How To Get ’60s Beehive Hair

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a retro beehive hairdo.
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Beehive hair is a women’s retro hairstyle which gets its name from its characteristic conical (or beehive-like) shape. It first rose to popularity in the 1960s when big hair was the fashion and quickly became the look to be seen with. Spotted on the heads of some of the biggest style icons of the era, including Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, it’s become one of the most recognisable hairstyles of all time.

Thanks to stars like Adele and Amy Winehouse, the beehive hairdo is just as sought after today and while it looks tricky to master, it’s easier than you think. Follow our step-by-step tutorial below and watch the video above to see the look come to life.

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How To Get ’60s Beehive Hair

Step 1

Section your hair.

Start by sectioning off your hair, leaving two pieces free at the front to frame your face. Divide the back horizontally into two and clip the lower section into a ponytail.

beehive hair tutorial girl with dark blonde hair with clips in her hair
Step 2

Use dry shampoo.

Using a comb or your fingers, lift the top section of hair at the back of your head and spray some VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray at the roots. This will add shape and volume to your beehive hairstyle so it has a solid base. 

beehive hair tutorial girl with dark blonde hair
Step 3

Tease the hair.

Take a small amount of hair from the top section and backcomb it to add volume. The more volume you can add here, the bigger your beehive will be! 

Beehive hair blonde girl backcombing roots with brush looking down
Step 4

Brush the hair into place.

Smooth over the teased section of hair with a bristle brush to ensure there are no flyaways and you’re left with a dome shape. Be sure to brush gently so you don’t flatten any of the volume.

Beehive hair blonde girl using comb to brush hair into place
Step 5

Clip hair into a bouffant.

Gather the teased section of hair together using a comb and pull it towards the back of your head.

Starting at the ends of your hair, roll them under to form a bouffant. Secure into place with bobby pins and tuck in any loose ends.

Beehive hair tutorial blonde girl pinning hair into a bun at back of her head
Step 6

Pin the rest of the hair up.

Twist the lower section of the hair and twirl into a neat, low bun at the base of your beehive. Pin this into place and make sure all the hair from the back sections is tucked into your updo. 

Beehive hair tutorial blonde hair twisting hair into a low bun
Step 7

Soften the look.

Pull the front two sections of your hair loose to frame your face, or pin them loosely behind your ears for an authentic ’60s beehive hair look. 

Beehive hair tutorial blonde girl with updo pinning front hair section back


Step 8

You're done!

Set your style with the TONI&GUY Body Amplify Creation Hairspray to lock it in place et voila… you’ve mastered the beehive hair ‘do.

Beehive hair style blonde girl looking away from camera smiling with updo

How To Do A Half-Up Half-Down Beehive Hairstyle

If the original Amy Winehouse beehive look is a bit much for you, don’t let it put you off all beehive hairstyles completely. There are a number of ways to rock a more toned down take on beehive hair and the half-up half-down is one of our go-tos.

Slightly more wearable, while still incorporating the bouffant element that we all know and love, it’s the perfect look to take you from the office to after-work drinks with the girls. Sold? Follow our simple step-by-step tutorial below to see just how quickly you can master this modern update…

Step 1

Curl your lengths.

Prep your hair by applying a heat protect spray like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray. Curl your hair in 2-3 inch sections, working around your head until you’re left with allover soft, loose waves.

Beehive hair: Woman with auburn hair using a curling tong to curl her hair
Step 2

Tease your crown.

Then it’s time to tease, tease, tease!

Using a teasing brush or comb, backcomb the hair at your crown by brushing gently towards your roots. Remember, you don’t want to damage your hair so don’t go too crazy!

Beehive hair: Woman with auburn hair using a comb to tease her hair
Step 3

Add more volume.

Once you’ve teased the top section of hair, give it a spritz of the TIGI Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo to inject some extra volume into your mane.

Beehive hair: Woman with auburn hair using dry shampoo in her hair
Step 4

Smooth back the middle section of hair.

Next, take a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb and use it to smooth back the teased section of hair to tame any frizz.

Beehive hair: Side view of a woman with auburn hair brushing back her hair
Step 5

Bring the front sections together at the back.

Use your hands to bring the 2 leftover front sections of hair to the back of your head, twisting as you go to create a mini bouffant.

Pin the twisted strands in place with bobby pins, placing them into a criss-cross shape to give your style extra security. 

Beehive hair: Back shot of a woman with auburn hair pinning her hairstyle in place

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