Blonde with a sleek, romantic low bun updo hairstyle

Low Bun Hairstyles That Every It Girl Is Rocking

8 low bun hairstyles that'll transform the way you look at buns...

Whether you make yours sleek like a ballerina, or messy and chic like a French girl, we’re pretty sure bun hairstyles are part of your weekly rotation. But let’s face it: rocking top knots 24/7 can get boring! So, why not stylish switch things up and give some low bun hairstyles a chance?

Ready to take the plunge? Scroll down to see the 8 low bun styles that all of the It girls are rocking this season…

The Blogger Bun

Blonde with a sleek, romantic low bun updo hairstyle
Looking for a low bun updo that’s full of fashionable flair? This is it! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Whether you’re heading to work, spending a night out on the town or staying in, you can easily evoke It-girl vibes with this classy low bun updo.

The best thing about it? You can also make this style ooze romance by leaving out some wispy strands at the front like this mega-babe has done, here.

The Undone Low Bun

Redhead woman with messy low bun hairstyle
Who said messy hair couldn’t be chic? Credit: Allyson Alapont

This one is for all the ladies who just woke up (you know who you are!). Instead of making your low bun look perfectly polished, you try should embrace your bedhead mane with this double tap-worthy undone hairstyle.


Editor’s tip: After giving your mane a once-over with a texturising spray like the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray, create your cool-girl bun. This style re-activator will refresh your strands and make it easier for you to flaunt this look!

Side Low Bun Updo

close up shot of woman with pretzel low bun updo hairstyle, wearing a grey top and black dress, posing outside
Love pretzels? Then you’ll love this pretzel side bun! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Want to show off your best side? Then you’ll love this pretty pretzel bun hairstyle, which gathering from this picture, looks as delicious as it sounds.

This low bun updo isn’t complicated to create and won’t fail to impress. Follow our tutorial and get ready to master this style.

The Braided Low Bun

back shot of model with braided low bun updo hairstyle, wearing black jacket
Braids and low buns go together like peanut butter and jelly! Credit: Allyson Alapont

There’s a lot to love about this surprisingly simple style — from its braids to its perfectly executed low bun, this look has #hairgoals written all over it.

The question is, which day of the week will you rocking this versatile hairstyle?

Macaron Buns

close up shot of model with low macaron buns hairstyle, wearing denim outfit street style
Forget space buns, it’s all about macaron buns RN! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

When it comes to Insta-worthy low bun hairstyles, macaron buns are the ‘do everyone wants to slay. But if you want to give your baby buns a winning edge, you should try braiding them, like this mega-babe has done.

Luckily for you, we’ve got a tutorial on these pretty space buns, here. So, get ready for your close up!

TRESemme Ultimate Hold Hairspray

Editor’s tip: To keep your braided low bun in place, make sure to spray it with the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold HairsprayThis will keep frizz at bay and leave your locks sparkling!

Twisted Low Bun Updo

backshot of woman with twisted low bun hairstyle, wearing white top, posing on the street
Finding it hard to braid? This twisted low bun has got your back! Credit: Dvora

Want to know everyone’s loving this look? Because it’s oozing with laid-back allure, yet undeniably looks put together. The best thing about it? There’s no braiding involved!

All you have to do to achieve this twisted low bun hairstyle is twist your strands together and fix them in place with some bobby pins. Trendy and tidy? Yes, please!

Low Ballerina Bun

back shot of model with ballerina low bun updo hairstyle, wearing white and standing outside in a park
Ballerina hair, don’t care! Credit: Verity Jane Smith

We’ve all been there, rushing to meet a friend after a full day of work and struggling to jazz up your look in the office toilet. If that sounds all too familiar, this day-to-night low ballerina bun has got your back.

Reach for a velvet ribbon and wrap at the base of your low bun to make this simple style runway-worthy.

Banana Bun Updo

low bun hairstyles: close up shot of model with banana bun hairstyle, wearing floral dress
Are you ready to channel your inner French girl? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Looking for low bun hairstyles that’ll give your workday look a whole new lift? Then say hello to your new go-to: the banana bun.

This lovely low bun is another French girl trend you can get in on, like right now.


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