1920’s Hair Inspiration: 13 Flirty Flapper Hairstyles For Long Hair

Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan with these flapper hairstyles for long hair.

Searching for flapper hairstyles for long hair? The 1920s were one of the most exciting decades for style, as women began to rebel against the constraints of the past. But as well as the elaborate art deco fashion they wore and the jazz music they listened to, a big part of this rebellion was shown through (yep, you guessed it!) their hair!

So, if you’ve got a ’20s-themed party coming up or you’re thinking about trying a Great Gatsbyinspired look for Halloween, live out your flapper girl dreams for the night with our top flapper hairstyles for long hair, below.

Curly Updo

Flapper hairstyles for long hair: Close up of blonde hair curled and worn in an updo
Recreate this authentic Gatsby hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/amberlynnloveshair

When we imagine ’20s hair, this is exactly the kind of look that springs to mind. Soft curls and a glitzy headband will help you nail the signature style of the era. Credit: @amberlynnloveshair

Editor’s tip: Hairspray is going to be key to keeping your ‘do in place. Give your hair an allover spritz of the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray to set it, then spray a small amount onto your fingertips and use it to smooth down any flyaways, for a perfectly polished look.

Cloche Hats

Selfie of a brunette woman wearing a 1920s cloche hat
Cloche hats were huge in the twenties. Credit: Instagram.com/pernilleadine

Bell-shaped cloche hats were at the height of popularity in the ’20s and ’30s, which meant that many flapper hairstyles for long hair were styled to complement the hat. A low bun works best, as it’s classy, sophisticated and -most importantly- won’t disturb the shape of the hat! Credit: @pernilleadine

Retro Rolled Updo

Back view of a blonde woman with a rolled 1920s updo hairstyle
Roll out of bed and right into the party with this surprisingly simple style. Credit: Instagram.com/o0alayna0o

It’s not just the Downton Abbey cast who are partial to a rolled updo. In fact, they were one of the most popular flapper hairstyles for long hair back in the ’20s, enabling the wearer to stylishly tuck all their tresses away.

So, do it like they did back in the day and roll the lengths of your hair up towards the nape of your neck, load up with all the jewellery you own (the more pearls the better!), and you’ll be dazzling from head to toe. Credit: @o0alayna0o

Fun Faux Bob

Woman with brown ombre hair in a faux bob 1920s hairstyle with a rhinestone headband
Take a leaf out of Blake Lively’s book with a convincing faux bob. Credit: Instagram.com/brynnrstylistmt

If you love the flapper girl bob but aren’t so sure about actually cutting your hair, the faux bob is going to be your fancy dress saviour.

By tucking the hair under on itself you’ll be able to give the illusion of a vintage, chin-length cut. But come the end of the night, you’ll be able to take out the clips and be reunited with your long locks once again – phew!

Tip: Take note of the way this Instagrammer has kept some pieces of hair loose around her face, giving the look a softer feel and more believable finish. Credit: @brynnrstylistmt

Slick Updo

Flapper hairstyles for long hair: Close up of a woman with a slick pin curled updo
Slicked to perfection, we love this high-shine style. Credit: Instagram.com/_jaspetta.beauty

If the event calls for full glam, this slick shiny updo is the one. With a deep side parting, accent finger waves and a glossy finish, this is flapper hair gone luxe. Credit: @_jaspetta.beauty

Editor’s tip: Dying to debut this look at your next soirée? Shaping your waves will require some gel, preferably one that gives a shiny look like the VO5 Wet Look Styling Gel.

Hybrid Half-Up Hairdo

Side profile of a blonde woman with her hair in a half up half down 1920s pin curl style
Flaunt your enviable lengths with a half-up hybrid. Credit: Instagram.com/styledbymonika

Like to wear your hair down but not sure how you can go about giving it a ’20s twist? Half-up pin curl flapper hairstyles for long hair are just what you’ve been looking for to take your look up a notch.

By taking your bangs and twisting them into a retro quiff, you’ll instantly take your curls from average to art deco. Credit: @styledbymonika

Kiss Curl

Woman at Goodwood Revival with dark brown hair in a low bun with a kiss curl and peacock feather headband
Shake your tail feather! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Kiss curls were a popular hair trend started by American-born French jazz dancer Josephine Baker, who’s on-stage look was short gelled hair with a striking single curl across her forehead.

You don’t need to have a cropped cut to rock it though, just slick all of your hair back and create the kiss curl with a comb to get the showgirl look.

Pristine Pin Curls

Side profile of a brunette woman with 1920s pin curls
Pin curls should be on every flapper girl’s radar. Credit: Instagram.com/johnoliverssuffolk

Instead of taking out your pins before the party to reveal glamorous curls, why not keep the pins in place for an unmistakably ’20s feel? Keep the detail near the front for a baby-faced flapper girl look and pair with lashings of mascara for a doll-like vibe. Credit: @johnoliverssuffolk

Rose Gold Finger Waves

Side profile photo of a woman with rose gold pink hair in a 1920s gatsby style updo
Love colour? Think pink! Credit: Instagram.com/irinabilka_hairandmakeup

Colour queens fear not, there’s nothing stopping you rocking one of our flapper hairstyles for long hair on dyed tresses!

We love this Instagrammer’s lavish rose gold hue, which she has decided to pair with flowing finger waves and an embroidered headband. She looks like she has stepped right out of the silver screen! Credit: @irinabilka_hairandmakeup

Speakeasy Side Waves

Woman with light brown hair styled in sideswept 1920s waves
Cascading waves may have been a ’20s favourite but we’re still just as obsessed with them today! Credit: Instagram.com/stylist-erika

These glamorous side-swept waves are ideal for anyone who wants to nod to the 1920s in a more modern, wearable way.

Turn everyday curls into a ’20s throwback by creating a deep side parting and using bobby pins to clip your hair into place over one shoulder. Now you’re ready for the red carpet! Credit: @stylist_erika

Editor’s tip: Remember, for any of these looks if you’re using heated styling tools to create your flapper waves and curls, be sure to safeguard your strands with a good heat protectant, like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray.

Sophisticated Chignon

Flapper hairstyles for long hair: Side profile of a brunette woman with her hair in a chignon bun with curled bangs
Chignons are for life, not just for weddings. Credit: Instagram.com/jasmineburnsidestyles

Some 1920s hair looks might seem a little unachievable, but stripping things back to basics with a classic chignon will always turn out great.

Simply twist your hair into a low bun and secure with pins, then curl your bangs to make everyone think you’ve put hours of effort into the look! Credit: @jasmineburnsidestyles

Side Bun

Close up of a blonde woman with a low side bun and a feather and sequin 1920s headband
Get jazzy with a side bun style! Credit: Instagram.com/marvilabeautyandmakeup

What better way to pay homage to the jazz age style than with this easy side bun style? It’s simple enough that it allows you to make the most of as many accessories as your heart desires. When else can you wear feathers in your hair? Credit: @marvilabeautyandmakeup

Juliet Cap Veil

Close up of a woman wearing a diamante 1920s juliet cap veil
Rihanna put a modern twist on this ’20s look with a rhinestone headscarf. Credit: Instagram.com/priscilla_brazil

Juliet caps (named after Shakespeare’s Juliet who was shown in original illustrations to be wearing one!) became trendy in the 1920s and 30s. Now worn most commonly by vintage brides, superstar Rihanna also rocked this flapper look on the red carpet with her own sparkle encrusted headscarf. Credit: @priscilla_brazil

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