TIGI stylist shares her top tips for creating 3 amazing wavy hairstyles

Arianna | 17 August 2016

Perfect waves are totally within your reach.

Managing to maintain your waves can be tricky at the best of times, often teetering on that fine line between curls and straight strands (sigh). And whether you want glam Hollywood waves, casual beach waves or vintage waves, there are so many types of wavy hair styles out there that look utterly stunning!

But with so many looks to choose from, it can be difficult to know how to create each one when equipped with just a curling wand and some hair mousse. Don’t worry: that’s where we come in!

We’ve teamed up with a super talented stylist from TIGI to bring you some really handy tips on how to create all sorts of wavy hair styles! Read on below to discover TIGI European Session Director Maria Kovacs’s top tips and tricks on how to achieve your favourite wavy look, now.

Wavy hairstyles: Stylist’s tips for creating 3 different looks


Wavy hair styles: loose waves
Wavy hair styles: Loose waves. Credit: Verity Jane Smith.

Loose waves: How to ensure your waves stay in place all day


When blow-drying your hair, always put product into damp hair first because it’s easier to distribute. Mousse is the one that will hold wavy hair styles the most. I usually spray the mousse on a big, wide-tooth comb, then brush it through the hair. If you do it with your fingers, it may start to snag when it’s dried. – Maria Kovacs

Ah, soft, undulating waves. They’re one of our favourite wavy hair styles, mostly because they’re as effortless to create as they look! As the waves are loose, they’re more likely to drop quicker than super tight curls. But don’t fret: there is something you can do to help your subtle waves stay in place all day long, and it involves some TIGI Catwalk Strong Hold Mousse (£13.95*)! Just follow Maria’s advice and your waves will look fabulous from day to night.

Wavy hair styles vintage waves
Wavy hair styles: Vintage waves. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Vintage waves: How to pin your curls


Always clip your curls towards your face because then you can brush them out in every direction. If you do it away from the face, then it’ll generally just give you that Charlie’s Angels look. – Maria Kovacs

Vintage waves or finger waves remind us of the roaring ’20s. And if you’ve ever wanted to look like you’ve stepped straight off the set of The Great Gatsby, then you’ll need to practice pinning up your curls, the right way. This will ensure that you and your waves are ready for the big screen! Now, where’s Leonardo DiCaprio?

Wavy hair styles: voluminous waves
Wavy hair styles: Voluminous waves. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Voluminous waves: How to get body at the ends


When you have a middle parting, the hair is distributed evenly, so it can look flatter at the top. – Maria Kovacs

Sultry, voluminous waves are always in style. And right now, we’re crushing hard on hair that’s kept bouncy at the bottom! As well as using some Toni&Guy Glamour 3D Volumiser (£7.49*) on the mid-section to ends of your strands for added volume, you can opt for a middle parting. Why? Because the top section of your hair will look flatter, tricking the eye into thinking that the bottom section appears fuller. Genius!

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