17 lovely updos for long hair that are perfect for your next occasion

All Things Hair | 07 June 2017

Looking for occasion-ready updos for long hair? Stop searching for up styles for long hair, and start taking a look at these beauties, instead!


Has your long hair styling routine become ultra-boring? And are you looking for stunning, fresh updos for long hair to amp up your mane game? If you answered yes to both of these questions, stay put, because you’re hair problems are about solved!

Okay, searching for on-trend easy updos for long hair isn’t the simplest of tasks; which is why we’ve found you 17 unmissable up styles for long hair that are perfect for your next formal occasion! You’re welcome.

17 unmissable up hairstyles for long hair that are perfect for your next occasion


updos for long hair: model with fishtail braided halo hairstyle
This flirty fishtail braided halo is beyond impressive! Credit: Instagram.com/lilithmoonlife

 1. The fishtail milkmaid braid

It’s no secret that braided updos for long hair are reigning supreme. And if you’re looking for a fresh, romantic way to rock halo braids, just take a peek at the above look!

This ‘do brings together tousled tresses and a stunning fishtail milkmaid braid, creating a highly-textured way to rock your lengthy locks. Credit: @lilithmoonlife

Editor’s tip: When creating braided up hairstyles for long hair, arm yourself with a sea salt spray, like the VO5 Sea Salt Spray, to give your mane extra texture and grip.

easy updos for long hair: missysue with rope braided low bun hairstyle
Braids and messy low buns are a recipe for success. Credit: Instagram.com/missysueblog

2.  The rope braided low messy bun

When it comes to easy updos for long hair, nothing beats a beautiful, low messy bun. But this is no ordinary undone bun, because this updo incorporates a twist braid on the side, for a unique, well, twist!

This contemporary take on the classic bun boasts the perfect mix of casual and polish, plus it’ll help keep you nice and cool throughout the summer, too! Credit: @missysueblog

easy updos for long hair: bobby pinned sleek low bun
You won’t lose your bobby pins so easily with this sleek style around! Credit: Instagram.com/onlocationglam

3.  Wet-look bobby pinned bun

Are you lusting after all the sleek updo hairstyles for long hair out there? Well, it’s your lucky day, because you can easily give your long hair an elegant, polished feel with some bobby pins!

And if you need any more convincing, just take a long, hard look at this wet-look bun, that features long bobby pins along the sides of her head. Credit: @onlocationglam

up hairstyles for long hair: streetstyle shot of model with braided low space buns
Space buns are beautiful and totally out of this world! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

4. Stunning braided space buns

Looking for a quick hairstyle that’s also super cute? Then these beautiful braided space buns could be the answer to all your hair prayers!

Whoever said updo hairstyles for long hair were boring clearly didn’t take this pretty, fun style into account!

hair updos for long hair: model with long hair styled into a casual topknot
A pretty top knot + wispy strands = utter perfection! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

5. Top notch top knot

Are you a lazy girl at heart searching for easy updos for long hair? Then you need get on the top knot hair trend, pronto!

This rather underrated hairstyle is really versatile, working amazingly well for all sorts of occasions. So, whether you’re having a casual brunch or hosting a summer party, you’ll have a hairdo that’s ready for anything!

updo hairstyles for long hair: model with rose bun, wearing black floral top
Roses are red, violets are blue, and if you have long hair, this rose bun is perfect for you!

6. Romantic rose bun

When it comes to fancy hair updos for long hair, this charming rose bun hairstyle is one of our absolute favourites.

This modern look is perfect for ladies who want to amp up their mane’s romance factor, ensuring you’ll look bloomin’ beautiful at your next event!

upstyles for long hair: model with gibson tuck hairstyle
Channel your inner Gibson girl with this Gibson tuck hairstyle! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

7. Gorgeous Gibson tuck

Are you a sucker for all things vintage? Great! And if you’re looking for hair updos for long hair that will allow you to channel retro vibes, the solution lies in this gorgeous Gibson tuck hairstyle. Trust us, it’s the best of both vintage and bun hair worlds!

easy updos for long hair: model with low messy bun hairstyle
Get low, low, low! Credit: Allyson Alapont

8. Undone low bun

Slung low, with a few tousled strands for an extra touch of romance, this is the sizzling, effortless updo of the moment: the undone low bun.

