Rushed for time? See 20 super quick easy updos you’ll want to try now

Leona | 18 June 2017

Update your go-to look in a jiffy with one of these easy updos!


Are you looking for easy updos you can create each and every morning, no matter how much of a rush you are in? We bet you are! Then your’re in luck, as we’ve rounded up 20 amazing easy hair updos to suit everyone – and best of all, they can be created in only a matter of minutes! Woohoo.

From braided styles to catwalk looks, easy updos have never been simpler to replicate, especially when you’re shown how. So, if you want to beat hair boredom, keep on scrolling.

 20 easy updo hairstyles to inspire your next style


back view of Zoella wearing a triple braided bun
Zoella wows with this triple bun easy updo.

1. Triple bun

Not content with just rocking one bun in your mane? Then you need to try this triple bun hairstyle, which you can create in a matter of minutes!

Get the look: Vertically split your hair into 3 even sections. Then plait each section of hair until you have 3 classic braids, securing the ends with clear elastic bands.

Once your braids are complete, curl your plait around to form a small bun at the nape of your neck and use bobby pins to hold it in place. Do this with each plait to create a row of little buns – and your first updo is complete!

model wearing a striped top and a low bun in her blonde hair
Low bun: The perfect style for every occasion. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

2. Low bun

Need a look to take you from the office to after-work drinks without any hassle? Then this low bun hairstyle is for you.

Get the look: Sweep your back into a low ponytail and secure. Now begin twisting the length of your ponytail around to create a bun shape and secure with pins. For an effortlessly chic finish, keep it soft by letting loose strands fall around the face.

Easy updo - double french braids on natural black hair
This double braided style one of the easiest styles yet.

3. Double french braids

Now don’t switch off on us: French braids are much easier to create than they first seem and are utterly fantastic for natural hair!

Got an intense workout class on the horizon and you need an easy gym-friendly updo to stand the test? Or how about a pending music festival? Then follow our easy steps to creating 2 French braids, here, and add a pinch of glitter to your parting for ultra festival vibes.

Easy updos - loose braid on long-haired blonde model
For the complete braid rookie this easy updo is for you.

4. Loose messy braid

Ah, the humble 3-strand braid. When it comes to easy updo hairstyles for long hair, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Get the look: Divide your hair into 3 equal sections and create a standard 3-strand plait. Starting at the nape of your neck, weave your left section over to the middle and then the right section over middle. Secure the end with a hairband and gently tug at your braid for added undone vibes.

Easy updos - double braided buns on blonde model with blue backdrop
May the force be with you and this super easy hairstyle. Credit: Verity Jame Smith

5. Double braided buns

The best thing about this double braided buns hairstyle is that you can keep it slicked back or wear it perfectly undone! For the latter, just leave delicate tendrils of hair out around your hairline and gently pull at your braids. This will help frame your face and give your buns a casual, lived-in finish.

Tip: Psst! You can even do this ‘do with twists or fishtail braids!

Easy updos - side view of a bubble ponytail on long dark brown hair
Update your ponytail with this cool bubble ponytail style. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

6. Bubble ponytail

Bubble ponytails are not only our latest obsession, it’s a style also loved by A-listers Olivia Culpo and Bella Thorne, who have both been rocking this quirky style.

Get the look: Work all your hair into a smooth, high ponytail and secure. Add another hairband a few inches from the base of your first hairband and gently tug at the section – this will create your first ‘bubble’. Repeat this process all along your pony until you reach the tips.

Easy updos - Half-up, half-down hairstyle on a Tory Burch model
Keep your look soft with this half-up, half-down hairstyle. Credit:

7. Half-up, half-down hairstyle

Are you hunting for easy updo hairstyles for long hair, but still want to show off your length mane? Then a half-up, half-down hairstyle will be right up your street.

Get the look: Divide your hair horizontally into two sections and put the top one into a ponytail, using bobby pins to hold it in place if needed! This hairstyle will also be ideal for short hair which isn’t quite long enough to work into a ponytail yet.

side view of zoella wearing a braided bun in her blonde and brown hair
We love Zoella’s braided bun as an easy hair updo.

8. Braided bun

Sweet and romantic, we simply love this hairstyle idea and think it would be perfect for anyone attending a wedding this summer.

Get the look: Start by taking 2 sections of hair (roughly, an inch worth of hair) from either sides of your head. Divide each section into 3, and create 2 small classic plaits, securing them at the end with clear hairbands. Gather all of your hair back into ponytail and secure it with another hairband.

Then remove the small hairbands from your 2 small plaits. Plait your ponytail into a classic 3-strand braid and secure the end with a hairband. Once you’ve finished your plait, wrap it around the base of your ponytail to create your braided bun and secure with bobby pins.

Easy updo - High bun on blonde model wearing a striped top in a park
In a rush? Make this high bun your go-to look. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

9. High bun

When has a high bun ever let you down? Never, that’s right.

Get the look: Sweep all your tresses into a high ponytail and secure. Twist the length of your ponytail around the base to create your bun shape and secure with bobby pins. Then just finish with a spritz of the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray for an all day hold.

Easy updos - black model with an afro 'frohawk against a pink backdrop
Creating this frohawk is much easier then it may seem. Credit: Verity Jame Smith

10. ‘Frohawk

Want to master the natural hair ‘frohawk? We’re not surprised. Not only is this ‘do super easy to create, but it also makes for an ideal way to tame some of those unruly curls in your afro.

Get the look by following our step-by-step guide to the natural hair ‘frohawk, here.

