13 stylish bun hairstyles for all occasions

Seeking inspiration for bun hairstyles?  This one's for you! 

With its effortless appeal and versatile nature, the bun has become a holy grail hairstyle for women all over the world. And, no matter what the occasion – or your hair length and type – there are a whole host of bun hairstyles out there just waiting to be discovered.

Ready to explore them and also add to your styling repertoire? Ahead, we’ve listed our favourite hair bun styles (and yes, you’ll probably be wearing buns 24-7 after this).

 Bun hairstyles for every occasion

bun hairstyles: model with medium brown hair styled in a wet look low twisted bun hairstyle with large gold earrings and necklace
Who doesn’t want to rock a catwalk-worthy bun? Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Low side bun

After a bun that looks ultra-sleek and can be done in less than 10 minutes? Then this polished, runway-approved low side bun is the ideal choice.

Whether you’re attending a fancy dinner party or catching up with your friends over drinks, you won’t need to worry about spending ages putting your hair in bun with this chic bun at hand.

bun hairstyles: side view of model with brown hair styled in a high braided bun hairstyle updo
Fashion your hair in a bun that features braids for extra wow factor.

2. Braided bun

If you’re looking to add a little more edge to your hair bun stylesincorporating braids into them is the way forward. And this pretty yet practical braided updo is a good case in point.

Love the idea of rocking this ‘do? Lucky for you, we’re showing you how to get the look.

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With its ultra-fine and fast-drying formula, this VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray will help you control frizz and ensure your bun hairstyles last longer. too.

bun hairstyles: side view of olivia culpo with medium brown hair styled in a low big braided bun with braided detailing at the side
If it’s good enough for Olivia Culpo, it’s perfect for you. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Grecian braided bun

Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, your mane will be the complete definition of #weddinghairgoals with this Grecian-inspired braided style, which we spotted Olivia Culpo wearing.

This perfect hair bun will work best on longer tresses (or with the help of extensions) to help create a full-bodied finish.

easy bun hairstyles: woman with brown hair styled in a high hair donut bun hairstyle
When you need an extra helping hand, opt for a donut bun!

4. Donut bun

When it comes to easy bun hairstyles, the donut bun always manages to find itself at the top, all thanks to clever tool behind the style — a hair donut.

Not only is this style perfect for ladies with thin strands who struggle to fashion their hair in a bun, but it’s also ready to make your strands feel extra fancy.

Up next: How to create the perfect hair donut bun.

easy bun hairstyles: woman on runway with brown hair styled in a high messy bun hairstyle
Undone, but perfectly put together. Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Messy bun

There’s no denying that the messy bun is (and always will be!) the number one bun for any weekend look.

From brunch, shopping, to pre-drinks and parties – its laid-back and effortless appeal, makes this messy bun the perfect style for any low-key events you have planned.

hair bun styles: red head woman with hair styled in a braided headband bun hairstyle
This braided headband bun will turn the heads.

6. Braided headband bun

Dealing with Rapunzel lengths? Show off your braiding prowess by trying out this braided headband bun, which is great for days where you want to keep your mane out of your face.

Style tip: For a really romantic look, why not try weaving ribbon or flowers into the braid?

hair bun styles: angela bassett with dark brown long curly hair styled in a half-up, half-down bun hairstyle
If it’s good enough for our woman crush Angela Bassett then who are we to say different! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

7. Half-up bun

Not sure whether to style your long hair up or fashion your hair in a bun? You don’t have to pick sides: this half-up, half-down bun is the answer.

The best thing about it? You’ll be able to show off your long tresses in a practical, on-trend way, without worrying about your hair falling out of place.

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easy hair buns: woman with blonde straight hair styled in double space buns hairstyle
Double buns = double the fun. Credit: Dvora

8. Double buns

Easy hair buns, like these double buns, add instant playfulness to your mane. So, it’s no wonder this cute updo is a festival favourite. Are you going to try them out?

easy hair buns: ashley tisdale with octpus bun hairstyle on dirty blonde hair
Who knew looking under the sea for hair inspo was a thing? Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

9. Octopus bun

Yes really, the octopus bun is a thing and we bet you have already rocked this hairstyle without even realising…

The trick to creating this look is by wrapping your tresses as you would a topknot, but instead of wrapping until your tips, secure the style a few inches from the ends. Complete the look by fanning out the ends for your octopus-inspired finish.

easy hair buns: vanessa hudgens with bun hairstyle styled with a braid up the back of her hair at industry event
Make your bun more beautiful with a braided detail. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

10. Braided bun 2.0

You can always count on our hair crush Vanessa Hudgens to up the style stakes. Wearing her dark brown tresses in an undone bun, Vanessa completed the look with a striking Dutch braid at the back.

Now you may think this is tricky to create, but after you have seen our tutorial, you’ll be ready to take on this style for a beach holiday or beyond.

bun hairstyles: side view of holly taylor with long auburn wavy hair with half-up french braid cornrow bun hairstyle
From short strands to lengthy locks, it’s time you rocked this braided hun. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

11. Braided hun

This might be your new favourite way to style your hair. With this braided half-up, half-down bun your hair will look a dream and you’ll be able to convince everyone to get on the bun hype.

hair bun styles: side view of stella maxwell with blonde straight hair styled in stacked bun one on top of the other at red carpet event
Go bold with this stacked bun hairstyle. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

12. Stacked buns

Thought you had seen all the bun hairstyles possible? Think again. Putting a new spin on the double space buns trend, this stacked bun updo is all you need to take you from the gym to a night out.

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easy bun hairstyles: back view of blonde model with hair styled in two double braided space buns hairstyle
We love bun hairstyles, hbu? Credit: Verity Jane Smith

13. Braided space buns

Our of our favourite things about bun hairstyles? No matter which type of braid you pair them with (be it Dutch or fishtail), they always manage to look double tap-worthy. The question is: are you selfie-ready?

Check out all the updo inspiration you will ever need!

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