How to blow dry hair straight: We reveal the steps to getting a salon-sleek finish at home

Looking for smooth, frizz-free locks? It's time you learned how to blow dry hair straight...
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As much as we love a good tousled ‘do, sometimes an occasion (or outfit) calls for poker straight strands. If you’re blessed with naturally curly or textured tresses – don’t fret. Simply follow our foolproof tutorial to learn how to blow dry hair straight.

I wear my hair down and straight during the day, and style it up at night - Chloe


A universally flattering style that’s perfect for combatting frizz, sleek tresses are always at the top of our styling radar.

Ready to get shampoo-commercial-worthy locks on your own? Our easy step-by-step guide will help you take your tresses seamlessly from wavy to smooth in ten minutes or less…


Set the foundation for straight hair.

Start by applying a small amount of the TIGI Bed Head Straighten Out 98% Humidity Defying Straightening Cream to towel-dried tresses. Work it through the hair from root to tip with your fingers.

This will help protect your strands against heat damage and help keep your hair straighter for longer between washes. 


Adjust the nozzle.

Before you switch on your hairdryer, make sure the nozzle is attached in a vertical position. This will help make the drying process easier, and faster. 


Section your hair.

Starting at the back of the head, divide the hair horizontally from the middle of the ear. 

Clip the top section onto the top of your head. This will allow you to easily access and style the bottom section of the hair.


Start styling.

Starting with the bottom section of your hair, use your least dominant hand to hold the hairdryer and your dominant hand to hold the hairbrush.

Dry this layer section by section, ensuring that the nozzle is pointing in the same direction as the handle and not perpendicular to it. This will help the hair dry faster and reduce frizz.


Section and repeat.

Repeat this process for the rest of the hair. Section horizontally as you go and make sure the hair is thoroughly dried from root to tip.


Add volume.

When drying the crown of your head, use your hairbrush to direct the roots of the hair up and forwards. This trick will give your tresses an instant lift and visible volume.

Around your hairline, direct the hair forwards when drying it or pull it up and back, depending on how you prefer your hair to be styled.  


Seal the look.

Set the style with the TONI&GUY Flawless Sleek Creation Hairspray. Mist it all over the hair to tame flyaways and frizz so you’re left with perfectly straight hair.


That's all there is to it!

Take a bow, ladies. You’ve now mastered how to blow dry hair straight.

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