Liquid gold ponytails: The latest hair trend we love

Amra | 05 December 2016
back view of a woman with straight brunette hair worn in a low ponytail with gold chains attached to it

Time to jazz up your go-to look!


Okay ladies, let’s set the record straight: ponytails aren’t boring! And if you’re looking for an easy way to add a touch of glitz and glam to your Christmas or New Year’s Eve ‘do, then you NEED to jump on board the liquid gold ponytail hair trend that’s currently blowing up on Instagram.

While wearing actual liquid gold in our hair would just burn off all our strands (eek!), there is a way to give the illusion that the precious metal is flowing through our locks. So, feeling intrigued to know more about this stunning hair trend? In that case, get the lowdown on this dazzling look below, and prepare to have a very jazzy mane this season!


Are liquid gold ponytails the latest trend?


back view of a woman with straight brunette hair worn in a low ponytail with gold chains attached to it
Try a low, sleek ponytail to glow up. Credit:

So, just how is the liquid gold ponytail trend achieved? It’s quite easy, really: all you have to do is loop a gold chain through your ponytail (as demonstrated in the picture above) and let the gold do what it does best – shine!

Although simple, the look sure does pack a glitzy punch, working an absolute treat for any festive gathering you have this party season. But that’s not even the best part – since there are so many hair chains to choose from, you can make this look as glam or understated as you like! Credit: @hairbyadir

back view of a woman with light blonde hair and dark roots pulled into a high ponytail with gold chains attached
Liquid gold ponytail high and wavy. Credit:

Your chosen hair chain can even be worn high or low, in half-up ponytails, and with bun updos, meaning you can glow up just about any look you rock this season!

So, if you have some old jewellery lying around (specifically a gold chain of some kind) you should definitely think twice before throwing it out because it could become your new festive hair accessory. Just use some bobby pins to hold the chain in place, and you’re good to go! Credit: @hollypolly1994