Now, the only question left is: which day of the week will you be flaunting this ‘do?

updos for long hair: model with long hair styled into a rolled chignon
Charm the day away with this delicious croissant chignon!

9. Rolled chignon

Love the look of chignons but struggle to recreate the look at home? Well, now you can finally master the look! All you need to ace this chignon, is to roll and tuck your hair into an elasticated headband. Yep, that really is all it takes – easy peasy, eh?

easy updos for long hair: model with upside down braided bun hairstyle
This braided bun updo will turn your life upside down!

10. Upside down braided bun

Love the look of braids and buns? Why not mix them together and rock an upside-down French braided bun, like the picture above?

Not only is the hairstyle we’ve chosen guaranteed to last you all day and night – no matter how much dancing you do – but it also looks fabulous from every single angle (especially the back!).

upstyles for long hair: model with long hair styled into a polished bun hairstyle
Make your bun look less basic by opting for this polished ‘do! Credit: Allyson Alapont

11. Polished bun updo

After a bun hairstyle that looks sophisticated, yet takes seconds to achieve? We know it sounds impossible, but it’s really not! This polished bun will be sure to keep you cool, tame flyaways and be achieved in under 5 minutes flat.

Editor’s tip: To give your hair a star-worthy shine, mist some of the VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray all over your mane!

upstyles for long hair: model with long hair styled into a vintage waved updo
Give your look a shimmering vintage twist with this glam hairstyle! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

12. Wavy vintage updo

When you mix vintage waved hair and updos together, you get the dreamiest hairstyle ever: the wavy vintage updo!

Featuring a charming mix of neat waves and retro-inspired hair accessories, this ‘do is guaranteed to get heads turning wherever you go.

easy updos for long hair; model with long hair styled into a french twist hairstyle
Brigitte bardot is that you?!

13. French twist

Eager to add some je nes sais quoi into to your everyday style? Then let us introduce you to your new obsession: the French twist.

This uber elegant hairstyle is actually less complicated than it looks, yet won’t fail to impress. Master this Brigitte Bardot-inspired updo with our step-by-step tutorial, right here.

easy updos for long hair: model with fake braid roll hairstyle backshot
Fake it till you make it with this updo!

14. Fake braid roll

Want to nail an elegant, easy updo, but scared that your styling prowess is less that professional? Well, you’ll no longer have to be envious of your plait-savvy friends, with this fake braid roll around!

updos for long hair: model with low bun with floral
Honestly, is there anything hair accessories can’t do? Credit: indigitalimages.com

15. Floral hair updo

Think hair updos for long hair are boring? Adding fancy hair accessories, a la the picture above, will make you think again. From intricately detailed headbands to fairy-like flower crowns, sprucing up your long hair updo will be breeze.

easy updos for long hair: model with vintage updo with bandana
Pin up hair, don’t care!

16. Vintage updo with bandana

Top knots are so easy it’s almost criminal. But when worn with a pretty bandana, like the picture above, they’re a pin-up lover’s dream come true.

up hairstyles for long hair: backshot of model with side twisted bun
The question is: which side will you choose? Credit: Instagram.com/hair_by_nat

17. Side braided bun

Why opt for a regular side bun when you could have a twisted side bun with braid detail? Positioning your long hair to the side is a great way of putting a contemporary spin on any classic look.

So, after you’ve mastered our side bun tutorial, make sure to give this twisted side bun a try. Who knows, it might just become your new go-to!


We knew these beautiful updo hairstyles for long hair would impress you! So, to get your next styling fix, take a spin around our Long Hairstyles and Updos pages, for loads of more dazzling hair ideas.

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