How To Create A Pin Up Hairstyle With 13 Inspirational Looks to Try

Channel 1940s style with our pin up hairstyles and easy how-to!
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These days we’re inundated with new hair trends almost daily. From rainbow colours to crazy cuts, keeping up with them all is no easy task! So, instead of trialling the latest look, today we’re stepping back in time to present you with a fabulous ’40s look: pin up hairstyles!

Also known as victory rolls, this retro pin-up hair look is a half-up, curly masterpiece and is sure to up your mane game. It’s an oldie but goodie and works just as well now as it did back in the forties.

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Pin Up Tutorial

Pin up hairstyles may look really intricate, but we’ve enlisted the help of beauty blogger Away with the Fairies (AKA Hannah) to show you how you can easily create the look, and with a more modern vibe. Take a look at her video above or follow the steps below!

Step 1

Prep your hair.

To nail the pin-up hair look, you’ll need a lot of va-va-volume. So, apply a tennis ball-sized amount of the VO5 Big Volume Mousse  to damp hair, and then smooth it through your mane, ensuring it’s evenly distributed.

Now that your strands are fully prepped for styling, blowdry your hair until it’s completely dry.


Pin up hairstyles: Blonde blogger Away With The Fairies spraying dry shampoo into her roots
Step 2

Roll your hair.

Following your natural parting, take a section of hair (roughly 2 inches wide) from the front, on one side of your parting and lift this section up.

Then, starting at the ends of your hair, begin to roll this section of hair in on itself all the way until you reach your roots. Secure your first victory roll with a bobby pin and repeat the same action on the other side.

Easy, right?

Pin up hairstyles: Blonde blogger Away With The Fairies holding up the top layer of her hair
Step 3

Set with hairspray.

After you’ve finished securing your victory rolls, spray a generous dose of the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray over them.

This will help keep your pin-up hair in place all day long and give it a polished, vintage glamour sheen.

Pin up hairstyles: Blonde blogger Away With The Fairies with vintage pin curled hair spraying her hair with hair spray
Step 4

Curl and apply serum.

To add some feminine movement to your retro-glam look, begin to curl the rest of the hair that’s been left out.

The aim of the game is to create very loose curls, which Hannah does by dividing her hair into large sections and using a curling iron to quickly curl all of her hair. For silky soft curls – minus the frizz, apply a little bit of the VO5 Heat Protect Serum to your hair before styling. This will also help to protect your hair from the high heat and reduce damage.

To finish, gently run your fingers through the curls before setting with another spritz of hairspray.

Pin up hairstyles: Blonde blogger Away With The Fairies with her hair in a half up vintage style using a curling wand to curl her lengths
Step 5

Final look.

Finally, the finishing touch to this look is to add a pretty floral accessory to complement your curls et voila! Party-perfect pin-up hair that’ll make you feel like a million dollars, no matter the occasion.

Pin up hairstyles: Blonde blogger Away With The Fairies with a vintage rolled half updo with a white flower hair clip

13 Pin Up Hairstyles To Try

Now that you know the basics of pin up hair, you’re probably looking for some inspiration on the different ways you can rock this retro look, right? Then count your lucky stars, because we’re bringing you the hottest ‘dos around – perfect for dress-up themed parties or just as everyday looks for retro lovers!

Heavenly Half-up

Pin up hairstyles: Woman with light brown hair in the Betty's salon at Goodwood Revival with half-up victory rolls
The perfect authentic victory rolls. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Like to wear your hair down but want a way of giving your look a bit of retro flair? Say hello to these half-up victory rolls aka the epitome of vintage chic.

Pin Curl

Pin up hairstyles: Brunette with 1940s victory rolls and curly lengths
We love the mix of soft curly ends and retro pin curls. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Prefer a more understated approach to pin up hairstyles? Adding a single pin curl detail gives these soft, modern waves an old-fashioned vibe that we just love.

