How to keep your hair straight for 48 hours

Finding it near impossible to keep your mane free of kinks and frizz for more than a day? Check out our full guide to keeping your hair straight for 48 hours.

It’s a common misconception that keeping your hair straight depends on what happens after you’ve straightened it. The truth is, the key to keeping it kink-free for more than a day has not only something to do with what you execute afterwards, but also before. Want to know how to keep your hair straight for more than day? It all begins when you wash your hair…

How to keep your hair straight

how to keep your hair straight
How to keep your hair straight: Wash your hair the right way.


When you wash your hair, it’s important to make sure that you gently massage your shampoo focusing on the scalp and roots to remove any excess oils. And don’t think about skipping your conditioner! It’s what will help your hair retain moisture and keep it smooth. They often get a bad rap but silicon formulas can be a good option as they make your hair smoother, protecting it from factors like humidity.

Another insider tip: give up your towel! Rubbing the excess water out of your hair with a towel seems like an obvious option, but its rough and uneven texture causes minor traumas to your hair and promotes frizz. Instead, repurpose an old T-shirt; its cotton and smooth texture will make it softer on your fragile wet tresses while still being highly absorbent. And the best part? It fights frizz, so it will make straightening your hair even easier.

how to keep your hair straight: hair-straighteners
Straighteners help to keep hair looking sleek.


Now that your hair isn’t drenched, it’s time to prep with some heat protection spray, like the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray (300ml, £4.99*) so that your mane is well protected from heat damage. Now you’re ready to start blow-drying! Often we blow-dry our hair without any tools, which really makes the job harder than it needs to be. Firstly, make sure you have the right brush: this is vital to get your hair frizz-free. We recommend a round natural bristle brush, as it will gently distribute the hair’s natural oils without damaging your wet locks. Just make sure that the barrel isn’t metal as hot metal isn’t good for your mane. Your best option is a vented ceramic and tourmaline barrel, much kinder on your fragile wet locks.

Left your hair dryer attachments in the box? It’s time to pull your concentrator nozzle! This supplementary part will help to direct the air in a controlled manner – so that you aren’t just blowing it hair around – and give you the best blow out results.

Depending on your hair type and desired look, you might want to follow up your blow-dry with hair straighteners (warning: make sure that your hair is bone dry before your touch it with a straightener). Again, section your hair and smoothen it by running the straighteners over each section or just select areas you think need a touch-up. We know it’s tempting, but try not to go over your hair too many times and remember to keep an eye on the temperature, it doesn’t need to be any higher than 185°C to effectively work. Any sizzling sounds or burnt odours are not good signs.

For the pièce de résistance, use the VO5 Sublime Sleek Creation Hairspray (£3.99*) to set your style and protect it from humidity.

how to keep your hair straight for 48 hours
How to keep your hair straight for 48 hours. Credit:


Before you go to bed, spray your roots with the Toni&Guy Casual Matt Texture Dry Shampoo (£7.49*) – this will help absorb any excess oils and sweat while you sleep. Carefully comb your hair to one side, securing it with bobby pins as you go. Sweep it all the way around, so all of it is wrapped around your head. Once you’ve done this, wrap your hair with a silk scarf to avoid kinks and more importantly reduce friction and frizz.

And when you wake up? Unwrap your hair, comb, and apply Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray (£6.99*) to your roots, massaging with your fingertips. It should add fullness to your mane and moisturise your locks without weighing them down.

For extra hold, lightly spray your tresses with the VO5 Sublime Sleek Hairspray to lock the look. The result? Sleek, glossy straight hair!

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