Braided updos that will make you look like a hair pro

Arianna | 11 May 2016

Here’s where braid meets updo…

If you love braids and you love updos, we’re willing to bet you’ll be somewhat obsessed with braided updos (yep, us too). All the prettiness of a braid plus the practicality of an updo makes for a sure-fire hair success. And we’ve rounded up four of our favourite braided updos that not only look impressive, but are simple to do, too. Heads up: there’s one look here that may take more practice, but we promise is totally doable once you’ve locked the technique down (and you’ll have all your friends asking how you did it). See below for the plaited styles currently catching our eye, plus our tips on how to recreate the looks yourself, whether you’re a new braid novice or a plaiting pro.

4 Pretty braided updos to try now


Braided updos: The braided bun. Credit:

1. The braided bun

For a cute twist on a low donut, why not opt for a multi-braided bun instead? It’s super simple to do: create 4 neighbouring plaits by using the hair near your forehead, but stop once you reach the nape of your neck. To make them appear more full, loosen each plait by lightly teasing and pulling sections of the braid.

Then gather all of your loose hair into a low ponytail at your neck, so that it sits just under the end of your plaits. Loop your ponytail through the hole in your hair donut and slide it down until it reaches the base of your pony.

Spread your hair evenly around the hair donut to cover it. Working in stages, smooth your hair clockwise around the hair donut, tucking the hair under and securing with bobby pins as you go. For a messy, undone look (like in the picture above), leave a few sections loosely pinned. The most important thing is to ensure that you’ve covered the whole donut with your hair so that it’s completely concealed. The finished look is a subtle but effective twist on an easy everyday style. Credit: @sass.and.braids

Braided updos: Milkmaid braids.

2. Milkmaid braids

One of Sienna Miller’s favourite hairstyles, the milkmaid braid is a pretty summer hairstyle that’s perfect for parties and occasions. And not only is it super elegant, it’s one of the easiest braided updos to create! Want proof? Follow our step-by-step tutorial here. And don’t forget to help your fabulous milkmaid braid last all day, by spritzing it with some TIGI Catwalk Firm Hold Hairspray (£14.95*).

Braided updos: Dutch fishtail braid. Credit:

3. The Dutch fishtail braid

If you’re after a braid challenge, then this is the updo for you. A perfect marriage between a Dutch braid and a fishtail, meet the Dutch fishtail braid – a slightly more complex but impressive style worth mastering. To achieve this look, start by spraying your hair with the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (£7.49*), to help give your hair grip. Then section the front of your hair into two pieces (roughly 1 1/2 – 2 inches wide each). Begin by taking a small piece of hair from the outer edge of the right section, and crossing it under to join the left section of hair. Then repeat the same technique on the left section of your hair, but this time crossing under to join the right section. This is an inverted fishtail technique: now, get ready to incorporate the Dutch weaving method into the process.

Move back to the right section of hair. Take a small section from the outside, but this time add another small piece of loose hair into that strand (just like a Dutch braid). Now cross that combined piece of hair under to join the left section of hair. Now repeat this the left side, taking a small piece from the outer edge, adding a small piece of loose hair, and crossing under to the right section. Repeat the process all the way to the ends of your hair, and secure with a hair band. Pancake your fishtail braid to make it look larger and looser, then tuck the tail underneath the braid and secure it in place with some bobby pins. It might take some practice to nail this look, but once you’ve mastered it, we guarantee you’ll look like a braiding pro with this unique ‘do! Credit: @marybhaas

braided updos fishtail bun
Braided updos: The fishtail braid side bun.

4. The fishtail braid side bun

If you’re after an alternative fishtail-inspired updo, then why not opt for an elegant fishtail braid side bun. We promise, it’s straight-forward and quick to do: if you can handle a regular fishtail braid, you can whip up this sophisticated updo in five minutes! To keep your bun in place, mist your bun with the VO5 Classic Firm Hold Hairspray (£2.99*) at arm’s length to help hold it throughout the day. Follow our simple, full step-by-step guide here.

With four pretty styles to choose from, which of these braided updos is your favourite?

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