Rolled Updo

Pin up hairstyles: Blonde at Goodwood Revival with her hair in a victory rolls updo
Rocking the rolls! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Don’t want to leave your tresses loose when rocking victory rolls? Fret not, just sweep all of your strands into your ‘do and you’ve got yourself a fabulous victory rolls updo!

Vintage Bob

Pin up hairstyles: Blonde at Goodwood Revival with bob length hair and victory rolls
Any hair length can be given a ’40s makeover. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Short haired girls, if you’re unsure of how pin up hair could work for you, you need not worry. As you can see, incorporating pin curls or victory rolls into your look doesn’t always call for long lengths, it can look just as great on shorter bob hair, too!

Hair Scarves

Pin up hairstyles: Smiling woman at Goodwood Revival with dark red curly hair in a half-up victory rolls style
We’d be smiling too if our hair looked this good! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

When it comes to 1940s inspired accessories, only a hair scarf will do! Channel Rosie the Riveter vibes with a polka dot bow like this vintage lover for an easy everyday look.

Red Victory Rolls

Pin up hairstyles: Front facing view of a woman with red hair in vintage victory rolls standing at a tube station
We love that this retro look has a modern twist! Credit:

Team your victory rolls with bright red hair and a bold red lip, for a modern spin on the look! Credit: @scarlettluxe

Bubblegum Rolls

Pin up hairstyles: Picture of a woman with pink hair in a suicide victory roll hairstyle with a black bow
Pink rolls? They sound good enough to eat! Credit:

Experiment with one victory roll at the front of your head and pull the rest of your locks up into a messy pony. Secure with a bow of your choice and you’re good to go! What’s not to love? Credit: @dialblorose

Multiple Rolls

Pin up hairstyles: Picture of a woman dressed in retro clothes with strawberry blonde victory rolls hairstyle
Go full on retro and re-create this lovely look! Credit:

If you’ve mastered double victory rolls, perhaps it’s time to move on to quadruple rolls? Show off your styling skills and get rolling. Credit: @retro_fredrikke

Floral Accessories

Pin up hairstyles: Front view of a woman with dark hair in victory rolls with a red rose accessory
Work in some accessories for added ‘wow’ Credit:

Once you’ve created your victory rolls, effortlessly style them up with some accessories! Select a red rose for your dark mane just like this Instagrammer and you’ll have a pin-up worthy look in no time. Credit: @pinup_lily

Classic Pin Up

Pin up hairstyles: Front view of a woman with bleached blonde victory rolls with a navy and white polka dot headband
Wear your rolls close together for added volume! Credit:

To add extra height and volume to your pin up hair, create your victory rolls close together and you’ll effortlessly have a ‘do that’s full of oomphCredit: @moreforyourmolly

Floral Rolls

Pin up hairstyles: Front facing image of a woman with brown hair victory rolls hairstyle with a white flower
Add a white flower for a fresh take on the look. Credit:

Try wearing your retro look on an angle for a stunning way to mix up this style! Victory rolls updo… nailed it! Credit: @dolledupdos

Colourful Rolls

Pin up hairstyles: Front view of a woman with green hair in victory rolls
Bright hair, don’t care! Credit:

Not one to conform? Looking for pin up hairstyles that are a bit more out there? Then break the mold and go for totally modern take on the look by rocking some vivid green locks! Credit: @treenyb

Here’s 10 stars who have braved green hair

Victory Rolls with Bangs

Pin up hairstyles: Image of a woman with bleached blonde hair and half-up victory rolls with bangs and a purple flower
Victory rolls with bangs? Of course you can! Credit:

Got a fringe? If you’re wondering whether you can pull off victory rolls with bangs… the answer is yes – and here’s all the proof you need! Be it a full-on fringe or a set of micro bangs, getting one cut in will only add to the retro vibes. Credit: @pinupshm

Psst! All Things Hair are going to be at Goodwood Revival at Betty’s Salon, so don’t forget to come say hello!

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