Easy updo - Slick back centre part ponytail on Rihanna
Slick back your tresses into a low ponytail for alluring Rihanna vibes. Credit:

11. Slick centre part ponytail

If you like your look polished and smooth, then go for a centre-part low ponytail, just like Rihanna.

Get the look: Part your hair down the centre and comb through a small amount of the VO5 Classic Mega Hold Gel Sprayto help smooth and get rid of any frizz.

Then gather your hair and sweep it back into a low ponytail and secure. Finish the look with a generous dose of the VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame & Shine Spray for extra shiny and smooth-looking locks.

Easy updo - model with a Sleek high side ponytail on the Gucci catwalk
If it’s good enough for Gucci who are we to say otherwise. Credit:

12. Smooth high side ponytail

Gucci has been channelling major ‘70s and ‘80s motifs in their catwalk shows as of late; and this hair wonder is certainly offering retro vibes – albeit with a modern twist.

Get the look: Sweep all your tresses over to one side, brushing up in to a high side ponytail and securing with an elastic. Take a small section of the ponytail and wrap around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

Now add soft waves to the ends of your ponytail to avoid the look being to harsh and set with a dose of hairspray.

Easy updos - Braided ballerina bun on dark-haired model against a purple backdrop
Jazz up your ballerina bun with an intricate wrapped braid. Credit: Verity Jame Smith

13. Braided ballerina bun

If your go-to style is a bun, then give it a new twist – or should we say braid – by making this ballerina bun your new look.

Get the look: Start by sweeping all your tresses up into a ponytail and securing with a hairband. Now take a small section (approx. an inch wide) and create a traditional 3-strand braid, securing with a clear hair elastic.

Next wrap all the remaining hair around into a bun, securing with bobby pins, before taking your braided section and wrapping it around the bun. Then discretely tuck the ends under the bun and secure with more pins.

model outside with brunette hair wearing a red scarf in her plaited ponytail
Add an extra strand to your braid with this cute scarf plait. Credit: Dvora

14. Scarf braid

Now this is a hairstyle that will earn you some serious style points! Not reserved solely for chilly weather, a fine silk scarf can be used as an intricate accessory for your mane.

Get the look: Bring your hair into a low ponytail and secure with a clear hair elastic. Fold your scarf into a long strand and tie it around the base of your ponytail.

Now divide the hair into 2 equal sections and add the scarf as your third section. Then simply weave a standard 3-strand plait and secure at the tips by tying your scarf into a knot.

Easy updos - side view of a model with a wet look bun and red lipstick
Wet look styles are making headlines so get on board with this ‘do. Credit:

15. Wet-look bun

Want a refined, yet totally on-trend, easy updo to try? Enter: the wet-look bun.

Get the look: Start by smoothing a few pumps of the VO5 Classic Styling Mega Hold Gel Spray through your hair using a fine-tooth comb. Now gather your tresses in a ponytail and secure with a hairband. Then simply wrap the ponytail around to create your bun and secure with bobby pins – et voila!

Zoella with a Dutch braid side bun in her blonde and brown hair
Dutch braid + side bun = easy updo perfection.

16. Dutch braid with side bun

When you want a eye-catching ‘do – but are stuck for time – it calls for a Dutch braid side bun hairstyle.

Get the look: Create a deep side parting then, on the side that has more hair, begin to create a Dutch braid. Plait all the way past your ear until you reach the nape of your neck, sweeping the rest of your hair over to the opposite side and securing into a ponytail.

Now twist your ponytail and wrap it around its base to create your low messy bun. Pin with some bobby pins and your glam side bun is ready to go!

Easy updo - natural haired model with a high ponytail with bandana
Keep your curly tresses away from your face with this chic bandana updo. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

17. Wrap it up

Easy updos hairstyles are a plenty, but if you love vintage styles they can be somewhat more limited. So grab a headscarf and let’s create a vintage look even Rosie the Riveter would love!

Get the look: Gather all your hair into a very high ponytail and secure. Now wrap your scarf around the back of your head and tie a knot at the front on your hairline. There you have it, a beautiful modern take on a retro style!

Easy updo - Grey haired model with wrapped ponytail against a pink backdrop
This wrapped ponytail will instantly spruce up your look. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

18. Wrapped ponytail

Think we have covered every ponytail imaginable? No, not quite – we have a few more styles up our sleeve for you. Just take this wrapped ponytail: its smart, looks fab and, best of all, can be created in minutes. That’s what easy updos are for, after all!

Get the look: Part your tresses down the centre and brush back into a low ponytail, leaving a wide section (from your parting to your ear) separate, and secure your ponytail.

Now taking the right section, bring it back towards your ponytail and wrap it around the base, discretely securing it with a bobby pin. Repeat this process on the second section and you’re all done!

Easy updo - backstage with a model wearing a belted ponytail on platinum blonde hair
Belted ponytails have been spotted on the catwalk. Credit:

19. Belted ponytail

Yes, you read that right. Belted ponytails are a thing and have even been spotted on the catwalk, so it’s only a matter of time until everyone is wearing the look. You can thank the Tibi SS17 show for this neat piece of inspiration.

Easy updos - pretzel bun updo on brunette model against a white brick wall
Pretzel buns: Almost good enough to eat. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

20. Pretzel bun

Pretzels, but not as you know them. Our final choice for this easy updo hairstyles list, is this elegant updo that looks as delicious as it sounds! So, if you’re stuck for ideas on how to give your bun hairstyle a fun and stylish twist, create this pretzel bun hairstyle in 7 steps, right here.


If easy hair updos are your thing, then head on over to our dedicated Updos page, which is full of elegant looks for short hair, as well as lovely looks for long manes, too.

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