette
This springy hairstyle is great for garden or woodland weddings. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Want more floral half-up, half-down wedding hair ideas? You can keep your locks beautifully out of your face with a stylish floral barrette.

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19. Floral curls

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with mahogany long curly hair styled into a half updo with flowers
Give an autumnal wedding a fresh feel with this look. Credit: Instagram.com/christinechiamakeup

Rich mahogany locks styled into a half-up, half-down wedding style look great with tonnes of movement and body. Topped with autumnal flowers, this will make the perfect hairstyle for your big day. Credit: @christinechiamakeup

20. Elegant half-up hair with a wedding veil

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with dark brown blown out hairstyle styled into half up hairstyle
This fresh, blown out hairstyle is super glossy. Credit: indigitalimages.com

If flowers aren’t your thing, you’ll look equally as stunning on your big day with this blown out half-up hairstyle.

21. Tousled half-up wedding hair

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with swept back half-up, half-down
When in doubt, sweep it back. Credit: indigitalimages.com

For a romantic look that’s easy to do, simply twist back two strands of your hair and tie them together.

22. Natural half-up wedding hairstyle

woman with half-up wedding hairstyle
Make your curls the main event with this cute half up look. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Want to show off your natural texture? Make like this beauty and wear your hair like this.

23. Simple half-up braids

Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles: Woman with dark brown hair styled into a braided half-up look
This style can be done in a matter of minutes. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Add a bit of oomph to sleek strands by fashioning them into this easy half-up, half-down braid style.


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