Perfect for the weekend: 3 Easy updos for long hair

Long hair problems? Not anymore!  


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Congratulations: you girls with long hair sure have a lot of styling options to choose from! Your Rapunzel-like locks give you endless choices, from braids to pretty updos – but while your length means you have many styles to leverage, sometimes it can be a hindrance, too. Which is why you need some easy updos for long hair, that’ll make styling your lengthy locks a total breeze!

Here at All Things Hair, we believe that just because ladies with long tresses have much more length to play with, it doesn’t mean they should be excluded from quick & easy hairstyles. So, let us present 3 simple updos for long hair, that you can whip them up in a matter of minutes!

3 Easy updos for long hair


The triple bun.

Don’t be intimated by the seemingly complex look of this hairstyle, because the truth is, it’s actually super easy to achieve!

Start by creating your preferred parting using the tip of your comb, before dividing your hair vertically into 3 even sections. Then, using the middle section, gently begin to twist the length of hair from the nape of your neck.

Once you’ve twisted the full length, wrap the hair around itself at the base of the twist to create a mini bun, securing the bun in place with a few bobby pins. Repeat this process on the remaining 2 sections of hair at either side, teasing some loose tendrils at the front for a truly romantic feel. Et voila: A triple bun easy updo for long hair!

3 Easy updos for long hair - Tripple Knot - All Things Hair

The knotted pony.

This hairstyle is great way to keep your locks out of your way, while still showcasing your length. And the best part is, you don’t even need a hair band to nail this look!

Start by dividing your mane vertically into 2 equal sections and simply tie them into a knot once. Then take the 2 ends and tie them again, and just like that, you’re done!

Editor’s tip: If you have have fine or silky hair, try using a texturising spray, like the VO5 Give Me Texture Dry Texturising Spray, for added grip. Plus, if your knot doesn’t feel secure, you can always place a few bobby pins in your knots to help hold them in place.

3 Easy updos for long hair - Double Knot Ponytail - All Things Hair

The voluminous pony.

Want to add more volume to fine locks? Then try this easy updo on for size – it’s a simple but effective twist on a typical ponytail, just with an added touch of texture.

Start by gathering your tresses into a ponytail at the centre of your crown, and tying it with a hairband. Then, take a small section of hair from the underneath of your ponytail and wrap it around the base, to conceal your hairband. Secure your strands by tucking them into your hairband with a bobby pin.

Now, get your teasing comb or brush, and a volume-holding hairspray, like TIGI S-Factor Vivacious Volume Hairspray, at ready. Spray your tresses with the hairspray to help control frizz, then lift sections of your ponytail and gently tease to create volume and body. Lightly spray again with hairspray to hold, and you’re finished! See: simple, yet effective.

3 Easy updos for long hair - Voluminous Ponytail - All Things Hair


And there you have: 3 easy updos for long hair, that can be done in an instant! But if these looks weren’t enough to inspire your next ‘do, head on over to our Updos and Long Hairstyles pages, where you’ll be treated to whole new worlds of incredible styling tips.

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