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Zig-zag curls are a new alternative hair crimping trend

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Crimping, just not as you know it…


As we’re sure you know, hair crimping became a huge trend in the 1990s, paving the way for all the bouncy blow-out curls and textured waves that proceeded it. Yet, just when we thought that this retro style was long gone, we spotted Ariana Grande sporting a crimped ponytail at one of her concerts. But since Miss Grande brought this look back, it has been given an unexpected twist, with the inception of the brand new zig-zag curls trend!

Yep, you read that correctly, this quirky hair trend is taking the Instagram world by storm, and we’re loving it! So keep on scrolling and discover all you need to know about this innovative look, below.

Hair crimping trend: Zig zag curls


hair crimping: All Things Hair - IMAGE - wavy hairstyles
Zig zag curls are a new alternative hair crimping trend. Credit: Instagram.com/leerittiner

While the traditional hair crimping style creates super small, tight zig-zag waves, the new take on the trend creates much larger, unusual looking waves, instead, that are reminiscent of an Aztec-inspired pattern. But that’s not all, the traditional crimp has evolved so that it gives the appearance of fuller-looking locks, all thanks to the larger waves created. So great news for any fine-haired ladies out there! Credit: @leerittiner

hair crimping: All Things Hair - IMAGE - wavy hairstyles ombre hair
Zig zag curls are a new alternative hair crimping trend. Credit: Instagram.com/ariba-pervaiz

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can actually achieve such quirky and structured waves, right? Well, luckily for you, beauty blogger Ariba Pervaiz posted a video tutorial of her hair crimping technique to Instagram, which involves using a uniquely shaped crimping tong. She advised her fans that “the trick [to creating the look] is to twist the roots before wrapping the hair around the iron and to unravel the section the same way you wrap it.” Thanks Ariba, we’ve made note! Credit: @ariba-pervaiz

Editor’s tip: Since you’ll be needing the assistance of heated styling tools to achieve your zig-zag curls, you’ll want to safeguard your strands from become dry and damaged. We suggest using the VO5 Sleek Heat Protect Serum, which will also leave your locks with a lovely, glossy sheen!


Love this hair crimping trend, but are looking for alternative ways to curl your hair? We’ve got just the thing: learn how to get crimped hair without using a crimper, by checking out our simple step-by-step tutorial, right here!

04 January 2017