10 unbelievably pretty updos for short hair you’ll want to try

Arianna | 09 June 2017

Ready to create picture-perfect cute updos for short hair? Then let’s get started…


Okay, so you’ve worn your short hair down, braided it and even rocked some neat accessories, but what now? As you probably know, cropped strands can be rather tricky to style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give updos for short hair a whirl.

Now, we’re bet you’re thinking short hair updos don’t exist, right? Well, we’re here to help make you think again and show you that gorgeous up hairstyles for short hair actually come in all shapes and sizes!

10 pretty short hair updos you will want to rock this year


up hairstyles for short hair: woman with short hair styled into a sleek topknot
Which day of the week will you rock this sleek and chic topknot? Credit: Instagram.com/camilacoelho

1. Sleek top knot

It’s no secret that sleek updos for short hair have been ruling the runways and the red carpet. So, this year, to stay ahead of the curve, take your short mane to stylish new heights with this Kim Kardashian-worthy top knot. Credit: @camilacoelho

Editor’s tip: If you love creating polished up hairstyles for short hair, you’ll need to arm yourself with the VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray. For best results, apply to your strands before straightening and just watch as the magic happens!

updo hairstyles for short hair: model with topknot with bobby pins hairstyle
It’s time to track down those lost bobby pins! Credit: Instagram.com/milabu09

2. Bobby pinned updo

If you’re less than proficient at styling your locks, and are hunting for easy updos for short hair, we have just the thing to upgrade your look.

Transforming your morning routine has never been simpler thanks to this quirky, playful bobby pinned updo, which can be achieved in a matter of minutes! So chic is this look, that you’ll trick everyone into thinking you spent ages on your ‘do (when really you pressed that snooze button). Credit: @milabu09

easy updos for short hair: model with short hair styled into knotted updo
You honestly won’t believe how easy this updo is to recreate! Credit: Instagram.com/rachaliah

3. Knotted bun updo

When it comes to fancy updo hairstyles for short hair, this charming knotted bun is one of our absolute favourites. Wondering why? Well, this elegant bun has an air of complexity about it, when really, it’s deceptively easy to create. Breath taking, isn’t it? Credit: @rachaliah

short hair updos: woman with mini space buns hairstyle
You don’t need to travel out of the galaxy to get these buns! Credit: Instagram.com/luanna

4.  Mini space buns

Fortunate enough to have a bob or long bob hairstyle? Then, you need to consider trying out one of the most popular short hair updos around: mini space buns.

Whether you wear them sleek, curly, straight — and sometimes doused with glitter at the roots — you’ll have an easy hairdo that’s ready for any occasion. Credit: @luanna

short hair updos: model with short hair styled into a milkmaid braid with small bun
Ready to be a braided beauty? Then, the short hair take on a milkmaid braid is what you need! Credit: Instagram.com/xandervintage

5.  Milkmaid braid

Just because you’re sporting a bob doesn’t mean braids are out of the question. In fact, braids – like the milkmaid braid – are perfectly doable on shorter hair. Don’t believe us? Just one peek at the above look will melt all your doubts away!

Editor’s tip: After creating your milkmaid braid, sprinkle a sculpting powder (like the Toni&Guy Root Lifting Sculpting Powder), all over your braids before pancaking. This nifty trick will make your hair instantly appear fuller and give an even more envy-inducing finish.

updos for short hair: woman with retro french twist hairstyle
This retro-inspired French twist will rock your world! Credit: Instagram.com/heychar1ie

6. Retro French twist

Contrary to popular belief, a French twist can be achieved in a cropped mane, too. Timeless and super easy to achieve, this look is one of our favourite updo hairstyles for short hair, especially since it works brilliantly with a few strands left loose at the front for a more romantic touch!

However, if you prefer living life on the edgy, combining the fierceness of a quiff and the sweetness of this French twist is great way to channel punky retro vibes. Honestly, your unique, hybrid look will have everyone dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock! Credit: @heychar1ie

up hairstyles for short hair: woman with french braided updo hairstyle on bob
Channel your inner Parisian girl with this pretty French braid. Credit: Instagram.com/fairclothfancy

7.  French braided updo

No matter what condition your hair is in, braided short hair updos always seem to be the solution. And the second we spotted this Instagrammer with a Parisian-perfect updo, we just had to stop and stare!

Not only would this style look uber sweet with some fresh flowers tucked in, but we reckon it would also work a treat as a chic gym style. See? Cute updos for short hair do exist! Credit: @fairclothfancy

updos for short hair: woman with long pixie styled into a vintage rolled updo
You’ll feel like your winning, when you roll with this look! Credit: Instagram.com/ela_braid_and_art

8. Vintage victory roll

Got short hair and vintage ambitions? Well, if you have a long pixie cut or a bob, a scarf can solve all sorts of problems.

For the ultimate throwback look, curl the top layer of hair and create your roll, before topping it all off with a pretty hair wrap. Throw in a red pout for maximum style points, and there you have it: pin-up perfect hair in less than 60 seconds! Credit: @ela_braid_and_art

updos for short hair: Nikki Phillippi
10 min Style Medium
Nikki Phillippi is the queen of short hair updos!

9. Nikki Phillippi’s braided low bun

When it comes to romantic updos for short hair, Nikki Phillippi is the queen of creating them! Just take a look at this summer-perfect twisted low bun she came up with, and you’ll understand why it’s so amazing.

This rather underrated hairstyle is really versatile, working amazingly well for all sorts of occasions. So, whether you’re having a casual brunch or hosting a summer party, you’ll have a hairdo that’ll make you the belle of the ball. Thanks Nikki!

easy updos for short hair: model with low twisted hairstyle
low rolled updo + face-framing strands = utter perfection!

10.  The low tuck

Love the look of elegant up hairstyles for short hair, but struggle to recreate the style at home? Well, now you can finally master the look! All you need to ace this low, Downtown Abbey-esque ‘do, is to roll and tuck your hair into an elasticated headband. Yep, that really is all it takes – easy peasy, eh?


And there you have it: we knew these easy updos for short hair would win you over! But if you’ve got a style itch that needs to be scratched, take a spin around our Short Hairstyles and Updos pages, for loads of more amazing hair ideas.