The beginner’s guide to creating a simple hair bun and how to style it

Can't seem to tame your locks? Need a 'do that'll keep your strands tucked away but also looking on-point? Then step forward and learn how to create a perfect bun, here!  

In a world full of colourful, edge and intricately-woven hairstyles, it’s easy to get swept away in the ebb and flow of different trends. But don’t if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all these ‘dos, as we’re taking things back to basics and throwing you a lifeline with the simple hair bun!

Now before you scoff and turn away, don’t underestimate the style power of a perfect bun. A tried and tested favourite for all ages, hair lengths and types, knowing how to make a bun with your tresses opens your styling repertoire ten-fold. Don’t believe us? Follow our step-by-step guide below and see the results for yourself…

How to do a bun: Master this essential style in 5 simple steps



Prep your hair.

Before we start learning how to make a hair bun, it’s important to prep your strands to ensure the best possible results.

We suggest applying a few pumps of the Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment to the lengths of your strands, which will help replenish lipids, softens and adds a glorious sheen to your hair!

woman with long dark brown hair applying a hair oil

Brush through your hair.

Once you have applied your oil, take a hair brush and work through your tresses to remove any knots and tangles. This will make it easier to get a smooth, more polished finish to your hair bun.

woman with long dark brunette hair using a hair brush

Pull into a ponytail.

Okay, you’re now ready to learn how to put your hair into a bun.

Take all of your strands and pull them up into a ponytail. This can either be a super high pony or a regular mid-height pony, it is entirely up to you. Then secure it in place with a hairband.

close up shot of a woman with long brown hair tying her hair into a ponytail

Wrap and secure.

Actually knowing how to make a bun is super simple! Just take the tail of your pony and wrap in around the base until you have formed a bun shape, making it as tight or as undone as you like.

Once you have your desired shape, using bobby pins to secure it in place.

woman with dark brunette hair pinning her bun in place with a bobby pin

Final look.

Congratulations: you’ve just learnt how to do a bun in 4 quick and easy steps!

And know that you now how to put your hair into a bun, you can adapt the look to suit your style and personality. Go on, make this ‘do your own!

woman with dark brown hair with a basic hair bun hairstyle


Now it’s no secret that hair accessories have become a staple in the beauty bags of celebrities, social media stars and bloggers alike (check out Kate Middleton’s unusual hair accessory for proof).

Lately, our Insta-feeds have been swamped with super stylish pictures of trendsetters rocking the latest hair accessory: bun hair cuffs (think of them as bracelets for your tresses)!

Bun cuffs come in all different shapes and sizes: some have glitzy detailing, while others are embellished with pearls. But our favourites by far are the sleek metallic versions (they come in bronze, rose gold and silver!).

Dressing up your hair bun with hair cuffs



Bun hair: bun hair cuff unicorn braid bun
Bun hair: The bun cuff. Credit:

Whether you’ve got a full-on bun, or a half-up, half-down one, you can still totally pull off a bun cuff.

We love how this Instagrammer’s hair has been styled into a unicorn braid bun, but if you ask us, it’s the accessory that’s really stealing the show. Credit: @thehautestylist

Bun hair: bun hair cuff trend messy bun
Bun hair: The bun cuff. Credit:

Sporting a messy bun this weekend? While this updo may be the ultimate lazy girl’s hairstyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t jazz it up with a shiny hair accessory, right?

Simply refine this undone bun style with a classy cuff. It’ll take your look from sofa-slob to party-princess in seconds! Credit: @chloe_by_natasha

Bun cuff: bun hair cuff trend low bun
Bun hair: The bun cuff. Credit:

Prefer to have your hair styled neatly for work? There’s a cuff for that. This quirky – and versatile – hair accessory also works a charm for sleek, low buns.

After creating your office-appropriate updo, simply clip the cuff over the base of your bun and get ready to take on the day. Credit: @lauraskysparkle

Bun hair: bun cuff blonde hair
Bun hair: The bun cuff. Credit:

If you have blonde hair, why not opt for a rose gold bun cuff? Not only will it look great against your hair’s natural golden tones, but it’s also the perfect colour for summer – a win-win situation all-round! Credit: @candibymandi

Hair bun: cuff accessory pink hair
Hair bun: The bun cuff. Credit:

A hair cuff can be used to accessorise pastel-coloured hair, too, don’t you know?

Just be sure to opt for a metallic shade that will really complement your bold hair hue and it’ll be sure to elevate your cool girl status in an instant. Is there anything a bun hair cuff can’t do? Credit: @sarabolton1982

Bun hair: bun hair cuff trend dark hair
Bun hair: The bun cuff. Credit:

Even if you’re sporting a braided updo, like this French braid tuck, you can still add a hair cuff to your look for an added element of glam. Just look at the above hairstyle for proof! Credit: @anniekimwong


Feeling inspired now that you know how to make a hair bun? Then to explore the wild and wicked world of buns, head on over to our Updos page where you can trail all manner of ‘dos, like the Parisian-endorsed macaron buns!

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