How To Do a Top Knot In 5 Easy Steps

Create a beautiful bun hairstyle in minutes with our speedy top knot tutorial.

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Woman with brunette hair in a topknot bun



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We’ve all been there: alarms 1, 2 and 3 go off and you just keep hitting that snooze button. But then, by the time we fully wake from our slumber, there is just a matter of minutes to be up and out of the door (eek!). If this sounds like your usual morning routine, then knowing how to do a topknot should be an essential look in your hair styling repertoire.

While many of us love a messy bun for lazy days, the topknot is in a whole other league of get-up-and-go styles. Being both casual and chic in one effortless look, learning how to do a topknot bun the right way will save you from many potential bad hair days to come! And the best part? Everyone around you will be fooled into thinking you’ve put all the effort in.


Apply a texturising product.

Top knot hairstyles tend to work better on second-day hair. If your hair is freshly washed or super soft though, you can add some extra grip, texture and volume to your strands (and banish any oiliness) by sprinkling a little of the VO5 Instant Volume Powder onto your roots and massaging it in.

Woman with long brunette hair using a volume powder

Pull into a ponytail.

Next, pull all your hair into a simple high ponytail. Don’t worry if some of your strands are too short to be incorporated into your pony, as these will add a more lived-in, carefree appeal to your messy top knot.

Woman with long brunette hair pulling her hair into a ponytail

Tease and twist.

If you have fine hair, teasing your hair before you twist it into a bun can give your top knot hairstyle a fuller, thicker look. Just take a comb or brush and use it to tease your ponytail to amp up the volume and texture of your hair and it’ll make sure your knot top bun is full and looking fierce!

Then twist and wrap your ponytail around on itself.

Woman with brunette hair in a ponytail twisting it to make a topknot bun

Secure and pancake.

Once you’ve twisted your pony into a top knot, use bobby pins to secure it in place.

If your topknot feels too tight at this point, don’t worry, as you can simply pull on your bun slightly to loosen it and give it a more undone appearance.

Woman with brunette hair in a topknot bun adding bobby pins



Final look.

And there you have it! You’ve just learnt how to do a top knot that will see you through any occasion in style.

To make sure it stays looking fabulous all day, remember to finish up with a hairspray like the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray and give your ‘do a generous misting. 

Woman with brunette hair in a topknot spraying hairspray


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