7 Asian bridal hairstyles to inspire

Brides-to-be, get ready to fall in love all over again...

Planning for your big day, but not sure how you’re going to style your hair? You’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got a whole host of gorgeous Asian bridal hairstyles to share with you! Don’t get us wrong: we think that all bridal hairstyles are beautiful (of course!), but we’re kind of obsessed with Asian bridal hairstyles in particular. Why? Because their intricate designs and bedazzling hair accessories make them look utterly stunning!

Want to get inspired by our breathtaking Asian bridal hairstyles? Of course you do! Brides-to-be, get your pen and paper ready!

Asian bridal hairstyles for your big day


asian bridal hairstyles fishtail braid side bun
Fishtail braided side bun. Credit: Instagram.com/luonglastingbykim

Fishtail braided side bun

If you’re after a romantic, elegant bridal hairstyle, look no further than this fishtail braided side bun. The perfect updo for brides who’ll be sporting a heavily embellished dress and lots of jewellery, and want a striking hairstyle to match.

The fishtail braided side bun comes fully loaded with all of the intricate braiding detail you would typically expect from most Asian bridal hairstyles, but without the ornate hair accessories. Fringe lovers, you’re in luck too, because this ‘do will work a treat with bangs! Credit: @luonglastingbykim

asian bridal hairstyles loose fishtail braid
Loose floral fishtail braid. Credit: Instagram.com/ready.to-.glow

Loose floral fishtail braid

On the other hand, if you want to keep all of the attention on your hair, accessorise with some pretty flowers. Pepper them into a loose fishtail braid for an extra romantic touch. And if you’ve got a one-shoulder bridal outfit, then style your fishtail braid to one side for best effect. Credit: @ready.to.glow

loose flowing waves with veil asian bridal hairstyles
Loose flowing waves with veil. Credit: Instagram.com/kerrybaineshairandmakeup

Loose flowing waves with veil

Not all Asian bridal hairstyles have to be extravagant and highly detailed. Take this look for instance: we love the simple, yet stunning loose, flowing waves, which can add an element of glam to any bridal look. To achieve this hairstyle: simply part your hair in the middle, and create some loose curls with the Toni&Guy Glamour Jumbo Tong. Just remember to protect your hair first with a heat protectant, like the TRESemme Heat Defence Spray (300ml, £4.99*).

Editor’s tip: curl your hair outwards to create a flattering blow-out effect. And to tie your bridal outfit and hairstyle together, finish the look with a bedazzled veil that matches your dress! Credit: @kerrybaineshairandmakeup

high bun asian bridal hairstyles
Your royal highness bun. Credit: Instagram.com/jwmua

Your royal highness bun

Want to shine like the princess that you are on your wedding day? Then why not opt for a classy diamante or pearl-encrusted mini tiara to decorate your ‘do?  We recommend styling your hair into a volumised high bun: the perfect backdrop for a stunning, sparkling tiara! And don’t forget to finish the look with an equally sparkly necklace – you’ll look like a royal subject in no time! Credit: @jwmua

intricate woven bun asian bride
Intricate woven bun. Credit: Instagram.com/chandenimua

Intricate woven bun

If the front of your bridal saree or lengha is heavily detailed, and you want the view from the back to be just as glam, opt for a chic woven bun. This intricate Asian bridal hairstyle is super popular as it complements most bridal outfits and stays put all night long (thanks to the hefty amount of bobby pins used!), which means that you can dance the night away without any hair drama!

Editor’s tip: to really wow your guests, ask your stylist to place a beaded hairpiece just above your woven bun. Credit: @chandenimua

big bun asian bridal hair
Bouffant bun. Credit: Instagram.com/___lemii___

Bouffant bun

You know what they say: the bigger, the better! To really shine on your wedding day, style your hair into a big bouffant bun. With this updo: all the drama stays at the front, while the back is kept neat and tidy. To have heads turning, pair your bun with a bedazzling headpiece and an ornate necklace to match! And finish with a generous spray of the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray (400ml, £3.39*) to keep your hair beautiful all day long! Credit: @___lemii___

messy floral chignon asian bridal hairstyles
Messy floral chignon. Credit: Instagram.com/meiliautumnbeauty

Messy, floral chignon

Considered one of the more classic Asian wedding hairstyles, this messy, floral chignon still doesn’t fail to impress. Although chignons originated from Ancient Greece, they’re a popular choice amongst Asian brides, too, thanks to their elegant attitude and superior staying power.

Editor’s tip: to inject an extra pinch of romance, position some large, pastel-coloured roses along the the top of your chignon to finish off the look. Credit: @meiliautumnbeauty

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