7 Easy Half Up, Half Down Bun Hairstyles You Can Try Now

Perfectly polished on top, undone underneath. Prepare to fall in love with the effortlessly chic half bun hairstyle!  

If, like us, you spend the majority of your free time trawling through Instagram to find the latest hair and beauty trends, you’ll no doubt already know that the half-up, half-down bun trend has taken over in a BIG way.

Famed for it’s foolproof appeal yet stylish enough for A-listers (we’re looking at you Hilary Duff and Ariana Grande), it’s undoubtedly one of the most successful breakout styles we’ve seen over the last couple of years.

Whether you’re already a converted hun (AKA half bun hairstyle) fan looking to expand your styling repertoire or you’re yet to give it a try, discover our favourite half-up bun styles from Instagram now. Talk about #gridgoals!

1. Messy hun

woman with long brunette hair in a half up half down messy bun
Who needs a hairbrush when your bed hair looks this good? Credit: Instagram.com/tanimotoshouta

Every girl loves an easy, breezy messy bun, but if you’re looking for a way to take your Sunday style up a notch, this perfectly-undone half bun hairstyle is it.

Just as casual and low-maintenance as ever, but with a fab #bblogger approved twist, this is the ideal go-to for lazy girls everywhere. Credit: @tanimotoshouta

2. Braided hun

woman with long dark brunette hair in a half up braided bun hairstyle
No round-up would be complete without some braids thrown in for good measure! Credit: Instagram.com/hairbydesilee

Why just go for a single style this season when you can rock the hottest 2-in-1 look around?! This Instagrammer’s funky braided style combines a magical unicorn braid with a voluminous half-up half-down bun, making for the most covetable ‘do ever.

From festivals to BBQs, beach days to pool parties… we can think of at least 101 occasions this look would be perfect for! Credit: @hairbydesilee

Editor’s tip: If your hair is freshly washed you may find that it’s too soft and slippery for you to braid it properly. To tackle this, simply spritz a texturising sea salt spray, like the TRESemmé perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray, onto the crown of your hair before braiding.

This will help to add grit to your strands, making it easier to braid and ensuring your look lasts all day.

3. Ombre hun

woman standing by a fence in front of some trees with her long ombre hair in a half up bun hairstyle
Ombre-haired ladies, it’s your time to shine! Credit: Instagram.com/dilenaa_

The ombre hair colour trend is still going strong, so if you’re already rocking the two-toned look you’re in luck. As you can see from this stunning snap, styling your locks into a half-up bun is the perfect way to accentuate your multi-tonal look and really make your bun POP! Credit: @dilenaa_

4. Double hun

back shot of a woman with medium length pink hair in two space buns half up hair
Double the buns, double the fun! Credit: Instagram.com/nealmhair

We urge you to take a leaf out of Miley’s book and give space buns a try this summer. If you’re not quite ready to go full-on alien with your look though, this girly half-up, half-down bun variation is a sugary-sweet alternative. Oh and it’s pink – say no more! Credit: @nealmhair

5. Hun with bangs

filtered selfie of a woman with medium length brunette ombre hair with bangs with her hair in a half up bun hairstyle
Join the fringe fest with this soft and feminine style. Credit: Instagram.com/madeleinelovesthis

Living the bangs life? Make like this Instagrammer with soft Bardot bangs and a dishevelled mini half-up, half-down bun.

Cute enough for brunch with the girls but easy enough that you can save yourself an extra few minutes in bed, what more could you ask for? Credit: @madeleinelovesthis

6. Hun with cuff detail

blonde woman with long wavy hair in a half up bun with a cuff detail
Hair cuffs- They’re like bracelets for your hair! Credit: Instagram.com/ashleyhoffy

Boho babes, listen up! If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your half bun hairstyle with accessories, bun cuffs are the answer.

They’ll instantly give your half-up, half-down bun serious Vanessa Hudgens x Coachella vibes – all with minimal effort required. Credit: @ashleyhoffy

7. Knotted hun

woman with light blonde ombre curled hair in a knotted half up bun
You can’t KNOT try this runway-ready style! Credit: Instagram.com/_hairbybrandy_

Fashionistas can give their look more of a high-fashion edge by trading a standard hun for a catwalk-inspired knot style, like this Instagram beauty.

To create this style, simply weave a half-up braid using the traditional 3-strand method, securing at the bottom with a clear elastic. Then wrap the braid around on itself and pin to create a braided bun. Pull apart slightly to give a full, voluminous look and bam, instant off-duty model chic! Credit: @_hairbybrandy_


Will you be trying any of these #instafamous hairstyles this summer? Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @allthingshairofficial for all the best hair inspiration, straight to your feed! You’ll definitely #beathairboredom this season.

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