Hit snooze! 7 messy hairstyles for perfectly-undone updos all week

Messy hairstyles all week!  

Are you looking for messy hairstyles inspiration? Dreading the week ahead with not one hairstyle planned? Okay, just take a deep breath, because we’ve scheduled in 7 easy-peasy updos for you to try out, all of which will help you #beathairboredom.

These fuss-free styling ideas are not only easy to create, but look incredibly stylish, too! See them all by scrolling through our gallery above or simply keep reading for all the details, plus expert tips and tricks for creating the styles.

Messy hairstyles for perfectly-imperfect tresses every day


side view of highlighted dark brown hair in high messy bun
You can’t go wrong with a messy high bun. Credit: Instagram.com/morganhairco

Monday: High bun

Yes, it’s the day that shall not be named. But instead of resigning yourself to the Monday blues, you need to get yourself a hairdo that’ll kick off your week in the best way possible!

This everyday look needs to be on your style list when it comes to messy hairstyles. A high bun is just as perfect for smart office wear and is sure to stay put all day long, meaning you’ll #slay from dawn to dusk. Credit: @morganhairco

Editor’s tip: Now we’re sure you know how to master a high bun, but did you know that by spritzing your tresses with a dry shampoo (like VO5 Volume Dry Shampoo), your bun will have extra staying power? Yep it’s true, it’s not just for saving greasy strands!

back view of highlighted dark blonde hair in low space buns
Macaron buns have become the latest surprise hair trend. Credit: Instagram.com/kristin_ess

Tuesday: Macaron buns

Okay, the worst part of the week is over, so now it’s time to experiment with something a bit more refreshing. Macaron buns are 2017’s surprise hair trend and we couldn’t be more thankful for this dreamy hairstyle if we tried. Credit: @kristin_ess

Ready to be Parisian chic? Then you need to grab the TONI&GUY Matt Texture Dry Shampoo to build up the texture and body of your tresses. To style, follow the same method you would to create space buns, but rock them lower at the nape of your neck. Et voila!

back view of blonde highlighted hair with metal hair slide holding hair in ponytail
When in doubt, add an accessory and go. Credit: Instagram.com/thebeautydept

Wednesay: Ponytails

With the help of a texturising spray and a pretty hair clip, you can create this messy hairstyle in a matter of seconds. Perfect for the office to office party, this mid-week, Hump Day hairstyle is one fuss-free look we can’t live without! Credit: @thebeautydept

back view of highlighted dark blonde hair in half-up, half-down bun
No time wasted on this chic hairstyle. Credit: Instagram.com/beccawith_the_goodhair

Thrusday: Half-up, half-down

Happy Friday Eve! To celebrate the forthcoming weekend, try your hand at some half-up, half-down hairstyles, all of which are having a major moment and have fast become the hottest hairstyle to be seen wearing.

From half-up braids to this half-up bun (AKA a hun), there is no shortage of inspirational styles to try, so why not make this your next messy hairstyle? Credit: @beccawith_the_goodhair

back side view of dark brown hair in textured low bun with loose long fringe
Add texture to your updo for an undone finish. Credit: Instagram.com/trevpalm

Friday: Textured bun

Thank the hair gods it’s the end of the week! But with a collective sigh of relief comes a flurry of social activities to attend. Whatever comes your way this Friday, we suggest giving this texture bun a whirl.

Be it a wedding or just a dinner with the girls, this is the ideal messy hairstyle for whatever is in your dairy. Credit: @trevpalm

Editor’s tip: Spray hair with the VO5 Dry Backcomb Spray to create big, voluminous updos with all the texture you can get from using a backcombing brush.

front view of auburn brown hair in space buns with loose long fringe
Fun and flirty space buns. Credit: Instagram.com/ohmygeee

Saturday: Space buns

Party time! Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know that space buns have had a major revival since they were last worn in the ’90s – Gwen Stefani we are looking at you in particular. So embrace your inner retro kid and work the space buns trend now. Credit: @ohmygeee

Tip: Leave loose strands to fall around your face for an undone, casual finish to this messy hairstyle. Go on, do it for ‘gram!

back view of highlighted blonde hair in low bun stitch updo
Put down the knitting needles as this bun stitch is all kinds of stylish. Credit: Instgaram.com/kristin_ess

Sunday: Tousled bun stitch

Sundays go one of two ways: either out and about having brunch with friends, or wrapped in a blanket and binge watching your new fave TV show – there is no in-between, here.

Such days call for a does-it-all look, and we think we have the messy hairstyle for you…  This tousled bun stitch is the ideal undone updo to keep your tresses under control, while still showing off the length of your hair. Credit: @kristin_ess


Now that your regular week is sorted, it’s time to look ahead for those occasions that call for a something special. Head on over to our Updos page for heaps of on-trend video tutorials and the latest updo hairstyles to try now, and you’ll never be caught out with unsightly tresses again!