How to do a half-up, half-down flower braided bun

Arianna | 02 October 2016

A flower-inspired updo? What more could a girl want? 

Let us tell you: if you haven’t yet heard of a flower braided bun, then you’re seriously missing out. Not only is it one of the most gorgeous (and easiest!) half-up, half-down braided bun hairstyles around, but it’s also suitable for a number of formal occasions – like work, weddings and whatever else you have coming up this autumn. And as you may have guessed, this stunning braided bun draws inspiration from flowers, mimicking the shape of delicate little petals!

So, if you’re ready to create this bloomin’ beautiful hairstyle for yourself, read on for our step-by-step tutorial. Go on, it’s just 6 steps to achieving a wonderfully unique updo!

Half-up, half-down flower braided bun tutorial


Detangle hair.

Start by brushing through your hair with a paddle brush to get rid of any knots and tangles.


Prep hair.

For this hairstyle, you’ll want your mane to look voluminous and full, so spray some Dove Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Thickening Essence into your hair before styling. This will help to invigorate your roots and give you visibly fuller-looking hair.


Curl hair.

Working on 2-3 inch wide sections of hair at a time, use a large barrel curling tong to create gorgeous, loose waves. Start curling your hair from approximately ear-height, and work your way down gradually. Continue curling until you have done your whole head.

Tip: Curl your hair outwards for a neat, uniformed style.


Section hair and plait.

Brush the top layer of your hair back and gather it into a mini half-up, half-down ponytail. Once you’ve secured your mini ponytail with a hairband, divide it into 3 equal sections. Use these 3 sections to create a simple plait.

If you don’t know how to plait, don’t worry! All you have to do is take the left section of hair and weave it over the middle section (it will become the new middle section). Then, take the right section of hair and weave it over the middle. Keep repeating this process until you have plaited the whole length of hair.


Create your flower bun.

Now that you’ve created your half-up, half-down plait, you can use it to create your flower bun! Simply wrap the plait around the base of your bun until you’ve achieved the perfect bun shape, and your hairband is fully concealed. Once you’re happy with the shape, pin it in place with some bobby pins that match the colour of your hair.


Final look: Finish with hairspray.

To set your stunning half-up, half-down braided flower bun, spritz some VO5 Classic Styling Firm Hold Hairspray over your finished ‘do. And there you have it: an easy-peasy, pretty floral-inspired hairstyle!

If you’ve mastered this tutorial, why not try something a little more challenging, like the utterly stunning fishtail braid side bun? Or for more great ways to rock plaits, head over to our Braids page – it’s got all the weaving inspiration you could possibly want!.

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